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Painting and Modelling / Re: Jomar's Space Marine Thread
« Last post by mcjomar on April 15, 2019, 11:23:26 AM »
This guy was previously constructed here: beginning end (ish)

I have since replaced the base with a larger 60mm one as shown below.

Painting and Modelling / Re: eBay Auctions Thread
« Last post by mcjomar on April 15, 2019, 07:52:26 AM »
AAAnd one last double post.
Now down to just my Daemon Prince, and my Chaos-type Inquisitor and his minion now on ebay, and that really is it. I think.
In the Field / =][= The Misfortune of Salacius-13 - 28mm scale campaign=][=
« Last post by FreezyGeek on April 14, 2019, 10:01:45 PM »
The Misfortune of Salacius-13

Salacius-13 - A planet in the furthest reaches of the Imperium, one of seven in the Sacramentum system. An ocean planet with minimal land, Salacius-13 is, in particular, known for the underwater mining and extraction of oil and other deep-sea minerals. Prior to the events of our campaign Salacius-13 was left mostly alone by the Imperium as a whole, paying it's tithe and trading it's goods. There was much corruption among the governments of the planet, corruption and greed. This led to great misfortune for Salacius-13 when the storm began.

A storm boiled among the great void in the Sacramentum system - a warp storm. Strange occurrences began, and the system was cut off from the Imperium as a whole. Many major factions fled, whilst their remnants were often destroyed by the effects of the storm. The system was left unguarded, and open to new threats...

Rumours spread on Salacius-13 of strange cults of mutants and maniacs. Some say these strange zealots have even found their way into the ranks of the Mechanicus. Others perfer to focus on the strange propaganda in Hive Arimal, telling of hope from beyond the stars from a race of upstarts and hopefuls.

What will come of these strange portents? Only time will tell. The fate of this planet is in the hands of these Zealots, these Upstarts, and an Inquisitor here to cleanse this heretical mess...

This is intended as an introduction to a campaign I am running with some friends. I'll likely focus on the narrative rather than full battle reports, but I'll be sure to include some pictures. As of now, we have 4 players, each with their own Warband. I am playing as Inquisitor Vral and his retinue, whilst the other warbands include:

A group of gangers that have managed to enter in a deal with a Daemon of Tzeentch by bad luck

A cult of Dark Mechanicus and their strange, malign creations, devoted to chaos undivided

A group of mercenaries aiding in providing a good political landscape for a rebellion led by T'au. These mercenaries include Kroot, T'au and Humans.

The campaign will be co-gamemastered by all of us, with us taking it in turns to gamemaster for other players.
Half the tickets sounds like a good number (assuming the majority actually make it).

My band is taking shape happily - Penitio (and attendants and curious tag-alongs) are reaching the end of their pilgrimmage through the desert, and will arrive dusty and ready to atone for the evil deeds they havewill donedo in the future.
I haven't quite decided if he's dragging a stone tablet engraved with his future sins, or a sled mounded with petitions for forgiveness and letters of apology for misdeeds yet to be committed, but that shouldn't be too hard once decided...
Further updates: There will be some line closures in London on Saturday 27th April - check this link for full details, but the most significant closures for us are the entirety of the Circle line and the corresponding western end of the Hammersmith & City line, meaning you will not be able to get to Goldhawk Road or Shepherd's Bush Market stations.

All services to the main Shepherd's Bush station (immediately across the road from Dark Sphere in W12 shopping centre) are currently unaffected however.
As a reminder if you want to join us, this event will be in just over two weeks, but tickets will only be available until 23:59 on Sunday 21st April (to give me a few days for final planning).

So far, half the tickets are gone, which is definitely enough to make things pretty interesting on the day, but it'd be great to have a few more.
Iím looking for something that plays like inquisitor. Gritty detailed combat that is tactical. Where your Decisions mater!
Coop ideally or one person gms.
Ideally each player would control very few figures (except the gm)
I want it to be more sorry focused to delve into 40k universe.
Personally, I would say that Inquisitor is ill-suited to the standard "Player-vs-GM" nature of a traditional RPG where everyone has a character and are collectively trying to thwart an evil scheme.

