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Inquisitor Game Discussion / Re: Rosaline Xenati
« Last post by Dallo on May 15, 2019, 06:26:54 PM »
Thank you for sharing.

It was nice to see your thought process for making a character. I liked how you grounded her character with “real” traditions and names. I think things like the proposal vow-keys were a nice touch.

3-4/08/2019 is one weekend that I definitely can't do, unfortunately.
That's pretty close to the end of a planned holiday for my wife and I (our first anniversary).
Arguably I might be able to wrangle the 4th, but I couldn't guarantee anything, and I'm sure I'd have to miss the 3rd.
I could bring either scale, currently.
Although it seems that WHW is relaxing the strict "first-come-first-served" policy they put in a while ago, we've suggested for a while that we should be looking at Element Games up in Stockport/Manchester for events, particularly as it will be more accessible for our members oop north.

I've got in contact with Element, and although I would have preferred July, they've currently offered the first weekend in August (3rd and 4th).

I have no concrete plans just yet, but there are two main questions to answer:

- I'm expecting this will be a 28mm event, but if the numbers would allow it, I would be very happy for it to be a dual-scale meet. Thoughts?

- I would normally run one-day Saturday meets, but as it's already a bit of a trek for me, what would interest be like in a full weekend? (Possibly two separate one day stories so people could do only one day if they need, possibly one run-through event if enough people would be available).
Inquisitor Game Discussion / Rosaline Xenati
« Last post by MarcoSkoll on May 14, 2019, 01:10:58 AM »
Technically a Dark Heresy character, but The 'Clave could do with a little more activity, and this still ties in to The 'Clave's Carthax setting, so I'm not hiding it down in the Dark Heresy section where it would probably get missed.

I updated my character's dossier recently for the sake of the other players in the campaign, and as such I'm dropping it here should others be interested to look over my approach to character backgrounds.

FULL NAME: Rosaline Katherina Xenati

KNOWN ALIASES: Commonly known as "Rose".
Known aliases from St Torrian's operation: Alesia Kane, Regulator Captain Louisa Arnett

TITLE/RANK(S): Savant-Scribe

AFFILIATION: In service to Inquisitor [REDACTED]

Date of Birth: (6)257987.M41
Place of Birth: Hive Tertius, Ismene, Cuir Sub, Carthax Sector
Gender: Female
Height: 1.70 m
Weight: 55 kg
Physical appearance: Rose is ethnically equivalent to West African-East Asian mixed race.
Has very dark brown eyes, and black hair, usually styled in loose curled twists of approximately chin-length.

Rose is slightly soft-figured around the waist and hips, although not enough to be considered overweight; she is otherwise in fair physical condition, with some visible muscle definition.
She has a slightly small bust size, a deep set navel, very slightly short fingers, and has Fitzpatrick Type-III skin with light-to-moderate visible scarring.

Her right arm is replaced from shoulder down with a bionic in dark grey/black finish - a reasonably sophisticated model using electro-muscle rather than servo technology.

Attire: Rose can typically be found wearing moderately fashionable but not hugely overt middle-class attire, the benefits of having been a relatively free agent in her past. This will typically include long skirts, relatively loose corsets and light shirts.
She will wear more utilitarian clothing such as trousers and jackets, but generally only when the situation requires it.

In 987.M41, Rose was born on level 121 of Hive Tertius on Ismene to Shun and Lavinia Xenati, respectively an archivist and a former ganger turned bodyguard.

Although Rose was steered towards and took her father's more legitimate career, she always retained a strong dose of her mother's blasé attitude to rules and structure. A precocious child, she often found herself in trouble with her tutors for going beyond or questioning the official answers, and on many occasions came away with knuckles sore from whatever object the tutor had at hand.
On the record, she won't admit any part in the incident where the faculty's recaf machine was spiked with laxatives, but will concede that it gave her an excellent opportunity to transfer to another academy willing to allow her in higher level classes.

Her second set of tutors were more impressed with her, despite her formal grades being middling at best because of her unwillingness to give the "correct" answers. She took most to history and legend, with a strong tendency to pick apart inconsistent records and accounts.

She continued as a scholar for a considerable time, progressing up the academic scale; in this role she was often directed by senior lecturers to investigate the more widely mistrusted historical accounts - work she was frequently capable of completing in far less time than allocated, leaving her time to carry out personal research with the benefit of the lecturer's credentials.

Amongst these restricted texts in the university libraries, Rose developed a strong understanding of Imperial history and legend, including many of the more heavily redacted parts usually spoken of only in vague reference and the metaphors of bombastic clergymen, and quietly published a number of treatises under various pseudonyms - frequently resulting in controversy within more conservative academic circles.

