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I have no more than vague ideas right now, as I've barely had time to sort anything since the announcement*, but I hope to give you guys some idea of what's going on as soon as possible.

We are, however, confirmed booked in!

* Saturday was the IRE test day, Sunday was a boating event,  Monday started with an hour and a half getting a plastic sack off a boat prop, followed up by a major gearbox failure on the other boat, and then ended with the foulest dog vomit I have ever encountered. And today so far has been punting the failed boat to a boatyard so it can be left there for repairs. So yeah.
I know this is an old old old thread but im fascinated by the trans aspect of this, the importance of Identity and the questions it brings up in ithe inq universe. The idea of what is human. Im really looking forward to reports of this character in play.

I never expected to find any discussion of trans/ identity issues. within a character in 40k and really like the way that its been done its a really well written character. Iv always wondered if i could portray the kind o issues I experience in a character and had never thought of the mechanicum as a way to do that.

Have you thought about if/how a ranged ability could be done with Praise? Just... It does feel that there needs to be something there just not sure what to suggest.

I also really do like the way that this caring supportive psychologist sister is at the same time just ever so slightly 'wromg' its hard to put my finger on it I guess but the use of concepts like lovebombing and casually admitting to breaking people as a healing technique. Is there some way to reflect that in her on table stuff. Maybe something like The Silvertongued rule in one of the DM issues where she can use her understanding and caring to manipulate someone into taking a desired action?
Still OK to go :)

What are the plans Game-wise? Shall I just bring 'everything' again?
Painting and Modelling / Re: Part needed :-/
« Last post by Lord Borak on Yesterday at 10:40:04 PM »
No worries man. Thanks for looking.

First of all I LOVE the concept of the transmechanist faction that's just oozing with character and i really wan to hear about the type of agents that would appear alongside this man, I like the fire and fury mindset that the model has to my mind and I'm a big fan of that pistol would you mind telling me where that you got the bit from because its just cool very baroque and fantastical but somehow with the rest of him being so obviously ascience fiction it somehow ties him even more strongly to the setting. Do his bionics contain anything because i just feel like soneone like him so heavily interested in esoteric technology that would have a few tricks up his sleeves.

That's going fo be a very nasty combination of abilities yet ot does feel like its fair fit for him. Have you thought about force of will rather than heroic.not a criticism just idle musong as he is the type of character O can see standing bellowing for his men to hold their positions against a charging CSM champion or continuing with a banishment ritual even as the demon steps closer to the sound of something gothoc and evil on an organ is rising to the crescendo  as opposed to imagining him leaping from a truck packed with explosives he has hijacked in order to destroy a rebel held bunker/a heavily guarded building full of cultists summoning gribblies while the theme for Indiana Jones plays in the background.
Inquisitor Rules Discussion / Re: Gav Thorpe Here - Ask Me Anything!
« Last post by jediknight129 on Yesterday at 08:08:38 PM »
Um hi and as everyone else has said welcome to the conclave.

Um first of all id like to thank you for your work on INQ, because it honestly saved my interest in the hobby, I'd burnt out on the competitive scene and was sick of having my fluff lists and fun concept armies derided at my local store/club as 'crap' or 'worthless' and i got into INQ thanks to a friend. I didn't ever buy many models before the demise of SG and the ordering system because of being a poor 16yr old trying to assemble a forge world Tank based guard army but bought one or two bits and enjoyed the game in 28mm. It's kept me in touch with the hobby because.... I haven't found anything else like it the game style, the background its just kept sucking me in especially given how this community is so supportive of writing new rules and wargear to get a character to feel right and reflect your image of him/her/it.

Secondly id like to thank you for some of your work as fiction writer. The only time  time i met you in person was at a games day where you were part of the Waiting or black library seminar/q&a with a new author and an old hand and for a university student studying English literature language and linguistics the conversation we had afterwards about modern language in the 40k universe and the conventions of the universe's fiction especially the use of swearing in the 40k books was fascinating and led me down a bolthole which inspired a research project in my second year preparing me for my dissertation and ultimately along with one of your books  the direction i wanted to take for my masters thesis. The comment about forming new insults from existing words and how insults are formed sparked allot of interesting study especially the idea that a newly created word could in some cases be more offensive than a traditional obscenimty/slur because of its combining words to birth a new one. Fran and Frick or gak being fine though obviously from their sound and stricture meant to be offensive but Funt, another word that's established as a scifi swear is too offensive to be used. Do you think now that things have changed I mean in BL books i have read from the past 3 or so years iv seen modern obscenities used as well as the traditional low gothic canon of terms of abuse.

