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Title: New projects (WIP)
Post by: Cortez on June 30, 2018, 07:21:23 PM
I managed to pick up a couple of models on Ebay lately so I thought I'd create a WIP thread in an effort to keep me on track and not end up leaving part finished models for months (years) on end like I usually do.

First up is brand spanking new Witch Hunter Tyrus, it even came in it's original box although no wrapping.

The plan for this one is as a replacement for the now deceased Daniel in my Chaos warband. The concept is for a younger female apprentice of Isabella's who will probably take on the main role for the warband (Isabella has probably grown a bit too powerful now for regular games after all that warp energy she was chucking around at the LGT).

My inspiration for her will be the Kaludram the Deciever character created by Paul Sawyer way back in a White Dwarf battle report:


I've found a suitable head (originally one of the other head options from Isabella's model) and a whopping great Daemon Sword that I bought ages ago from a bits seller but never used as it was just too big. However it should work fine for someone wearing Tyrus' chunky power armour.


(The matchstick won't be used for anything)

I'm going to equip a gun on the back of the power fist although probably not a storm bolter like Kaludram has. Not sure what to use yet. I'm also planning to use some spikes off the old plastic Goff Ork helmets to make the Armour suitably Chaotic.
Title: Re: New projects (WIP)
Post by: FierceDefence on July 02, 2018, 02:20:09 PM
I find your project very interesting, especially considering I just about finished modelling Tyrus into a Chaos worshipper myself. Before I attempted the conversion I searched online for chaotic conversions of the Tyrus model, but didn't find many results. I have never seen before this illustration and itís exactly what I was looking for as a reference point. I recognize from Paul Sawyer's conversion that he has used the leg of a metal Chaos Dreadnought as a bionic leg. I have one unassembled Chaos Dreadnought laying around, it was something I was also looking into doing before I went the Slaanesh route for my model. I'm glad to see that it's been done before.
Title: Re: New projects (WIP)
Post by: Cortez on October 21, 2019, 10:52:36 AM
So some progress has been made on this model.


I'll need to pin the sword in place and sculpt some sort of loincloth, although my greenstuff seems to have gone a bit funny, and seems to have gone very hard and lost it's tackiness.