In early 011.M42, Rose first met Rivian Kinde, her later fiancé, during Saint Katherine's Day celebrations. Rivian's very drunk friend Ulric Kristiansen elected to grope Rose from behind, and in the ensuing anger and confusion, Rose mistakenly kneed Rivian in the groin. After the initial misunderstanding was resolved (mostly by Ulric pissing himself laughing), Rivian managed to convince Rose that she owed him and his bruised orchids at least the chance to take her for a drink.

Although Rose didn't immediately fall for Rivian, he still impressed her enough that it was her who at the end of the evening suggested that they meet again. The two continued to court until mid 013.M42, when they both exchanged the traditional Ismenean vow-keys.

It was only shortly after that Rivian's orders came up for his deployment to Ilithyia. As the pair were unmarried on the Departmento Munitorum's records, none of the normal dispensations were made regarding families and the lengthy defensive deployment. (Several decades back, the Departmento Munitorum elected to allow registered families of Guard personnel to relocate to Ilithyia, in order to encourage the soldiers to stay after their mandated tour of duty was complete).

Without the support of the Munitorum, the cost of Rose's passage to Ilithyia was beyond their means. Disappearing for most of a day, Rivian returned with a pristine autopistol "to keep you safe while I'm gone", and promised to return and make good on his vow.

Unfortunately for Rivian, Rose's ability to stir up controversy was somewhat greater than just that. It was in Septimus 014.M42 that the dogmatic Obsidian Light cult finally pieced together the various pseudonyms on many of the "heretical" works they had taken it upon themselves to incinerate, and broke into her accommodations, hauling her away half-dressed into the night.

The next few days were a nightmarish experience - humiliated, denounced and eventually with her writing hand severed with a rusted chainblade and cauterised in open flame.
Curled up in a filthy cage, forced to listen day and night to the lamentations and screams of the other prisoners, what little sleep she could get was one night very abruptly ended by the sound of bolter fire.

Fortunately for Rose, the Obsidian Light had unwittingly taken the Inquisitorial agent Orriel Kane prisoner, and the  recovery team fell upon the cult with fire and fury, slaughtering the poorly armed cultists like wheat before the scythe.

Not all the prisoners were lucky enough to survive the rescue - many were found genuinely guilty of the charges the cult had laid upon them; others were considered potentially tainted by the knowledge they might merely have overheard in the dungeon. A few returned to their old lives, scarred and maimed but alive - but a rare few such as Rose were considered potentially useful to the Ordos, having proven both pure and resilient enough throughout their ordeal.

She was given relatively little choice in the matter, but as it assured her a bionic replacement well beyond her means to procure, Rose was (for once in her life) not particularly inclined to argue with the offer.

She was carefully tested and inducted over the next year, and by mid 015.M42, was sorted into the cell codenamed "Diablo Intercept" with the guardsman Jarec Tobin, bounty hunter Maya Shapiro and biologis-inclined tech-adept Dose Wynn.
As the cell developed, Rose's scholarly background saw her earmarked for additional training as a second medic for the team.

She has now survived four Inquisitorial investigations with body and mind intact, and is currently serving on her fifth.

Operation Brethren:
Location: Colossus V
Objective: Diablo Intercept was ordered to bring down the Church of the Terran Brethren without resorting to force.
Conclusion: Team elected to destabilise the Haimona arms family supporting the active Pontifex, Rehanna, in order to allow another bishop to replace him.
Assessment: While force was used, Inquisitorial agents were not directly identified acting against the Church.
Team did unnecessarily antagonise "Ulysses Rifling", associated with Bishop Carrasteas, potentially causing problems with future interaction.

Operation Guardian:
Location: Maraks system
Objective: Diablo Intercept was ordered to remove Commissar Eramus Granta, an out-of-political-favour but populist Commissar attached to Ersenheima 12th Mechanised.
Conclusion: Mission was a wild-grox chase ordered by a rogue agent of Inquisitor [REDACTED] acting in service to a rival Inquisitor.
Assessment: One team-member lost. High ranking rogue agent identified and removed from command structure.

Operation Sierra:
Location: Pexir III
Objective: Investigate the disappearance of Sierra cell and recover their gene-locked secure case.
Conclusion: Istvaanian Inquisitor was targeting assets of rival Inquisitors. Team recovered data-skull containing important encryption codes of said Inquisitor, and a high value infiltration asset.
Further prosecution handed to agents of Inquisitor Rhodes.
Assessment: All objectives complete, and also recovered valuable information regarding black-market trade of stolen Militarium materiel. Unnecessary provocation of food riot as distraction.

