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Ooh they look good! Is the mining facility the one with all the pipes and toxic sludge? I've always wanted to use that one. The new table looks good too, almost perfect for Inquisitor.

The other two look more problematic and we'll definitely need some scatter terrain for the valley of skulls.
We shall see! I'll rustle something up alright, no problem ;)

As for the tables we have Mining Facility 42, the Ruins of Dras'Shiel and the Valley of Skulls, you can see a few (somewhat tiny) pictures of the boards on Warhammer World's events page here.

I also booked a hitherto unannounced table called Empyrea 7, which is currently undergoing playtesting at the time of writing so I wasn't able to get any pictures. However, Edd the WHW email bandit could confirm that it is the board being developed in this sneak preview, which is perfect for our needs.
How the hell do I write in a citadel made of skulls onto a space station?!

Is Chaos corruption going to be an issue?
Warpgates maybe?
The Warhammer 40k Chaos Gate PC game had a level where the ultramarines fought the word bearers within the confines of a mostly-stable warp realm/chaos planet/something like that (obviously the heretics were roundly trounced, and the marines returned home for a parade in the Emperor's honour!).

Maybe it's buried in the bowels of the station where pretty much nobody ever goes, and a heretical cult has taken gradual control, but only now has the Imperium begun to notice?
I've just realised I've got a clashing event for the 28th. Sorry.
A Chaos battlecruiser instead?

I think the 18th is ok.
Fabulicious, apologies for the [EXCOMMUNICATE]about. I'll get some nice literature done up so I can spam the internet airwaves now we've got a date.

Odd sidenote: I was unable to book *any* normal tables at all, but I have booked four of their (very impressive) feature tables. What does this mean for you? More impressive brawls and multi-level shenanigans! What does this mean for me? How the hell do I write in a citadel made of skulls onto a space station?!

Cool beans, as some might say. I've updated the Facebook event page to match, and shared it around again.

I've also checked my calendar again, and it looks like I'm still all clear for the 18th, so count me in.
Okay, I'll check in with the fiancée tonight to see if I can scrape the 18th.
This might be workable for me.
Okay so slight update! 25th is the Warhammer World open day, and even if they did have any free tables that day, they would be charging people on entry, so we're rescheduling ;)

After a bit of back and forth the only day with the boards I wanted is Saturday November 18th, as we'll have four standard boards and the fancy Shadow War Mining Facility board.
Hemel is a bit outside the London travel zones (it's past Watford Junction), but it's one of the larger stations, so some of the faster trains only stop once at Watford before they get there.
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