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Title: Inquisitor Auberorn Carnivorn, fluff and stats
Post by: Radu Lykan on September 22, 2009, 10:32:57 AM
Apologies for length  :-[

wip pics

Inquisitor Auberorn Carnivorn of the Ordo Xenos

          WS. BS. S.  T.   I.   WP. SG. NV. LD. SP.
           75  64  57 63  67  79  83   72  82   4

Auberorn Carnivorn was born into the nobility of the merchant world of Bahar. As only the fourth son of his father, Marius Carnivorn, a speaker in the planetary council, Auberorn was not expected to take over the familyís trading empire and had free reign regarding his education bar the nobilityís traditional service in Baharís planetary defence forces. Gifted with great intelligence Auberorn excelled at whatever he turned his mind to and his training in the officers academy of the pdf went extremely well, gaining the staff rank of lieutenant colonel in one of the planets armoured cavalry regiments, unusual for its inclusion of the abhuman ratlings in its vehicle crews. In addition to his military training he excelled in gentlemanly pursuits such as fencing, shooting, hawking and hunting. Throughout his youth he quickly grew into the cut and thrust internal politicking of the nobility becoming well versed in the manipulation of others.
Although Auberorn excelled in a number of subjects the one that interested him the most was his familyís convoluted history. This interest quickly grew into a thirst for knowledge of the past, inspired by his military history teacher he saw that many problems had been faced and overcome by humanity and history showed which methods had worked best. With his familyís riches he extended his already extensive libraries and it was his growing knowledge on the surrounding subsector that drew the venerable Ordo Xenos inquisitor Grabthar to seek him out, Auberornís knowledge proving useful for his search for an ancient alien artifact that he had tracked to the system. The combination of Auberornís capacity for learning, fast wits and military skills led Grabthar to request that he be given leave from the planetary defence forces to become part of his entourage. Through many tight scrapes and hard calls Auberorn continued to impress Grabthar and so as time went by he became an interrogator and it was only a matter of time before he was ratified as an inquisitor in his own right, inquisitors Grabthar, PLACE HOLDER and Maldon presiding over the ceremony after Auberorn served a year in each of their retinues.
Since becoming an inquisitor many years of fighting the various aliens that blight the Imperium with their presence have given Auberorn a wealth of experience and he is a well known and respected member of the Ordo Xenos. Recent events however, have thrown Auberornís puritanical belief in humanities inviolable right to rule the galaxy into doubt and have shaken him to his core. While investigating ancient subterranean structures of obviously xenos construction on the moon of Gila, his most trusted companion, Magos Sebast Thrun and his servitor retinue, by methods unknown, were turned against him, murdering most of Auberornís retinue and almost killing Auberorn himself with poisoned gas. Left for dead as Magos Thrun escaped with all of the recovered alien artifacts, Auberorn some how dragged himself out of the gas cloud and as he lay dying help came from an unlikely quarter. An eldar by the name of Nimthiel rescued Auberorn and aboard an eldar vessel Auberornís mortally damaged lungs were replaced with delicate wraithbone constructs which undoubtedly saved Auberornís life. While at first Auberorn raged at the sacrilegious implantation of xenos technology into his human body he soon began to listen to Nimthielís account of what had caused Magos Thrun to turn on Auberorn and of the terrible foe that was awakening across the galaxy.
The xenos structures on Gila were a resting place of the Necrontyr, the nigh numberless and almost indestructible warrior slaves of the beings known as Cítan. Millions of years ago the Cítan and the eldar gods had fought and destroyed one another until the Cítan retreated into a form of hibernation from which they were now awakening. The declining eldar race could not hope to face the threat alone and only by destroying as many of the tomb worlds as possible could the Imperium hope to survive. The Imperiumís technology would fail when faced with the advanced technology of the necrons, they were able to infiltrate machine spirits and turn them to their will. This was how Magos Thrun had been turned, by simply touching the necron construct. Imagining what would happen if the necrons actively turned their abilities on the entire Adeptus Mechanicus and their machines Auberorn could see only one outcome, the Imperium torn apart by the necrons while it fought a bitter civil war against the Mechanicus.
Since this fateful encounter Auberorn has destroyed the moon of Gila and has sought all news of Magos Thrunís exploits. He has become paranoid about the necrons ability to infiltrate the Mechanicus and Imperial machine spirits and so has taken to shunning any Imperial technology he deems untrustworthy. He has also investigated a number of incidents that have involved rogue magi, seeking to purge the Mechanicus of possible infiltrators, he has faced all manner of mechanical abominations including the dreaded obliterator virus and the chaos induced designs of the Dark Mechanicus.
Since his encounter with the eldar ranger Nimthiel he has tried to convince others in the Ordo of the dire threat the necrons pose but with the Tyranid invasion, the 13th black crusade, Tau expansionism, Hrud migrations and numberless ork waaaghs it is difficult to garner support against an enemy that has yet to show its true nature as the biggest threat to the Imperium.

