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Title: A Brief History of Everything
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I steeled myself last night, and this morning, and have produced something of a summary. It isn't how events went, it is how I remember them and fondly at that. To add to the posts by the mighty returning MKP (welcome back good sir) and Mentirius, I present below:

Dosdamt's Abridged, Bias History of the Conclave!


NB - the below is loosely in chronological order, but there will have been colossal overlaps, places where I forget people, or perhaps seem glib about some work. Please believe me when I say this is not, in anyway, intentional. For the most part, this is from my perspective and should be considered as such - what I participated in, and who I RP'd with. The below doesn't cover many of my favourite works - I don't give Shard any credit for his Conclave Writing Competitions (though Rob is a fiend, and should never be given any credit for anything!). Ruaridh / Van Helser, and his wonderful writing of the fall of Van Helser, Voor'Acht, and the nefarious plots therein. Sargoth's incredible tales. Hanoth Prime and the events therein. Stryde's wonderful backstory and colourful characters. This doesn't do anyone any justice, but it covers the basics.

The Nexus Schism

In the beginning there was the GW board, and it was good. Personalities began to spring up, but none more controversial than Alessio Nexus, who made a deal with Charax and unleashed plague ridden hell on Leon San V, an Imperial Faith World, to sacrifice the world to Charax the Eternal. He was hunted down, and actually brought in by Mentirius if I remember correctly and handed over to Inquisitor Rex, tried IC and then summarily executed. While this went on various factions faced each other down - literally and figuratively - debating what had gone on and whether the end ever justifies the means, and a whole manner of other related material.

Suffice to say the Inquisition was in shambles.

For his part in the Schism, Mentirius was stripped of his Inquisitorial status and declared a heretic. Shortly after the publishing of a treatise on the Vampire Menace by Inquisitor Richtenstein (which was a very cleverly adaption of White Wolf and other sources) Jaydred Taren and Mentirius founded the Order Vampiris, and Mentirius was made a lord Inquisitor, with a shiny office on Terra and everything.

At the same time, a terrible menace called GreenEyes, and other associated Tzeenchian menaces were causing havoc, being chased by Inquisitor Maltheus, The Other Nexus, and a few others.

It became obvious that GreenEyes was a "Big Bad".

The Amon Dull Saga

The hunt for GreenEyes - or, to give him his proper name, Amon Dull - went on for some time. It became apparent it was linked to a prophecy and an entity known as the White Child. After much investigation, and the Battle of Secret's Hold where Charax laid down some smash on a KoS - plus, I believe, taking Dawn Oculis for his own - scattered Mentirius and his allies. This was after having met another fragment of Amon Dull - Truth - and learning of the nightmares his old master Balkoth had been doing in the depths of Secret's Hold. Things were "getting epic / creepy".

Mentirius called all his allies - plus their associated retinues and their allies - to a meeting where he outlined his plan. And so the allies set off and the hunt for Amon Dull had truly begun.

All roads lead to a world called Aestimus IX - Aithol - where Balkoth and his allies, the minions of Amon Dull lead by the Dessemus, a highly charismatic demagogue, were assaulting an Eldar maiden world. Alundirel, of the Eldar Silent Hand, brought a craft world and Harlequin allies to bear, in combination with Inquisitorial forces and a phalanx of Imperial Fists lead by Captain Ludvos Arkhan. The conflict erupted and went full epic.

I'll summarize here - you really should read Welcome to the End, Truth, and Ninth of Nine in the archive - but basically Amon Dull was stopped, Junious and Dessemus became Heralds of the White Child; Maltheus and Nexus became bona fide 100% prime Inquisitorial Heroes, Arkhan and Alundirel smashed the battle, and the War against AmonDull looked won.


Many were shattered by the war. In the aftermath many had their past catch up with them. Taren was executed after returning to Terra for his part in the Schism and more besides. Mentirius was dead, and his legacy was carried on by a ragtag group of Inquisitors with the Book of Mentirius. Maltheus and Nexus returned to their homes, exhausted and broken.

