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Painting and Modelling / Re: All my INQ54 WIP
« Last post by Lord Borak on Today at 10:17:02 AM »
Good to have you back!! Great look conversion work so far!! You really do capture the Grim-Dark.
Painting and Modelling / Re: All my INQ54 WIP
« Last post by maglash1017 on Today at 12:42:58 AM »
Heya all, it's been pretty long without an update. I've been working on some new sculpting work, as well as my terrain, to which some pretty big structural changes have been made. I want to have some more work done on that untill I show the progress though.

First off is some sort of hive ganger who's background is yet to be written. He's probably destined to be an NPC.

Obvious additions to be made are hands and a head. I'm thinking of using the drawing by an artist called "rags23" on Instagam as an inspiration for the "face". Also the whole sculpt will be tilted forward a little when it's put on its base which will improve the pose a little, like in the (slightly rotated) 2nd picture.

Something else I have been working on is a small sculpt based on a John Blanche drawing. The face still needs to be redone.

I'm making slow progress but having a lot of fun with scratch sculpting and I feel like I'm really getting the hang of it now. Please let me know what you think!
Inquisitor Game Discussion / Re: IRE - Inquisitor Revised Edition project
« Last post by MarcoSkoll on Yesterday at 05:36:56 AM »
Well, I headed down to the club on Monday evening to do some more playtesting.

The changes I'm looking at to close combat seemed reasonable - reducing the attack penalties and reinstating a dodge bonus did make going for the counter-attack more of a gamble than it was in the last IRE release.
I'm not convinced I've hit the final version yet - boosting dodge too much may potentially make it too good at countering manoeuvre actions, but we'll see.

When it came to testing the psychic powers though, I have no gorram idea.
I did put two high level psykers in the game to try to maximise the amount of testing, but while you'd think that two witches throwing high Psy Rating powers around throughout the game would result in someone failing at least one Hazard roll, the little sods refused to bow to the law of probability.
Their success rates felt considerably above a statistical average, with the only real exception being that Maya's Psychic Shriek consistently failed to actually affect targets (And not because she was failing to cast it, but because the targets kept fluking their Wp tests, despite being at a considerable penalty because of the Psy Rating used).

One thing I feel safe about drawing conclusions on is that I need to adjust Blinding Flash to reduce its effective area, as Maya did throw a small supernova into the middle of a combat. Although a Psy Rating 4 Blinding Flash should be pretty effective, distant targets were rolling on lower numbers than felt right.
Community News and Announcements / Re: Return of Necromunda
« Last post by Cortez on August 13, 2017, 09:39:04 PM »
I thought the Escher looked ok. Not as good as the old models, but then again I view those as the best models GW ever produced, so it was always going to be a difficult standard to meet.

Disappointed it won't be Shadow War/2nd Ed compatible, but still we've already got a good ruleset for Necromunda (and the Revised edition over on Yaktribe has ironed out most of the remaining kinks over the years) and the new models will be a good addition (especially for some gangs like the Goliaths).

Fingers crossed that we'll get some sort of Inquisitor love in the near future.
Community News and Announcements / Return of Necromunda
« Last post by MarcoSkoll on August 13, 2017, 04:27:03 PM »
Although not Inquisitor news (although doubtless it will be a boon to 28mm players), it would seem amiss not to bring up today's big news regarding Specialist Games:

Breaking News: Necromunda Returns!

Apparently it's going to be loosely 8th Edition based and won't be compatible with Shadow War (and by extension, old Necromunda).


Personally, I think the Goliaths they've shown so far look okay, but I'm a bit underwhelmed by the Escher - maybe it's the paintjob letting them down (unfortunately, all of the pictures I've thus far seen of bare plastics from the FW open day are too blurry to make out), but I don't feel they live up to the original metals from 1996.
The Dark Millennium / Re: Horusian Wars - new BL series based on Inquisitor?!
« Last post by mcjomar on August 13, 2017, 08:50:29 AM »
Just finished the book. Looks like it has a nice gap for a sequel
Painting and Modelling / Re: Jill Valentine Project
« Last post by greenstuff_gav on August 11, 2017, 08:38:38 PM »
i'd love to see hte process for 3D printing (from ripping models to converting to printing) but the right hand one f'aure
Painting and Modelling / Jill Valentine Project
« Last post by mcjomar on August 11, 2017, 03:20:32 PM »
Ok guys, I need a little help here.

Are any of those three heads viable (after a shave) to replicate this lady:

The blackdog 54mm sculpts provide enough parts for the torso, legs, and even arms (possibly hands), but not the head, or her Beretta 1911 pistol.
I need a solution, either using existing parts, or an alternative source in scale.

It's either this route, or I do a 3d print from the ripped gamecube files.
Painting and Modelling / Re: 54mm models and modelling resources
« Last post by gpemby on August 11, 2017, 01:03:00 PM »
This is probably a completely simplistic answer to a question I'm misunderstanding, but the general format is:
[url=www.the.web/address/]The title goes here[/url]
Spot on! Thanks, turns out it's obvious if you re-open an old post an look at the link code, I just must have never some that one a post that I have used a link.

Today's wants / finds / might not scale but look so cool:

Big brute gladiator
Sweet Robo doggy!

Might take a 24 gamble on these anyway as they will be cool to build & paint regardless!
Painting and Modelling / Re: 54mm models and modelling resources
« Last post by MarcoSkoll on August 11, 2017, 04:10:27 AM »
P.S. is there any syntax to change how the links show using a command inside the [ url ]  brackets? Like label or display?
This is probably a completely simplistic answer to a question I'm misunderstanding, but the general format is:

[url=www.the.web/address/]The title goes here[/url]
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