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Painting and Modelling / Re: eBay Auctions Thread
« Last post by FierceDefence on August 03, 2018, 08:42:35 AM »
Yes, I stripped them of paint and filed them some more. The judge hasn't been converted because he's already cool as is.
The pistol I made is made using 1st and 2nd edition shuriken rifle parts that I had.
For anyone who is coming, a notification of a minor update to the IRE rules (you might have already seen it, but I decided to share it here to help remind people).

There's just a couple of minor tweaks from the version from a couple of weeks ago, but it also includes the rather useful crib sheet for detailing the differences from the main rules:
Inquisitor Game Discussion / Re: Space Mobsters for Guardian IRE Day
« Last post by Genghis on August 02, 2018, 08:51:08 PM »
Thanks for the pointers MarcoSkoll.  I'd erred on the side of caution in estimating the power level for Conclave gaming circles and clearly came in way too low.  I've adjusted the figures so they are hopefully more appropriate now.  I've also noted that the Grymn are small targets & given Anna a couple of skills.  (All changes made in my original post.)

I'd been pitching them more as the mobsters & street toughs that they are, and scaling their stats to be tough but normal(ish) civilians (other than the veteran Johno).  This would have worked at the level I've gamed at in the past, but Inquisitor is clearly one of those systems where groups have a different feel - we weren't really going quite as much down the exceptional individuals route.  Hopefully they'll now be better suited to the sector-changing shenanigans they're about to find themselves mixed up in.

It looks like a thought trailed off here.

Good spot.  I was going to remark that, although not a deliberate initial planning aim, it seems like I ended up channelling a combination of Catwoman & Emma Peel when I was creating Anna.  I'm not sure if I should boost her WS a bit and/or maybe give her a suitable combat skill (maybe Blademaster or Combat Stance: Defensive), but I don't want to make her an overpowered melee monster.
Inquisitor Game Discussion / Re: IRE - Inquisitor Revised Edition project
« Last post by MarcoSkoll on August 02, 2018, 07:31:59 PM »
Evening, Inquisitors.

Following up from the release of the V0.3 release of the Inquisitor Revised Edition a few weeks ago, and with the Guardian playtest event at WHW only a little over a week away, a few details have been adjusted to create V0.3.1.
These changes are relatively minor, an adjustment of a few modifiers in the psychic rules, and no longer vetoing conversations with hostile characters (you can try - doesn't mean they'll necessarily want to talk though!)

This release includes the normal colour coded edition, as well as a more printer and e-reader friendly edition that just uses black (although it does still include the cover art), and an updated crib sheet (which summarises most of the changes from the official LRB to help veteran players adopt the new rules).

Colour coded Edition:

- Red: changed from last IRE release (in this case, since V0.3).
- Green: Experimental/WIP
- Orange: Both the above
- Black: None of the above, but IRE differs from official LRB
- Grey: Essentially the same as LRB.

Printer Friendly Edition:

Crib Sheet:
Painting and Modelling / Re: eBay Auctions Thread
« Last post by mcjomar on August 02, 2018, 10:59:38 AM »
That's looking like a pretty cool gun!
I take it they've been stripped of paint?
Inquisitor Game Discussion / Re: Space Mobsters for Guardian IRE Day
« Last post by MarcoSkoll on August 01, 2018, 08:46:53 PM »
I'd say they should all have most of their stats about 10 points higher.

I'm seeing a lot of stats in the 40s or even 30s, which tends to be the ball park for "mediocre" or "untrained" skills - but the thing is, one way or another, Inquisitor characters tend to be somewhat exceptional.

Of all the uncountable trillions of people in the galaxy, Inquisitor games are about the people who meant something, even if it was just sheer coincidence that they managed to be of any significance.
When it comes to a World War II story, for example, audiences don't want to hear about Joe Bloggs who went over, lost his leg to a mine on his second day and then died of an infection because they didn't have enough penicillin available. No, we go back to pick and choose the stories of the people who were lucky enough not to die horribly.