Inquisitor is inherently designed as a player-vs-player experience, and the best example is probably the fairly aggressive damage system that frequently hands out hefty penalties with two major assumptions in mind:
- In a Player-vs-Player system, each hit needs to matter, with plenty of granularity to have characters somewhere between full effectiveness and out of the fight. A "who runs out of HP first" system doesn't work well here.
- And if a character is heavily wounded, stunned or unconscious, the player will have other characters to use.

These things don't migrate well to Player-vs-GM play, as it means unnecessary bookkeeping for NPCs and PCs quickly losing effectiveness.
(An exception is when the PCs are robust and significantly outmatch the NPCs, such as Space Marines taking on traitor Guard, when it actually works very well, but more level fights don't work well).

Personally, the best descrition I have for Inquisitor is "Tabletop Improv Theatre". It's a genre of its own - a very rewarding genre, but still not quite anything else you might have played before.


If you want players facing off against a GM, that's probably better handed to a dedicated RP like Dark Heresy or Wrath and Glory.

Also 3 published official campaign books too?! *drool*
I'm going to continue to sound negative here, but I don't hugely recommend them! They're okay as examples, but the scenarios and stories just don't hold up well against what I've seen out of the community. (Many of them are pretty empty and shoehorned in to make it longer).

edit: living rule book ftw, question: how do I tell what is new??
I believe the edited sections are in red.

I would also suggest checking out the standard community "house" rules, which can be seen on page 6 of this event pack:

These add in more opportunity for non-combat interactions (it uses artistic licence to speed up conversation, making talking a viable alternative to shooting), removes a couple of rules that had nasty exploits, and tries to make psychic powers slightly fairer.


The other alternative, but unofficial, is my Inquisitor Revised Edition project:

This is a work in progress that attempts to update the Inquisitor rules with more interactive gameplay and fixing some clunkier bits, while maximising back compatibility. The main overhaul is the close combat system, which I'm exceptionally pleased with. (I was aiming for "well choreographed movie fight scene", and with some surprisingly simple changes to the original rules, it does it beautifully, with characters making maximum use of their environment).

Any tips for balancing encounters and making characters not too beardy?
Best advice?

Well, bearing in mind that I see Inquisitor as a player-vs-player game, the main balancing mechanism is good intentions. It wouldn't be fun if the other player(s) brought overpowered characters and steamrollered you, and there's no glory in "winning" by being more powerful in the first place (but there would be significant embarassment in losing!), so try to make your characters fair.

I've written quite a long treatise on my take on the "Conclave Standard"... which isn't really a standard, but more of a catch-all term for guidelines about creating characters who aren't invincible supermen, and who have strengths, weaknesses and the tension inherent in being able to fail:

I'm afraid I've forgotten which articles specifically, but they were previously hosted by GW before being re-hosted by Marco - hopefully he'll notice this thread and fill us in at some point
Alas, I can't really remember which of the Fanatic articles have good campaign writing advice, but I can say that the 2002 Annual reprints some WD articles that have some reasonable advice about structuring campaigns.
In the LRB most rules adjustments seem to have been made in red, but again YMMV. It *is* the most up to date source of official rules (moreso than the original printing, at least).

as for the 3 official campaign books, yes. They're semi-flexible, and give plenty of suggestions, but they're somewhat an on-rails affair. Adjust as needed to get suitable results, as usual.
Otherwise, yeah, the articles in the archive I linked that were written by fans can also provide some useful campaign examples (I'm afraid I've forgotten which articles specifically, but they were previously hosted by GW before being re-hosted by Marco - hopefully he'll notice this thread and fill us in at some point) but they're long on general advice, and comparatively short on specifics. Possibly a blessing though.
Community News and Announcements / Re: Hello all!
« Last post by mcjomar on April 09, 2019, 10:18:38 PM »
I've found for image hosting - and you can see plenty of examples over in our Painting and Modelling section of the forums - that imgur is the site of choice.
I tend to use it either from PC or direct from phone for hosting images. When uploading from my phone I can also set whether the image/album will be public or hidden, which is quite handy if I just want to stash images somewhere of a WiP.

OMG, so much info!

Thanks mcjomar!

Also 3 published official campaign books too?! *drool*

edit: living rule book ftw, question: how do I tell what is new??
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