Operation Angelus:
Location: St Torrian's Rock.
Objective: Investigate disappearance of Commissar Bacchus Goldsmith.
Conclusion: Team uncovered conspiracy between naval assets, private mercenary companies and an illegitimate heir to the throne of St Torrian's to carry out a coup, as well as unsanctioned production and public distribution of a failed combat anasthetic.
Assessment: Team successfully exfiltrated ruling Duchess and her chief guard, and eliminated major conspirators, re-establishing governmental structure. Two team members severely injured by flame weapon; reconstruction authorised.

Operation Fulcrum:
Location: [CORRUPT] (I've really got to write the name of the planet down somewhere in my notes I can actually find it...)
Objective: Recover abducted team-member "Tallulah" and resolve the "Silvertongue" matter.
Conclusion: Operation ongoing.

Rose is a fairly forceful personality who doesn't suffer fools gladly; she tends to connect best with individuals with common sense and a willingness to be contrite. She herself will generally only apologise to individuals she likes, and is not in any way retiring about letting people know she doesn't get on with them.

Although still a follower of the Imperial Creed, Rose's history makes her wary around particularly dogmatic, sanctimonious or orthodox individuals.
Rose's primary strength is her mind - gifted with exceptional intelligence, near eidetic recall, an extensive education, and a very robust will. She is a highly capable medic and a keen scholar, knowledgeable on a broad range of subjects (with military knowledge being a notable weak-point)
A highly articulate individual when she wants to be, the cell has frequently got by on her ability to charm, con or persuade individuals.

She is moderately competent in combat, through a combination of her mother's guidance, hiver instincts, introductory Inquisitorial training, more experience than she cares for, and a reasonably quick-footed nature.

Rose's most treasured possessions are her vow-key and Raike & Claggan  R1a "Jaguar" autopistol, both gifts from her fiancé Rivian Kinde - the former as part of his proposal, and the latter shortly before his regiment was deployed to the Ilithyian conflict, in order to protect her while he was gone.

She has since added a Tilkisian-made Magna-pattern bolt pistol to her armoury (traded from a naval bolt-pistol acquired from one of the revolutionaries on St Torrian's Rock) for when more firepower is required, although still generally prefers the auto-pistol in many situations.

A Herren & Katach CSX-9 sub-auto-rifle, acquired from the armouries of Lady Ramona De Gascoigne, is used when more intensive combat is expected.

Rose's bionic arm is a moderately sophisticated Solemne pattern, designed to use electro-fibre rather than servo motivators, and thus relatively closely imitate the movement of her organic limb.
She was originally scheduled only for a hand replacement, although the attending surgeon decided with the typical  sensibilities of the Adeptus Mechanicus to carry out replacement of the entire limb. Suffice to say that she was not impressed with the tech-priest's initiative.
She occasionally complains about the difficulties it causes with finding clothing that fits well.

She also carries other assorted equipment - most of which is to assist her in more intellectual duties, such as a Andros D M37 pattern Dataslate, Mars M35 combi-tool, a customised med-kit, and an Urdesh Variant R Pict recorder, although some items such as the Solemne Mk IX auspex may also double for more directly military purposes.

She generally opts not to wear armour (finding it heavy and constricting), instead (apparently unwisely) opting to trust in her cell's combat specialists to do their jobs, but does keep around the carapace armour that was looted from the mercenaries attacking the grand palace on St Torrian's for any situations where combat is inevitable.

Rose is engaged to Corporal Rivian Kinde (originally Guardsman on his proposal) of the Ismenean 4572nd.
Rivian is currently deployed to the Ilithyian conflict, but the two have been doing their best to maintain a (very) long distance relationship within their means (admittedly now much greater than before...)
Rivian is aware that Rose is now working for the Inquisition, in spite of the fact she isn't permitted to provide any specifics of what she is now doing; he has become quite competent at guessing many of the missing details from the clues provided from news feeds. Naturally, he is mistrustful, but is in little position to object. 

Rose generally tries to keep this relationship from others, largely to avoid the risk of anyone threatening Rivian; while she normally wears her vow-key openly, most non-Ismeneans tend to miss the cultural tradition.

She maintains a strong friendship with Ulric Kristensen, at least after he apologised profusely for his inebriated fondling, as it did lead to her engagement; he is however carefully watched for other possible indiscretion.

