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Title: Introduction & Retrospective
Post by: Myriad on August 19, 2009, 05:56:49 PM
Hmm.  This is a rather small retrospective.  I've only got 5.  A bit squeaky clean by the standards set so far, as well, with nary a mutation or servitor in sight.  Anyway;

Evandon, imperial noble and erstwhile scribe. (

Firstly, this is not a girl, merely a noble, and for a long time my only model.   A mix of various imperial guard parts transforms devotee malicant into a rather diffident scribe, caught up in inquisitorial affairs through no fault of his own, normally seen dashing for the objective.  He's fun to play and I remain fond of him - I think because his normal reaction of running away betrays a rare strain of common sense.

Then I got these two;

Lady Ylla, imperial noble and treasure hunter (

A treasure hunter who has links to Evandon's family and therefore tries to keep an eye on him.  Acquired green hair on a whim, but it works into her background as a genetic marker engineered into her family, way back when.  A reasonable duellist, but keeps getting shot.  I need to get her some goons. (

That left me with a left over eldar model, with Jenna's hand.  An outcast strayed far enough from the Path that he's not really on it any more.  Since Ylla had his sword, he has a scabbard but no sword.  I decided that this was an artefact stolen from him by Evandon's former (now deceased) inquisitorial master, and used to gain a hold over him.  Formerly posing as an astropath to said inquisitor, he continues to hang around Evandon in the hope of some clue as to the swords whereabouts.  He goes by the name of Jedd, although it isn't his real one.

Then along came this guy (

A knarloc who I got from forgeoworld on a whim whilst ordering an eldar avatar, and named Gru.  He doesn't fit easily with the rest of the warband, but kroot *are* mercenaries.  He's also good for scenarios - I played one where a paranoid inquisitor had hidden some info inside Gru's leg irons, posing issues of retrieval, especially when one nameless player's approach involved blowing the lights.

Naturally I had to get a kroot to give him direction. (

An angry red kroot.  Who doesn't have a name yet, but does have a bolt carbine
Title: Re: Introduction & Retrospective
Post by: Kaled on August 19, 2009, 06:30:27 PM
Ah, I remember that knarloc - when I saw it, it was surrounded by smoke as a bunch of characters tried to take it down...

I really like the Jena conversion - the addition of the sword looks great, but I particularly like how you've rearranged the braids.

One thing though, and it's a bit of a pet hate of mine, the models would look a lot neater if you painted the edges of the bases - it's a simple thing but IMHO would make them look a lot more finished.
Title: Re: Introduction & Retrospective
Post by: precinctomega on August 19, 2009, 09:36:19 PM
Wotcha, Nick James (flipping twins - can't even tell the difference online!).

Actually, the 28mm Great Knarloc , standing in for a 54mm Knarloc has been a hugely entertaining addition to our games at York Garrison.  I commend the model to anyone with an interest in the Third Sphere Expansion and Eastern Fringe.

Title: Re: Introduction & Retrospective
Post by: Alyster Wick on August 20, 2009, 06:15:03 AM
Nice collection.  I can only echo that the Jena conversion looks great.  I also love the simplicity of Evandon (common looking characters tend to be so rare that when you see one it's a breath of fresh air, not to mention I think they're far more fun to play than an iron skinned brute with nerves of steel).

Also, though all your paint jobs look solid, the Kroot (especially the Knarloc) look fantastic.  Love the attention to detail on both of their clawed feet.

Have to agree with Kaled on painting the bases though (now if only I followed my own advice  :P).
Title: Re: Introduction & Retrospective
Post by: kierkegaard on August 20, 2009, 06:06:44 PM
Must resist temptation to buy Knarloc...

A fine start to an Inquisitor collection. I particularly like the Jena conversion - the repositioned braids make a huge difference, and the sword looks great.
Title: Re: Introduction & Retrospective
Post by: Adlan on August 20, 2009, 08:00:12 PM
Ah, I remember that knarloc - when I saw it, it was surrounded by smoke as a bunch of characters tried to take it down...

I fix Bayonet and fire wildly into the smoke. :D

I remember the Nobel who is most definitely not a girl.
Title: Re: Introduction & Retrospective
Post by: Ynek on August 20, 2009, 09:21:02 PM
As everyone has already said it, I can only echo that the treasure huntress/noble Jena conversion does look really good. I like the way how your additions and alterations have changed the character of the model, but have still managed to maintain the 'regal' feel of the original model. The eldar powersword was a good choice, as it fits in far better with the Jena model's 'elegant' feel than similar other parts, such as Artemis' sword.

I agree with the general consensus that the 28mm great knarlock is a great inq-scale knarlock. I actually have an inquisitor scale model of a scale kroot master shaper who travels around on the back of one such beast, and I can say that the scale fits pretty well. (A kroot on the back of the knarlock does stand terrifyingly tall, however.)

Title: Re: Introduction & Retrospective
Post by: Myriad on August 21, 2009, 02:39:55 PM
Thanks for the comments all.

I wasn't happy with the knarloc paint job initially, but fortunately it looks better varnished.  It does stand a little tall for a riding creature, but this isn't really a problem in inquisitor.