Thus ended the Green Age of the Conclave

The New Generation

Around this time many more talented writers sprung up and came to prominence (though some had been around way before this period, I like to remember them as a group who came out together) - Jenna Stryde, Van Helser, Muundus, Sargoth, Bielziel, Helst, Addendorff, Shard, Inquisitor Lissen, Magus Karius Prelune, Wolfenstein, Ishigiru, Rephexis (Macabre), First Speaker, Terigus, and more I dishonour by not remembering.

This was a period where there was no over arching plot running, but many smaller plots and brilliant RPs. A free form time, many great tales were spun and a great many Inquisitors were born. Truly, it was a great age to be active within, as the Conclave was more alive than perhaps it ever has been.

And so ended the New Generation Age of the Conclave, that lead into the Black Age.

The Night Arising

The Children of Koldoa - vampires - decided to invade a tiny segment at the edge of the Imperium while it was geared up to fight the 13th Black Crusade. An unholy alliance between AmonDull, Drazh Marazel, Icarus, Dark Eldar and traitor guard smashed and captured multiple systems. A fight back was lead by First Inquisitor Junious and a few of the survivors of Amon Dull - Arkhan, Alundirel, and a horde of others I forget. The Vampires were smashed back but had dug in and retained a few systems.

The Puritan Council and the War for the Inquisition

As the New Generation and Old Ones came together, major threads started to break out.

Running parallel and beyond TNA was the conflict between ideologies, from the New Generation. Battle lines had thoroughly been drawn, as Puritan lead by Muundus formed a Puritan council to deal with the radical menace. Landen Dosdamt, Gorathador Helst, Titus Sargoth were all baiting and spearing at the puritans, upping the tension.

A major and completely critical story-arc centred around the outbreak of a large-scale demonic plague on the planet of Hanoth Prime, which served to bring many members of the ‘New Generation’ into contact with the ‘Old Generation’ (IC and OOC). On the one hand, Sargoth and Karius encountered the Mentirian leader Mantis. On the other, a fiery monodominant Inquisitor Lord by the name of Muundus Vhogart arrived to find many agents of the Inquisition employing extremely suspect means to fight Chaos. Muundus declared Exterminatus on the planet, and vowed to pursue the escaping heretics to ends of the universe. To that end, he gathered a large number of avowed Puritans on the planet of Tithus IV (the Puritan Council), where they quickly became aware of the gathering on Delan’s Point.

It became very obvious the Inquisition was just about to turn on itself.

The Second AmonDull Saga

After seeing Amon Dull come back, Junious called together all the prominent Inquisitors he could muster under a banner of unity, the goal being to march on Aranis and, in one fell swoop, smash back the Vampires, Icarus, and Amon Dull. A veritable host arrived at Delan's Point. Unfortunately it included Bu'Ran and Amon Dulls most powerful minions. A huge battle erupted and left the Delan's Allies scattered...

And that's where Amon Dull left off.

The Hunt for Landen Dosdamt

I, ably assisted by Sam / Isak, decided to run a hunt for Landen Dosdamt, which included a myriad of other players who wanted Landen for one reason or another. Having recently ascended to become a daemon prince after slaughtering a whole world, Landen was trying to accelerate the inquisition war for his master, Khorne. Multiple others, including Vincent and Othello Dosdamt (brothers by master not relation - each was a foundling, part of their masters eugenics programme) Landen was to be dragged in and tried.

And so began the Silver Age of the Conclave

I remember this period being dominated by the Silver Heresy, and multiple other RPs both intense and wide in scope. I wasn't participating as much, so cannot recall much. Many of the Old Ones and the New Generation weren't present during that period, though some remained. Mostly it was solo story telling, coupled with the odd RP.

