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Title: Freezy Geek's First Inquisitor Warband
Post by: FreezyGeek on June 16, 2018, 09:13:36 AM
New guy here, decided to post my progress so far.

A bounty hunter that specialises in Xenos extermenation. His gear is, lore wise, converted from that of the planet's workers. Bitz wise the metal plate is the back of a space marine and the arms are from a tau pathfinder whilst the legs are a chopped in half chaos cultist. He is armed with a bolt pistol and tau pulse rifle, stolen from the first Xenos he met and was forced to defend himself from (after he misinterpreted their attempts to bring him to the greater good as threats).
A sniper and old friend of the bounty hunter - his right hand man. These two are the core of their small gang, but this guy is the quiet tactician whilst the other is more the combat expert. Everyone else are mostly just workers with guns and a little experiance. He's made mostly from a chaos cultist but armed with a sniper rifle and shuriken pistol, a memento of his finest kill.
A (currently headless) inquisitor armed with a flamer. He uses said weapon as it shows the xenos the "fire of the emperor's might". Although he seems fanatical, and certainly gets a joy out of burning xenos scum, he is willing to negotiate with heretics with the goal of destroying a greater threat - but keen to backstab once he gets the chance.
Title: Re: Freezy Geek's First Inquisitor Warband
Post by: MarcoSkoll on June 18, 2018, 08:48:59 PM
I'm afraid I can't be staggeringly useful, as I have a very old-fashioned approach to 28mm Inquisitor modelling (I'm not very good at thinking in terms of bitz - I usually start from an entire model I like, cut it up, then put it back together more or less like it was, just with loads more green stuff.)

As far as things I notice that might need a tweak, the bounty hunter's parts seem a bit unevenly sized - I'm not sure if it's the head, torso or both, but Space Marine parts can be on the large size when compared to other models. It also looks to me a bit like his pulse rifle is somewhat bent in that picture.

For the Inquisitor, the "flamer" seems to actually be a meltagun (which might cause some confusion on the table).

Title: Re: Freezy Geek's First Inquisitor Warband
Post by: FreezyGeek on June 20, 2018, 06:09:02 PM
Firstly, you're right about that being a Meltagun. No idea how I messed that up. As for the chest on the bounty hunter, it may just be the photo. It's about the same size as a normal mini with a larger neck width, which is fine as lore wise it's converted from a suit with a large protective helmet. The gun being bent, however, if true. I have fixed it, as it really bugged me not you pointed it out.

Thank you for the help!
Title: Re: Freezy Geek's First Inquisitor Warband
Post by: FreezyGeek on June 30, 2018, 11:17:52 PM
No photo update RN but I've done lots since the last post. I made a servo-skull, his name is Jerry. I painted him, the bounty hunter, and the inquisitor and posted it on reddit. Looking at the comments I realised that there wasn't enough colour, so I added some blood for the blood god blood stains to add to the red scheme I've gone for as a spot colour.