Skills and Equipment

Auberorn is left handed

Auberornís chief weapons against the threats he faces are his experience and indomitable will, secondary to these is his collection of war gear. The sword wielded by Auberorn is a master crafted heavy cavalry sword, a gift from his father upon his appointment as lieutenant colonel in Baharís pdf, its length, balance and weight were all designed with Aubeornís abilities in mind, having used the weapon for over 70 years he has become a lethal swordsman.
basic sword with following upgrades. Master crafted sword= -10% to enemy parries and dodges. Weapons master= Decades of practice and actual front line combat with the same sword have given him a mastery over it few can match. Sword +1 reach.

A potent symbol of Imperial authority Justice, the Aquila that accompanies Auberorn is from the aviaries of his familyís estates on Bahar, biological enhancements ensure that Justice is a deadly weapon rather than a frippery from his past.
No rules yet.

The dueling pistol is an antique whose manufacture Auberorn has traced back seven hundred years, used by an ancestor who served in battlefleet PLACE HOLDER. Since several encounters with the Dark Mechanicus Auberorn has commissioned special ammunition for the pistol, forged from silver and blessed personally by a cardinal of the Ecclesiarchy the pistol is capable of ripping through the daemon infested machines often used by these heretics and traitors.
Dueling pistol 16 regular rounds, 8 sanctified silver rounds= additional d6 +2 damage versus daemonic characters. Ignores all non stat daemonic upgrades.

A gift from Nimthiel the fusion gun is rarely used by Auberorn, his possession and usage of xenos weaponry would brand him a heretical radical at a time when he is trying to garner support from his brethren. Its discovery would scupper his plans for a coordinated offensive against the necron tomb worlds; however, the lightweight and extremely high power characteristics of the weapon ensure Auberorn will not enter a necron construct without it.
melta gun for now, awaiting next issue of Dark Magenta for eldar equipment.

Another adaptation due to his change of focus has been the addition of haywire grenades; given the nature of those he hunts the ability to remove their greatest strength, their technology, is of paramount importance.

Whilst under Inquisitor Maldon Auberorn gained some knowledge on the power of written words of faith, the creation of purity seals and how to form hexagrammic wards, as a non psyker he needed to know how to defend himself against those who could manipulate the warp. The numerous parchments covering his armour combine to give him some protection against the predations of the witch.
Wards and purity seals= psychic attacks at half WP

Wraith bone advanced bionic lungs= +40% to gas resistance.

Carapace on chest, flak everywhere else bar head.

Leader=years of commanding a regiment of the Bahar pdf gave Auberorn the ability to lead those around him, the conviction behind his orders overriding his followers personal fears.

Heroic= Auberornís belief in the imminent destruction of the Imperium at the hands of the necrons has given him the drive and determination to succeed against all odds, he will attempt to do what ever it takes to ensure the necron menace is destroyed before it truly awakens, no matter the risk.

True grit= Always strong willed and driven, Auberornís brush with death at the hands of Magos Thrun and the revelations that came with it have galvanized his determination to keep striving to complete his task, no matter the cost.

comments welcome, criticism not so much :)
Title: Re: Inquisitor Auberorn Carnivorn, fluff and stats
Post by: RobSkib on September 22, 2009, 01:40:31 PM
Background is solid and well-told, the statline is what you'd expect from an Inquisitor of his standing. I think the only problems I have are a couple of niggling points with his equipment and skills:

- He has True Grit, Heroic and Leader, while not uncharacterful by any stretch of imagination, it just seems a bit.. cliched? Everyone's first character always has these three skills (I'm guilty too!), maybe try making something up that suits him better?

- Eldar technology; I've got a gamer who insists on having Eldar tech in games, which is all fine and dandy when it's being used by Eldar, but it just doesn't work with humans - their guns don't even have triggers! The fusion gun is a good idea, but if he's aware of the dangers of it being found out, why does he carry it (and even more so if he can't even use it), or is it an Imperial knock-off that humans can use, but is less powerful? In that case, it would be less of a problem for people to know about. Also, the wraithbone bionic lungs? Did he ask a local Bonesinger very nicely to make him a pair? Or did he kill a poorly farseer and take his lungs instead? Not only that, but any Eldar that took a dislike to him could just look at him funny and he'd stop breathing, why not use a different material? Anything other than wraithbone!

