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Inquisitor Game Discussion / Re: IRE - Inquisitor Revised Edition project
« Last post by MarcoSkoll on Yesterday at 08:08:04 PM »
After a bit of a ramble on Facebook, it's time to look at the issue of bast weapons...

Blast weapons are an issue in Inquisitor. Admittedly, detailed blast weapons are just difficult in general. Partly that is because they're often just slow to resolve, but because the two natural ways to harm them both have odd side effects:

1) Like Inquisitor, you can have a blast weapon doing multiple hits. However, this naturally skews them towards being ineffective versus armour - because they do multiple hits, blast weapons need to do less damage per hit to not be hugely overpowered, and once they do less damage per hit, and armour is applying against each hit, armour easily absorbs a lot of the damage.

Krak grenades in Inquisitor are lethal against light armoured targets, and functionally fairly useless against well armoured targets. Not what they're supposed to be lore-wise.

2) Something like Dark Heresy, where you still only do one hit and thus the weapon can still have similar damage stats... but it's kind of odd having the large blast hit ONLY your arm.


I think IRE needs to stick with the first approach, as neither is a flawless system, and at least this way we're sticking with the established rules.

However, as far as improving on the fact that it's so skewed by armour, I'm struggling for a solution better than having blast weapons automatically halve armour (representing the spray of shrapnel/plasma/etc being likely to find gaps or weaknesses in armour).

That's not necessarily a terrible idea, as theoretically, flak armour could ignore that if not directly hit; that would be in keeping with the lore about it being mostly intended to protect against indirect hits.

Any thoughts?
Inquisitor Game Discussion / IMPORTANT: Critique policy & Showcase threads
« Last post by MarcoSkoll on Yesterday at 02:47:08 PM »
Although The Conclave has a long history of providing Inquisitor related critique (both in terms of lore and game rules), it's been observed that not all members wish to have their characters/rules critiqued in such detail. As our current level of forum activity does not merit separate sections to this end, I am establishing the concept of Showcase threads for this purpose.


By default, it is assumed that threads posted in this section are inviting discussion (although members are reminded to try to keep the discussion positive).

Threads that do not desire critique should be specifically identified with [SHOWCASE] at the head of their topic title.

If a thread has been marked as a Showcase, please respect the poster's wishes, and avoid critique within these threads. Posts breaking this policy may be edited or simply removed without warning (depending on how much work the staff think it would be to clean up).


As an addendum, bear in mind that the Showcase header does not exist to post opinions with impunity. If a topic appears to be abusing the Showcase header in order to act as a soapbox, it will likely be removed.

(For the moment, this topic will be left open for discussion, but may be cleaned up at a later date).
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