However, as we don't really get any other way to rig "this just happens to be the one person of millions who was lucky enough not to immediately die", player characters should still have reasonable stats even if they're not a certified badass in the fluff.

not sure if my 2 Grymn (small abhumans) may be a bit weak
I'd generally recommend that even the absolute frailest characters aren't given a Toughness of less than 40, as it makes them so frail they're not fun to play or play against (although IRE tries to adjust the balance a touch to stop them being quite so horrifically brittle). For diminutive characters, I'd represent their size more in a low strength than a low toughness. (They probably shouldn't have a very high toughness, but something in the 50-60 range isn't unthinkable).

Anna is not above employing her feminine wiles when required, and has avoided many sticky situation by sweet-talking a smitten security guard into looking the other way.   (I'm trying
It looks like a thought trailed off here.
Inquisitor Game Discussion / Space Mobsters for Guardian IRE Day
« Last post by Genghis on August 01, 2018, 06:03:11 PM »
Note: the stats have now been edited in light of MarkoSkoll's guidance.

I'm not very experienced at Inquisitor, so thought I'd best post my characters for the upcoming Guardian IRE playtest day for vetting by the community.  I've attempted to confirm to the Conclave Standard for them, but am not sure if my 2 Grymn (small abhumans) may be a bit weak.  My characters are (L-R): Johno, Anna, Sweenikov & Brody

Andrei Sweenikov (aka The Sween-Dog) – Mob Boss
WS  BS      S     T    I  Wp  Sg  Nv   Ld
65   61  60(80) 63 60  56   53  63   71

Abilities: semi-ambidextrous: 10% penalty for off hand
Equipment: Shotgun, bionic arm (S50 - factored into stats above), +2 armour, may parry, counts as armoured gauntlet), bionic eye (with Image Intensification & Infra-red sensors) & heavy clothing.

Andrei Sweenikov (aka The Sween-Dog) is the deputy, long-time best friend and drinking buddy of the most powerful mob boss (Mikhail Askimov) in one of the largest cities on the planet.  Growing up as street tough in a poor neighbourhood, he & Askimov rose through the underworld ranks to eventually assume control of the mob in their city.  Along the way, Sweenikov has sustained several injuries – more from drunken mishaps than losing fights – including an ill-fated drunken attempt to break into the spaceport which cost him his left arm.  Fortunately, over the years, his ‘business interests’ have permitted the purchase of several successively better bionic replacements.  His current arm is considered top of the range by the standards of the regular imperial citizenry on his planet, and is specially hardened to make it useful in a scrap.  Although naturally right-handed, Sweenikov has spent a lot of time training to fight with his bionic arm, and has (partially, at least) learnt to compensate for his right-handedness and make good use of his bionic strength in a scrap.  Already capable of affecting a very intimidating persona when required, the casual flexing of his bionic arm only adds to the effect.  In his younger days, Sweenikov was blessed with handsome, boyish good looks and was something of a ladies’ man; although a little more grizzled around the edges these days, he is still a snappy dresser and able to turn on the charm when required.

Anna Moiseeva – Cat Burglar
WS  BS  S   T    I  Wp  Sg  Nv   Ld
67   51  58 55  62 52   41  47   51

Abilities: Blademaster, Combat Stance - Defensive, Scale Terrain & Stealthy, Feminine Wiles (contextual +20% to persuasion roles)
Equipment: sword, knife, stub gun, lock pick set, light clothing & kevlar corset (3) - sexy, yet practical.

Anna is an accomplished cat burglar, adept at scaling, sneaking, and discreet breaking and entering.  She started her ‘career’ working on her own, but her activities soon brought her to the attention of the mob, and was made an offer she couldn’t refuse.  Now working under the mob’s auspices, she continues to ply her trade.  A reasonably skilled fencer, Anna is more than capable of seeing off any unwanted attention while she is about her business.  An attractive woman in good shape (and often wearing an outfit that accentuates said good shape), Anna is not above employing her feminine wiles when required, and has avoided many sticky situation by sweet-talking a smitten security guard into looking the other way.

Brody – Mob Hacker (Grymn)
WS  BS  S   T    I  Wp     Sg     Nv   Ld
33   47  42 48 42  45   58(83)  35   43

Abilities: Small Target (-10%)
Equipment: Lasgun w. telescopic sight, torch & laser pointer, advanced cranial hacking implant (+25% when interacting with computers/electronics) & light clothing.

