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Inquisitor Game Discussion / Re: IRE - Inquisitor Revised Edition project
« Last post by MarcoSkoll on June 12, 2018, 06:50:19 PM »
I headed down to the club again last night to run another playtest (reusing "The Reactor" from the London GT as the scenario), which had some beautifully dramatic moments, including Kronen dropping two characters in their own turns, Evelyn managing to pull off some very fluky reactions, and Lyra missing wildly with a graviton grenade (it clattered into a heap of oil drums and launched them almost back at the originally intended target...)

I didn't have a Space Marine on hand to test the rules for 100+ stats, but I did test out the rules for delaying characters automatically waiting to the end of the turn, which I was quite happy with. It certainly simplified the process of keeping track of those characters, and meant that characters had to consider delaying a little more carefully rather than just doing it with impunity.

There were a few issues that sort of showed up:


- Characters being attacked from behind
IRE states that characters must be aware of an action to react to it (in order to stop characters doing things like evading shots from behind), and that after an action has entered the execution stage (i.e. dice are being rolled) it's too late to declare a reaction.

However, a case came up where a character had to choose between either having to fail their pinning test (and thus be able to turn around as they dive) or stand there like a lemon while being shot repeatedly from behind unable to spend any reactions they have.

There's two possible fixes that come to mind:
- Allow a character to turn towards their attacker (or at least attempt to) if they pass their Pinning test.
- Change it so that passing the pinning test also allows a character to attempt to dive to cover, rather than having to choose to fail to do so. (This is a fairly significant difference, because Pinned characters are only allowed to use Defensive reactions). However, I don't particularly like this, as I suspect this option would become overly popular - given how often people want to take cover anyway, an option that lets you not be Pinned would be a no-brainer.


- Semi auto fire
IRE has deliberately made rapid fire more effective against close-in targets (no more cases of a Storm Bolter being unable to hit a barn from the inside) and more challenging against distant ones.

However, seeing it more on the table makes it clearer that it has been affected by more than just long range, but all difficult cases. Before, it was possible to wildly fire at a weaving target while you ran across the street and possibly hope for one of those shots to get a natural 5, but that's less the case now.

The full-auto implementation sort of avoids this by disregarding most penalties, but semi-auto can become very inaccurate against difficult targets, and it doesn't feel as dramatic or realistic to be firing one shot at a time when you're hoping for a lucky hit.

As far as solutions, I could look at adopting some of the alternative semi-auto solutions I proposed - the current version of semi-auto in IRE is something that is partly as it is so that it can help test the mechanic for full auto weapons (which are somewhat rarer)., rather than because I'm necessarily expecting it to be a final solution.

The simplest of the alternatives I looked into would be handling it as in the current LRB, but with a sliding semi-auto penalty of -5 per 10 yards (or part) range. (Making short range accurate, but long range much less predictable).
This does however mean that bursts of multiple shots would again call for every shot to be rolled, rather than the somewhat quicker "exploding dice" roll for the entire burst IRE currently offers.

The other possibility is to keep IRE's current semi-auto fire, but cap the initial roll at a minimum of 5x the rate of fire to emulate the auto-hit band of before. For example, Semi(4) would always have at least an initial 20% chance of a hit, broadly the same as the minimum ~18.55% given by the chances of rolling at least one 01-05 across four D100 rolls.
This would probably be quicker in play and the percentages seem fairly fair, although it feels a little mechanically odd to have rolls with what are essentially increased auto-success chances.

Given that it's the weekend before my birthday I think I can swing it. I hope.

I'll be bringing both scales.
Community News and Announcements / Re: Dark Heresy VOIP Campaign
« Last post by Heroka Vendile on June 10, 2018, 05:04:45 PM »
sorry chaps, having to call off tonight's session, next weekend will also be off as I have a meeting to attend. Reconvening 24th June.
Painting and Modelling / Re: 54mm models and modelling resources
« Last post by TheClassyGamer on June 09, 2018, 01:44:53 AM »
Don't know if this one has been posted yet.!/Witch-Hunter/p/108335244/category=0w--ul-id-570-2/54mm-scale-miniatures/c/29313016/offset=0&sort=normal--w

GAVS EDIT: altered the link to save us knowing your address ;)
Community News and Announcements / Re: Salute - 6th April 2019 @ ExCeL
« Last post by MarcoSkoll on June 08, 2018, 09:12:04 PM »
What I have in mind is an exhibition game rather than a taster game; Basically, we put on a big extravaganza, talk to passers-by and reignite their nostalgia. Our main weapon in grabbing attention would be getting some really cool toys on the table, but you can't really incorporate any of that into a quick taster game.

