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Title: Conclave ownership
Post by: MarcoSkoll on June 16, 2018, 02:27:39 AM
Those of you who have been around for a while will know that The Conclave and Dark Magenta are currently funded by Derek Gillespie, aka Saussure. Although Derek has not been a particularly active member for the last few years, he's been playing a key part in helping keep the Inquisitor community alive.

However, on Saturday 9th, Derek contacted me, looking to make arrangements to pass the sites on to someone else.

I have already volunteered myself as an option - it's within my means, and it's a matter close to my heart. (There's certainly worse things for me to spend money on).
However, I feel it's a matter that should be discussed with the entire community, and so, with Derek's permission, I'm extending the discussion to the rest of you.

We're looking for broad plans, rather than specific details - while things like what might be the most cost effective hosting plan for The Conclave are things to consider in the long run, the current consideration is how to handle a handover.

At Derek's request, I'm putting a deadline on this discussion - I'm going to say 23:59:59 BST Saturday 23rd June, which gives us a week to discuss things. (I'm rounding up to give a little leeway for time zones, as I know we have members worldwide).

If we haven't reached any other concrete solution by then, then I will take over ownership of The Conclave (at least for the immediate future - if we decide that the discussion isn't yet done, then that's fine, but it will allow Derek to have handed over the sites).

Note: I will probably also send out an e-mail newsletter to this effect sometime in the next 24 hours in order that everyone can be involved, but I'm not planning on dealing with The Conclave's newsletter interface when I'm this tired, otherwise I'm in danger of e-mailing you all a load of HTML code
Title: Re: Conclave ownership
Post by: Heroka Vendile on June 16, 2018, 04:04:42 PM
I think the only really important thing is that there isn't a single point of failure. i.e. it's not just one person with all the passwords. It's when a single point of failure disappears from a community for benign or tragic reasons that issues occur. So ensuring that we are not vulnerable to that is the only core tennant I think needs to be upheld in whatever setup is actually arranged in the same way that while I setup and initially run the Conclave's facebook page, MarcoSkoll is also now a full admin as he was running most events it made sense and removed the single-point failure issue.
Title: Re: Conclave ownership
Post by: MarcoSkoll on June 17, 2018, 01:02:25 AM
I would entirely agree - this was part of why I deliberately sought out a second administrator after I set up the second Carthax Wiki. (Although to be clear for people who weren't there at the time the first was lost not because of a single point of failure because the hosting changed its Terms and Conditions).

That is potentially a minor argument against my taking on the sites, because although passwords could still be shared and it wouldn't strictly be a single point of failure, I am currently a point of failure in everything - I'm an admin on the Conclave's forums, Facebook and Wiki, and if I got hit by a bus, then we'd need to find a new person (or persons) to spread around the points of failure again, so also putting me in charge of paying the bills would make that whole thing more urgent.

(But, at the same time there is a certain logic in it also being someone involved in all the 'Clave's sites).
Title: Re: Conclave ownership
Post by: TheNephew on June 17, 2018, 10:46:30 AM
I fully support your bid for dictatorship, Marco.
Front of house you are by far the most active community organiser that I see, and no doubt you are similarly vital to the work backstage.

I'd be happy to chip in a voluntary ticket price or summat for Guardian Abyss to keep the lights on, if the site is a financial burden.
Title: Re: Conclave ownership
Post by: MarcoSkoll on June 25, 2018, 11:35:30 AM
Righto - the deadline I set for discussion has passed, so I'll be talking with Derek with the intention being that I'll be the one taking over the sites.

If further discussion needs to go on down the line, then that can happen, but no-one seems to have objected to the core idea of me being the one to take things over.