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Title: Emperors' Falcons Explorators
Post by: greenstuff_gav on May 09, 2015, 09:42:10 AM
Morning all!
i've been a little quiet as of late, mainly due to working on my IGT15 stuff and having lost my Grandmother but you may have seen a DArk Angel done as commission (
Alhaus, who lurks around here, wanted a marine converted for his own chapter, Emperors Falcons (
As Alhaus is joining us for the IGT15, i suggested he try to follow the First Founding Project and come up with some background as to why such a marine would be in Inquisitor

He came up with an entire crew; as his chapter is heavily populated with Apothecaries (think Red Scorpions; his Sergeants are all apothecaries), his crew is led by a high-level Medicae travelling around searching for lost gene-seed and knowledge on the Astartes, with a Chapter Serf, a honoured battle-brother and a merc assassin
i'm paraphrasing here, i'm sure Alhaus will post some proper background when his net-connection gets sorted out!

i was given two reference images; one for the marines' pose ( (bottom left) and one for the assassins pose ( along with a bag of bits!
I added the Medicae from a long-abandoned sculpt which i've been re-working

the assassin was pretty straight forward; removing most of Barberettas' armour plated (not the jacket though as that's too much work!) i had to sculpt the right arm due to it being missing!
I also worked on removing her bionic eye but also provided some masks from the Dark Eldar Talos to give Alhaus some ideas if he didn't like the face!
I also created some custom bits for the Scout; namely chapter-specific shoulderpad.

here's the assassin: the filed metal doesn't photo too well but she's got a little data-comp on her left wrist but otherwise is quite minimalistic
now i look from that angle i dislike the sculpted hand so may revisit it!

a quick closeup of the Medicae; i'm waiting for some silicone so i can cast her then add chapter-specific details to her to tie the group together some more!

and finally the reason for the crew; the marine.
I didn't get any pictures of the assembly process but here's a WIP:
EDIT: buggered if i can see why they ain't showing so i've bunged a couplea links incase!

Alhaus asked for an Eagle on the chest and a "normal" bolter so hopefully they'll paint up well
The skull/helix received a halo as it was missing something , a honour badge on the knee and i'm still tidying up the fingers .

Hopefully Alhaus will get 'em painted up for the IGT (i've advised on leaving the marine till last!) and will post some background / stats soon!
Title: Re: Emperors' Falcons Explorators
Post by: Van Helser on May 10, 2015, 08:44:26 AM
Images work for me.

Great work on converting the marine into an at-ease pose. At the IGT I am going to pick your brains on how best to chop up Artemis for a project of my own. On that note, any chance you have a couple of helmets and blank shoulder pads for sale?

Title: Re: Emperors' Falcons Explorators
Post by: greenstuff_gav on May 10, 2015, 09:18:23 AM
helmets, yus. pads i'd need to look and see if i've got any cast!
want me to bring an unassembled artemis along so can point out bits?
Title: Re: Emperors' Falcons Explorators
Post by: Van Helser on May 10, 2015, 05:12:59 PM
That would be really helpful thanks.