Brody is a Grymn – a stable sub-species of abhuman distinctive for being significantly smaller than a ‘standard’ human, but still all in proportion unlike the more ‘squat’ physique of the, err, Squats.  Although society on her world doesn’t officially discriminate against the Grymn, they’re not exactly treated equally by the authorities, and tend to gravitate towards the margins of polite society.  From a young age, Brody displayed an affinity for computers and electronics but, being possessed of something of a rebellious streak, she channelled this interest towards the less than entirely legal aspects of the field.  Quickly developing her skills as a hacker, she rose in status within the hacking community and, inevitably, came into contact with the mob.  By then the charismatic Askimov, who was something of a hero amongst the city’s downtrodden Grymn populace, had assumed control of the mob, and Brody was happy to accept his job offer.  Askimov was willing to invest in his new tech specialist and Brody was fitted with an advanced cranial implant, allowing her to interface directly with any computer or electronic item with an external port, thus massively enhancing her ability to get up to electronic mischief.

Johno – Mercenary employed by the Mob (Grymn)
WS  BS  S   T    I  Wp  Sg  Nv   Ld
61   69  45 52 61  57   42  53   62

Abilities: Rock steady aim, Small Target (-10%)
Equipment: Lasgun w. reflex sight, laser pointer & torch, stub gun, knife, heavy clothing with body armour for the torso (3 on abdomen, 4 on chest) & an open helmet (4).

Johno is a Grymn, currently in the employ of Deano ‘Mother[EXCOMMUNICATE]er’ Jones’ mercenary outfit, which maintains a close affiliation with Askimov’s mob.  A 15 year veteran of PDF service, Johno is an accomplished infantryman who was lured away from regular service by the prospect of the pay and adventure to be had as a merc.  Askimov calls upon the mercs when he needs extra numbers, or a situation warrants a slightly more high-end military approach than the mob’s run-of-the-mill muscle can supply.  Although a merc and, ultimately, in it for the money, Mother[EXCOMMUNICATE]er’s mercs have a reputation for professional commitment to their job (and the very dogged pursuit of anyone who double-crosses them).  Additionally, Askimov’s highly publicised outreach work in the poorer Grymn communities has earned him the loyalty of a lot of Grymn, Johno included.

As for how these guys are getting tangled up with the events of the Guardian…

Andrei Sweenikov knocked on the door, and heard a flurry of activity from behind the plush door, followed by the command “enter”.  As he walked in, he saw the ‘secret’ door sliding closed behind Mikhail Askimov’s desk and caught the sound of female giggling echoing through before the door settled into place.  “You wanted to see me boss” he said.  “Yeah, grab yourself a drink and take a seat” Askimov replied, gesturing to one of the plush armchairs opposite the desk.  “As ever, the drink and girls are making people incautiously talkative downstairs, and it seems one gentleman in particular has an interesting tale to tell…”

So far, so routine, thought Sweenikov.  The combination of opulent surroundings, beautiful girls, good drink and other more illicit substances loosened a lot of tongues in The Warren, the Mob’s club and centre of operations.

“It seems” continued Askimov, “that this gentleman, a Rogue Trader – or so he claims – has come across information about some sort of super weapon, a forgotten piece of archeotech sat gathering dust just waiting for us to put it good use.” 

“All very interesting boss, but Johns with that kind of story are ten a penny in this city.  What makes you think there’s anything to this?”  “Well”, Aslimov replied, “I took a walk of the club earlier to catch Jessica singing, and exchanged a few pleasantries with the gentlemen concerned.  He’s certainly a lot wealthier than we often see here, and there’s something about him.  It’s plausible that he’s really onto something.” 

“So, are the girls, err, pumping him for information?” asked Sweenikov, with a sly grin.

“I’ve got Odessa and Tilda on the case, let’s just say he’ll be having a very good night’s sleep.  The girls will grab his data slate, Brody and Big Rob can give it the once over before we slip it back and he’ll be none the wiser when he wakes up.”

Two stories above Askimov’s office, Odessa and Tilda put the Rogue Trader’s slightly unfocussed look down to the drink, although it didn’t seem to be putting him off his stride.  Little did they know that he had cranial implants that were receiving a transmission from the bug he’d managed to plant on the mob boss’ jacket earlier in the evening. 