- One potential addition: Stasis grenades? If he hunts necrons, he'd know a lot about how they phase in and phase out when the going gets tough, or they think they might get captured. Either he (or one of his lackeys) would, IMO be equipped with a bank of stasis-generating equipment - either grenades, guns, large man-portable generators, tag-guns and tracking devices in case the subject did get away. Stasis grenades are as rare as rocking horse poo, but in this case, I think it would be fully justified, and a great excuse to explore different ways of capturing necrons.
Title: Re: Inquisitor Auberorn Carnivorn, fluff and stats
Post by: Radu Lykan on September 22, 2009, 02:10:21 PM
hehe, the 3 skills are appropriate though i think? i think heroic should be renamed though, maybe something like "driven"

as for the wraithbone implants, i didnt know what else the eldar would use to create artificial lungs?

regarding the eldar fusion gun, i imagine it was modified to incorporate a trigger by the eldar who gifted him with it? regarding why he bothers with it, its a gift from some one who saved his life, it has the power to put down any gribbly the necrons can throw at him, am assuming will be lighter and more efficient (when compared against plasma/melta gun)when the DM eldar rules come out and will also provide me with extra decisions to make in game compared with other imperial weapons of similar power, do i pull out the fusion gun and risk my ally turning against me or struggle on using the dueling pistol? compared to just use the melta/plasma gun against everything all the time

the stasis grenades/tagging/generators seem like a workable idea although that might be something for another member of the team or a reward i give him at a later date
Title: Re: Inquisitor Auberorn Carnivorn, fluff and stats
Post by: RobSkib on September 22, 2009, 03:46:50 PM
Oh, I fully understand that they are appropriate, as they are fully justified in the background, they're just a little... boring?

For an Eldar to specifically modify a precious piece of their technology to gift to a human, they must have really, really liked him - and Eldar don't like much at all, the miserable gits. It's a cool idea having it as a 'last chance' weapon that could make or break a situation, but how about it being a piece of tech that he found, maybe a piece of Dark Age tech? That would be a bit more Ooooh! Aaaaah! if he whipped it out in public, or perhaps it's his pride and joy, a reverse-engineered fusion gun built from Imperial materials - it would be super efficient, but incredibly blasphemous!

And, to my knowledge, Eldar don't have bionics - if they lose something, they have the technology to either grow it back on the body, or vat-grow it and sew it back in/on. Lungs would be easy peasy, however, for an extra element of cool, you could say they are Eldar-ish lungs (keep the same bonuses) but you could also add that it means he rarely gets out of breath, but suffers from terrible migraines from time to time as his body hasn't fully integrated with the Eldar physiology yet?
Title: Re: Inquisitor Auberorn Carnivorn, fluff and stats
Post by: Myriad on September 22, 2009, 07:49:01 PM
To my knowledge, eldar do not themselves use bionics, but whether this is due to their own preference or lack of appropriate tech is unclear.  How they'd set about repairing a human set of lungs is a matter for conjecture, and I suppose we can accept that they resorted to some kind of device.

They might also give him a fusion gun if they saw a specific use for him - they are, after all, manipulative.  It is possible that a farseer decided he might need this fusion gun at a specific time, or even that they intend to implicate him as a heretic to prevent him being a threat in the future.  Either way they certainly seem abnormally interested in him, and you might want to take another look at their motives.

The character himself seems nicely rounded, with his own personal set of motivations and a dangerous but sensible stat-line.  The combination of the three skills is a little dashing, certainly, but if you can justify the character having them that's fine.
Title: Re: Inquisitor Auberorn Carnivorn, fluff and stats
Post by: Radu Lykan on September 23, 2009, 11:09:40 AM
the eldar dont like him anymore than any other human, they just understand the power of the inquisition and the benefits cordial contact with some of its members will bring.
the eldar could have let him die on the moon of gila but that would be a wasted opportunity. they have the perfect chance to manipulate an inquisitor, by saving his life and the consequent access to him in a weakened state means they were able to influence his next moves. the fact that the inquisitor has the power to mobilise millions of warriors means that there are millions of humans who can die instead of eldar in the coming war against the necrons. nimthiel will from time to time, in the guise of friendship, pass on information calculated to save the most eldar lives.
the idea of a predestined use for the fusion gun is interesting, something i will think about.
the skills being boring is sort of irrelevant, they fit his fluff and of the 12 or so teams i have planned :-[ he will be the only one with this combination so will not feel so cliched.
Title: Re: Inquisitor Auberorn Carnivorn, fluff and stats
Post by: Inquisitor Cade on September 28, 2009, 04:03:28 PM
If you ask me the Farseer probably far saw Auberorn in the future battleing some enemy (pressumably necrons, but anyone the eldar hate more than humanity would do, so is aiding Auberorn to stack the deck against the mutual foe. I wouldn't be surprised if one day his 'lungs' turned out to have some special property, like working underwater or in toxic gas, that is just perfect to save his life. I also doubt that the eldar turned up to rescue Auberorn by chance.

The kit all checks out, including the fusion gun and lungs if the Farseer believed that he would be advantaged is Auberorn had them.

Most of the stats follow too, though the Wp is high for an Inquisitor and I can't decern a reason that it should be.