And thus began the Quiet Age, moving to this web page. Some stories made it here. Some RP'ers made it here, and the Conclave has been kept alive by dedicated souls such as Marco Skoll, Koval, and others I'll pickup later.
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Dramatis Personae

The Inquisition

Christian Maltheus, Ordo Xenos
Status - Active (previously presumed KIA, Aithol)
Known Associates - Erika Stark, Interrogator Rostock, Acolyte Ripley, McBaine

Alessio Nexus
Jaydred Taren
Titus Sargoth
Gorathador Helst
Danyael Rephexis
Jenna Stryde
Landen Dosdamt

The Immortals

Charax the Eternal
Alundirel of the Silent Hand
Drazh Marazel
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A Brief History of the Conclave (
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A Re-Cap of the Silver Heresies

Courtesy of Koval

The First Silver Heresy

Therefore, beginning In Medias Res, we saw Inquisitor Zoran Silver, leader of an extremist Xanthite/Recongregator-esque breakaway faction known as the Silvorians, already caught up in a series of conflicts against the Imperium within a subsector called the Omega Belt.

Supported by Inquisitor Rubeus Lostenburgh and a corrupt heretek Magos called Marcus van Hadden, Silver -- the self-styled Silver Emperor -- founded the Legio Argentum (super-soldiers each infused with the essence of a daemon -- thus we had Legio troopers with Slaaneshi traits alongside ones with Tzeentchian qualities, sort of like Possessed Marines that weren't quite Marines). At the behest of an ancient incorporeal xeno entity known as the Zodiac, Silver sought out a powerful relic weapon called the Dark Light Sword while advancing his own position.

Silver's ship was raided and eventually destroyed by loyalist Inquisitors, headed by Johan Murze, the daemonsword-wielding Caralinus Siserin, and an Interrogator called Arual Xela; despite their efforts, though, Silver managed to locate the sword he sought.

At this point the Zodiac revealed itself and, assuming that its own plans had succeeded, revealed that it had manipulated events (and Silver) to its own advantage at every turn before taking the Dark Light Sword for itself. Regaining a physical form, the Zodiac announced that in making it real, the sword gave it the power to rend reality and destroy existence. (Most of the Inquisition dismissed this as a lot of posturing, but were unwilling to take their chances.)

However, Silver betrayed the Zodiac and killed it at the cost of his own life.

Interlude 1

This was dominated by Inquisitor Siserin and an aging Thorian Inquisitor called Isaac Ix attempting to hunt down and capture Lostenburgh, based on Ix's belief that Lostenburgh could lead him to a possible Avatar of the Emperor. In the process, Lostenburgh's estate in the Anteri system was raided and razed, and one of his henchmen captured.

Meanwhile, Lostenburgh, alongside Siserin's former master Darium, struck an infernal alliance with the emissary of a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch calling himself Pennatus (who had set himself up as a dictator of a renegade hive world). As Lostenburgh wanted to revive Silver's legacy, he found that Pennatus' goals of overturning and replacing the Imperium matched his own.

Together with Inquisitor Jessica Mandeville and Magos Ignius Black, Siserin followed Lostenburgh to a prison complex and attacked, but Pennatus' emissary managed to stall them while Lostenburgh abducted Inquisitor Mandeville, recovered the supposed Avatar, and escaped, though Siserin managed to capture and imprison Lostenburgh's insane Joker-esque companion Cutter.

The Second Silver Heresy

This began with Lostenburgh and Magos Hadden's efforts to recreate and improve upon the original Legio Argentum, this time infusing their subjects -- including renegade Astartes -- with the essence of daemons of all four Chaos Powers in an attempt to stabilise the end result. For a time, it worked.

Allying himself with Pennatus, Lord Guderian of the Alpha Legion, and the renegade Magos Ignius Black (who joined the Silvorians on learning that Lostenburgh had the Avatar), Lostenburgh elected to lay waste to, and "liberate", the Anteri system. Courtesy of Charles Mandeville, a traitor General in Lostenburgh's employ, the Anteri operation was a crushing military victory for Lostenburgh.

