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Title: "Zero Dark" by Precinct Omega
Post by: MarcoSkoll on November 06, 2019, 06:00:08 PM
This is not exactly Inquisitor, but it has enough of a link that I'm posting it here anyway!

Some of you may have already been following the work on this, but long-time Inquisitor luminary Precinct Omega is trying to move closer to a formal release of his "Zero Dark" ruleset.
As a project, "Zero Dark" conceptually started as one of the various attempts to create a refined "Inquisitor 2" ruleset and while the mechanics have now changed quite a lot from that starting point, it does have a lot of potential as an alternative ruleset (in much the same way as the community often plays with "Inquisimunda" rules).

Worth checking out. (I've been for some time considering stealing the idea of a card activation mechanic for NPCs as part of an Inquisitor event...)
Title: Re: "Zero Dark" by Precinct Omega
Post by: Inquisitor_Snarf on November 10, 2019, 03:20:33 AM
Interesting find! Going to find some time to read it sometime.

What would you say is:
1 - The similarities between =][= and ZD
2 - The major differences
3 - The coolest feature
Title: Re: "Zero Dark" by Precinct Omega
Post by: MarcoSkoll on November 10, 2019, 04:32:06 PM
At this point, the two have become mechanically pretty dissimilar, because it's now built around aspects of PrecinctOmega's Horizon Wars rules. The similarities are more in elements of the style, focusing on a small number of highly customisable protagonist characters (to an extent more than most skirmish games do).

As I said, I think probably the neatest thing is the idea of NPCs controlled by a card deck - it doesn't necessarily make them intelligent, but it does make them unpredictable, and that has its own advantages. It means players do have to be prepared for the unexpected, rather than just exploiting an overly formulaic system. (Frequently a problem in video games, where you can get so used to how the AI works that it's again effectively just a stupid machine again).