Thirdly id like to thank you as a writer/academic and reader for a book you wrote which honestly was the HAREST book i have ever read, not because of its subject matter being uncomfortable or disturbing, nor because it was a bad book in my opinion but because of how it was written. Some books are hard to read because of dislikeable characters sich as the catcher in the rye or because they are more about the writer making a point than the tory such as Ulysses but your 'path of the Eldar' book really stretched me as a reader and literature student and is a book I recommended and discussed in lectures on science fiction and fantasy books as well as in creative writing seminars' and modern literature classes because of why it was such a challenge. For me it perfectly captured the fact that the Eldar are completely utterly Alien, there was just this sense or intrinsic 'wrongness' to the characters, I didn't feel like i could identify with the main character, even their emotional responses to events didn't feel like i understood how they thought or felt. I felt like an outsider looking in or as if I was completely alone yet surrounded by people who i could never understand even though i spoke and comprehended the language they were using, I couldn't draw from their cultural pool of common knowledge, I didn't have any of the shared experiences they all drew from and even though I could pick up background books and find a terms meaning or dechiper a reference, even though i could know what it was they had said or referenced i didn't, couldn't and wouldn't know what it meant. Like when speaking Spanish I know how to swear at someone and that the word is used colloquially as we would use dam i couldn't understand why the literal meaning is part of the catholic sacrament because i don't have an intrinsic understanding of the cultural mores. Just it all felt slightly uncomfortable and like I was trespassing. It was an AMAZING book and i recommended it So often as THE way that 'Aliens' should feel. The Eldar weren't humans with pointy ears and arrogance they were the 'Other' and beautiful, uentrancing, gripping and tainted us probably the best way to describe it.

Right....thats enough squeezing and rambling now rather than embarrassing myself and fluffing up your ego Tim for my question.

Ok, in the base game, being a psyker was incredibly dangerous for a character, their casting telepathy to tell a friendly character they have arrived on the table or casting machine empathy on a stubborn locked door could cause their head to burst like a grape being stomped on and did so with fairly depressing regularity. The later limits sugeated/added that limited the number of characters attempting to nullify the power and later limiting it further so that a psyker could only attempt to nulify a po.wer he is directly affected by was something that whilst i understood for gameplay reasons as its not much fun when it happens every time someone tries to cast leading to either an arms race of whose psyker is more powerful or psykers not being used at all both if which are a shame as psychic powers to me are something really integral to the setting. The light that binds the imperium and prevents it being just small groups o squabbling galaxies and abandoned systems being powered by the consumption of souls of those with the ability and the twisted hypocrisy that everyone tears and distrusts those that hold the system together is one of the things that made me question everything and begin to see the shades of gray that make inquisitor so gripping.

The problem i have had with the rules for nullification is that i can't build a character that i hae seen both on the battlefield in 40k and in the fiction. The noble psyker who is proud to play a role and protect those he is fighting alongside, intervening and dispelling powers affecting those around him, having lives by breaking the choking grip on a companions throat, the psyker who is being paid and paid well to act as a clandestine bodyguard for a planetary governer/senior official as seen in the Ravenor Books where we see epic clashes when Gideon is caught attempting to scan someone and on the other side of that coin we can't see the abused and neaten psyker kpt on the leash of a powerful gang leader/smuggler, ruthless rogue trader who sees the psyker in their employ/possession as just another badge of office/tool or weapon like their seal or carapace or bolt pistol, there to do the same job but treated with cruelty, fear or suspicion.

Now with hindsight and your experiences since writing both the rules then and the later errata/f.a.q's and suggestions for game balance do you have any ideas for how that sort of mechanic/character/psychic skill could be done?

Thanks again for your time and even visiting us here, I hope you stick around and wll thanks for the game that's had such an impact on my life and has helped me find some amazing friends and has given me so.e fantastic memories over the past 13 years.

Painting and Modelling / Re: Community sculpting project: Crusader - WIP
« Last post by jediknight129 on Yesterday at 06:55:46 PM »
That is a lovely model and i actually quite like the brush designed pistol reminds me of a DL44
I have to confirm as a no-show for this (and it's killing me because this is such an awesome opportunity).
I've had three people (other than John) say they're available so far, so I've put in a booking for two tables. (Which I presume will be more than enough - given the short notice and the fact we're competing with the UK games expo).

It's only just gone in, so it's not yet confirmed, but I was told on Friday that they still had loads of free tables, so we should be okay.
Painting and Modelling / Re: Part needed :-/
« Last post by Radu Lykan on Yesterday at 11:15:20 AM »
I will have to check, I know I have her head floating about in my box, I feel like some arms might be a thing as well. Will have a look after work

Edit: sorry, I only have the right arm, the arm and head must have come in a bits auction at some point, I don't have anything else from the kit :(

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