Following Anteri, Siserin -- together with Arual Xela and Commissar Geist -- raided Hadden's Legio Argentum facility on Bathos. Xela, now a fully fledged Malleus Inquisitor, defeated Pennatus, but the daemon escaped before Xela could kill him. Siserin rescued Inquisitor Mandeville, but the daemon living in his sword attempted a total takeover of Siserin's body and left him branded as a heretic.

In the middle of all this Lostenburgh ended up forcibly infused with a colossal amount of Tzeentchian daemonic essence and wound up as a quasi-daemonic entity in his own right. Lostenburgh declared himself Silver Emperor.

Events culminated in the Siege of Kraken Prime. Lots of people died. Most of the Legio Argentum died (and those that didn't ended up as Chaos Spawn). Inquisitor Darium died. The supposed Avatar, mutated into a super-Legio Argentum commander by Hadden and Lostenburgh, died very messily. Siserin, taken over by his daemonsword, stopped existing in any meaningful fashion when his cruiser fell out of orbit and landed on the fortress. Pennatus escaped (again) after duking it out (again) with Inquisitor Xela. Kraken Prime itself underwent the Colony Drop equivalent of the Chicxulub event.

Lostenburgh was captured by Inquisitors Xela and Mandeville and executed, although Magos Hadden escaped.

Interlude 2

Charles Mandeville revealed that both Silver Heresies thus far had been orchestrated by a so-called "Terra Agency" intent on turning the Imperium on its head. The first had been staged purely to recover the Dark Light Sword; the second's sole objective had been to kill Caralinus Siserin. Naturally, this did not go down very well.

Pennatus attempted to expand his "empire" and failed rather spectacularly, so he was still ultimately stuck with one system, but he did wind up experimenting with body-surfing between human hosts.

Perhaps wisely, Lord Guderian decided that this was no longer worth his time and departed.

The Third Silver Heresy

An alliance between Pennatus and Magos Hadden brought about the revival of the Silver Empire (again) and the Legio Argentum (again), though their goal had shifted from "overturn the Imperium" to "find out what the Terra Agency's up to, and stop them". Perhaps unknown to him at first, the Inquisition had the same goal.

The Dark Light Sword, it transpired, was one of five "keys" to a so-called "Godly Darkness" that the Terra Agency wanted to unleash. The Inquisition (which at this point meant Inquisitors Geist, Mandeville and Xela) found some. The New Silver Empire found others. During the search (which led both factions into the Eye of Terror), Inquisitor Geist ended up as a skin-suit for a daemon and came to blows with both Xela and Pennatus.

Inquisitors Johan Murze and Isaac Ix eventually revealed themselves to be Terra Agents -- this went down about as well as you can expect. Magos Hadden did the same and Pennatus had to replace him with Ignius Black at short notice.

In their attempt to break the back of the Agency, the various factions converged on a space station called the Nova Junction, over a planet called Ninoc Prime. A lot of characters died, including Hadden (killed by Black and Pennatus), Charles Mandeville (killed by Murze as a sacrifice), Jessica Mandeville (killed by one of Murze's agents), and Ix and Murze (self-sacrifice to free the Godly Darkness). Eventually the Godly Darkness broke free and kicked off individual Battles In The Centre Of The Mind with all the characters involved, but it spread its resources too thinly and was ultimately defeated.

In the ensuing clean-up operation, Pennatus escaped (again) and the Nova Junction was destroyed by Xela and an Imperial fleet.


Magos Black and the entity wearing Geist ended up on the Inquisition's very large hit list once the Agency had been mopped up. Geist had his Inquisitorial status revoked and the Geist-entity was ultimately designated Kill On Sight.

The epilogue post also hinted at Arual Xela being "questioned" by senior Malleus Inquisitors about her encounters with Pennatus, though the acolyte compiling the report did suggest that she was still "among the pure".

The Chaotic rivals that Pennatus pissed off ultimately beat the Imperium, Eldar and Orks to the punch; cue Pennatus inflicting Exterminatus on his own worlds before fleeing.

Other survivors and surviving minor characters presumably went their separate ways.