One possibility would be to write the scenarios with a veritable smorgasbord of NPCs, and let passers-by take over NPCs on a drop-in/drop-out basis.

That said, we have been offered basically any reasonable amount of space, so it certainly wouldn't be out of the question to have both an exhibition game and a taster game.
There is a big argument for that, because I would absolutely love to get both 28mm and 54mm alongside each other; 54mm stuff is really effective at grabbing attention, but 28mm is definitely more practical for most people.

It would be entirely possible to have the "Look at us, we're playing Inquisitor" game at 54mm, but have a "Give it a try" game alongside in 28mm so that people can see that you don't have to be an eBay-scrounging, scratch-building lunatic to get involved.
Community News and Announcements / Re: Salute - 6th April 2019 @ ExCeL
« Last post by greenstuff_gav on June 08, 2018, 07:54:54 PM »
i'm sure a rolling day scenario can be written to let poeple join, play and drop out
of course a 54mm marine game'd be an idea ;)
that said, most demo games are designed with 20 mins in mind; perhaps some short form generated on the fly scenarios (think 40ks objectives - draw an objective, you got 4 rounds to complete it) might be an option.

Inquisitor Lite is kinda designed for quick intro games (D10 instead of D100) but quite a way off and i'm not sure if it'd be a good idea alongside Inquisitor ; of course, smaller demo games with cute funzies minis maybe a different tact
Community News and Announcements / Salute - 6th April 2019 @ ExCeL
« Last post by MarcoSkoll on June 08, 2018, 03:33:00 PM »
In case there's any doubt about my sanity - yes, I am now planning my third event simultaneously, and yes, that event is the biggest one-day show in the UK.

I've been talking about the idea of putting on a showcase game at Salute for a couple of years now, and as Salute 2019 was announced yesterday on Facebook, I decided I should start making enquiries (even if our ultimate decision is not to do it).
This one wouldn't be an open event like most of ours, but would be an invitational to some of our most dedicated veterans to show off our hobby to several thousand gamers from around the world. (Although you can certainly express your interest in being invited!)

From what I've already heard back from the Warlords, they seem open to having us, it's entirely free to run a game, we can request as much table space as we need (tables are 6' by 2'6") and we get four free passes for the job.

I'm currently assuming we'd probably run a morning game and an afternoon game (I don't think it would be a good idea to stretch one game out over the entire day; I think we want to keep it playing briskly), with a hefty break for people to do some exploring, and that I would be GMing for at least one of those games, but those arrangements could be mixed around heavily. (I might be a player or I might not be involved at all, if we as a community think there's someone better for the job).

I think it's something we could make a good showing of (we have a habit of drawing attention at our other events), and we've shown from the London GT that it's within our wit to run games without the venue supplying crates of terrain, so I think we should really be taking a stab at it.
Cool, that's my concerns pretty much assuaged.  Having never played there before I had no idea how strictly this sort of thing is enforced.  I might throw together some emergency character sheets for my pure GW models just in case, but will plan on bringing one of my coherent warbands as Plan A.
We haven't got any special exemption, but I certainly won't be enforcing the rule myself.

As far as the staff, they don't have the time to police the entire venue with a fine-tooth comb, and you'll be at an event where basically everything is heavily converted, OOP or outright scratch-built.
In eight years, the only imposter I've seen the staff spot was an unpainted WIP model in GW-has-never-sold-this-shade-of resin that someone had left out in the middle of a model-dumping table we'd deliberately set out as a display to attract people's attention.

(And that includes back when we used to get the staff to score the painting/modelling competition at the IGTs!)

I wouldn't be concerned, but if you are, I can probably offer up one of my own warbands for loan. (I know that's not ideal, but it is an option).
Looking at the Warhammer World website, I noticed the following: "All models must be Games Workshop in full. This does not extend to bases, but includes all weapons, heads, arms legs, wings and so on."

Has any exemption been granted for this event?  If not I'm severely constrained in what I've got that's eligible*, and certainly haven't got a cohesive warband with a sensible backstory and depth of character.

*3 Frateris Militia, an Ogryn, a Pit Slave and an Astropath - that's literally it.
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