A little while later, as he feigned unconsciousness (whatever they’d slipped into his drink having proven no match for his gene-altered metabolic system), he noticed Tilda surreptitiously extract his data slate from his jacket, where it lay strewn on the floor amongst a trail of lingerie.  She and Odessa gathered up their clothes and tip-toed out of the room.  Maintaining the outward appearance of deep sleep – you never knew who might be watching – he reflected that there were some aspects of his job he did rather enjoy.  Assuming the mob’s hackers were as good as he’d been led to believe, they should find the data slate just challenging enough to unlock before the morning – anything too easy and they’d be suspicious.  If everything went according to plan – and he’d made sure it would – those fools would do all the hard work and bleeding, and his patron’s involvement in the whole escapade would never even be suspected.

The next day, Askimov and Sweenikov were reviewing the contents of the hacked data slate.  “Well Boss, it looks like your instincts were right, this could be a game changer.”  “Indeed” mused Askimov, “this could be our ticket to the big time, I’ve always felt there was more to life than running just the one city.  I need to remain in situ lest our rivals notice my absence and get suspicious that we’re up to something, so I want you to take the lead on this; take Anna, Brody and Johno, and start chasing this down, but keep it low key…”

(Within their particular pond, these guys are pretty big fish, but set against the context of interplanetary events and Inquisitorial machinations, I suspect they are going to find themselves so out of their depth…)
Painting and Modelling / Re: Slaanesh cult leader WIP
« Last post by Cortez on July 27, 2018, 04:34:47 PM »
That sword looks great on Malicant.

I don't think the arms obscure the pendant too much and it looks quite natural.
Painting and Modelling / Re: Slaanesh cult leader WIP
« Last post by FierceDefence on July 27, 2018, 03:20:17 PM »

I’ve been busy building many models lately, as I have accumulated (compulsively bought online) about 15 models in a short span of time. Of those, I was delighted to find an incomplete Malicant to serve as another member of the Slaaneshi coven I’m building. I was quite happy he was incomplete, because I would have been squeamish at the idea of hacking him up otherwise.

I converted the Malicant to serve as the priest/mentor type figure in the coven, as opposed to the leader/protégée that is the converted Tyrus above. As you can see from the picture below, all I had was the basic body parts, plus the eviscerator and a laspistol of which I am not certain of the origin.

Does any of you know where it comes from?

I replaced the missing skull pendant of his chain with one with the Slaanesh symbol that I made by cutting a piece of the breastplate from the AOS Slaanesh Lord on Deamonic steed.

As an added bonus, I guess I will be using the steed itself as a daemonic sidekick or temple guardian.

In my mind, the eviscerator was not appropriate for a character representing such a sophisticated deity. Consequently, I converted it using the blade of the Avatar of Khaine from the Dark Elves Cauldron of Blood Statue that I already owned. Malicant’s fancy new blade might represent a daemon weapon or some sort of corrupted "lighter than air" xenos artefact.

I intend to use the rest of the Cauldron of Blood/Bloodwrack Shrine model parts to eventually build/decorate the Slaanesh coven’s “Inner Sanctum” type terrain. I've never built much "complex" terrain prior, so I would be interested in finding good resources on how to go about building things like altars, etc.

As another bonus, I intend to use the chopped off eviscerator bit in the future to convert Artemis when I come round to getting a model. I collect Flesh Tearers in 40k and I’m naturally interested in building a deathwatch or normal Flesh Tearer space marine out of it. With this in mind, chain weapons are more appropriate than the power sword of Artemis.

The arms positioning with the Malicant model is quite difficult, especially without obscuring too much the Slaanesh pendent, but I will eventually manage to find a solution. Aside from this, I still have a lot of places to work on the model. That includes attaching the laspistol.

Painting and Modelling / Re: eBay Auctions Thread
« Last post by FierceDefence on July 27, 2018, 03:19:32 PM »
Hey mcjomar,

I haven't finished working on the pistol yet or the rest of the model, but I thought you might like to see what I replaced the plasma pistol with  :)

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