Rose struggles to connect with the various members of her cell:
 - She gets on reasonably with Dose Wynn, although his distant mechanical nature and insistence in referring to himself in the third person makes any proper connection impossible.
- She is finding it increasingly difficult to know what to make of Maya Shapiro; although she got on reasonably well in the past, the bounty-hunter's intrusive narcotic habits notwithstanding, her fracturing mental conditioning has thrown that into doubt.
- Gaenor Madigan's blunt attitude and fairly narrow-minded original meeting (immediately evaluating Rose on whether she was any use in combat by dragging her off to target practice) have never set a great tone with Rose, even before the guardswoman was severely maimed and cybernetically reconstructed.
- Tallulah Belle is a similar challenge to Maya - while she thought reasonably well of the infiltration agent, the agent's fracturing mental conditioning (and current abduction) means she is not currently sure if the individual she knew still exists.
- She thought reasonably of Lionus Dorn on their first meeting, but the Arbitrator's erratic behaviour, lack of respect for personal space, and apparent block-headedness regarding both of the former have recently caused her opinion of him to nose-dive.

She has thus far got on reasonably well with Lady Inquisitor Ramona De Gascoigne as part of the Silvertongue operation, appreciating working for an Inquisitor who finally seems to have some measure of respect for her.

- Fairly heavy sleeper, although will often elect to sleep largely undressed to prevent clothing tangling in her bionic.
- Gets horrendous hat hair. Some times considers straightening her hair.
- As a hiver, values personal space when she can have it.


- "While flattering, my considered critique would be that your poetry could benefit from a wider range of subject matter than just my arse."
Rose responding to one of Rivian's characteristic attempts at rhyming.

- "Fortunately for you, I'm actually good at what I do."
Origin not recorded.

- "How did the Guardian come to weight the pendulum?"
Rose talking with the semi-sane "Servant Alpha" during one of his cryptic prophetic sessions.
(Within Servant Alpha's metaphor, "Guardian" is noted to refer to Commissar Granta, and "Pendulum" to the concept of fate).

- "This is not the Duchess you are looking for."
Rose referencing a popular holo-pict shortly after having bluffed a mercenary checkpoint.

- "Oh God-Emperor, Dorn, what the frak have you done to the kitchen?"
On returning to the mission safe-house to discover Lionus Dorn's attempts at cooking.

Sample images:
Community News and Announcements / Re: Dark Heresy VOIP Campaign
« Last post by MarcoSkoll on May 08, 2019, 12:01:29 AM »
More log entries:

> User: Xenati, Rosaline
> Passcode: ********
> Command: Commence new text log
+++ STARTING ENTRY 8862.dg/2+++

Escalation would seem to be the word.

For one, we had already encountered several individuals who should have been psychically inert yet displayed considerable power - Veer's daughter and the "triplets" at the Astropathica facility.

The near simultaneous discovery of one of Lady Ramona's aides and the traitorous Civitas Enforcer both adds to and complicates that. There is a pattern emerging, revolving around pendants of a sort.
Although those we recovered from the Triplets were more innocuous, the latest two are clearly both darker and more potent - and, worryingly, engraved by individuals in some form of attempt to wield them in the Emperor's name. Given that even our brief examination showed that they are irredeemably tainted down to their very metal, not by people overly possessed of good sense.

A particularly ominous fact is that these also appear to be dedicated to specific of the Dark Gods - so far, seemingly the plague god, worn by Ramona's aide, and the blood god, worn by the enforcer.
This implies the existence of at least two more, dedicated to the gods of pleasure and change. The possibility of these two alarms me considerably more than the two we have already encountered, as their powers are liable to manifest in the form of insidious manipulation that our team's fragmented psyche is in no state to resist.

(However, it is my understanding that the Inquisition's mind-blanking procedures include chemical castration, so it is possible Maya may be able to resist certain manipulations).

This brings us on to our next escalation. Dorn made a recommendation that we should query the Lady's seneschal regarding equipment for countering any possible psychic foes, at which point we were presented with an amulet and two drug doses.

The amulet for now has been given to Dorn; as it was described to us, it can suppress the power of psykers in a close vicinity, and he is our most trustworthy close quarters combatant.

The drug is definitely the more concerning of these items. I have heard of this chemical before, although I am certainly not supposed to have - even knowing of this chemical has been considered borderline heresy since its use by an apostate cult in an attempt to "touch the edge of the Emperor's consciousness".
What I am prepared to admit knowing of it is that it draws heavily on the user's faith, and potentially in extreme cases amplifying it to a level where it borders on the kinds of manifest miracles associated with living saints and the Adepta Sororitas. The outcomes are however not pleasant for those of weak or misguided faith.

The irony of Dorn's faith being a powerful asset only shortly after my last log entry berated him for it is not lost on me. That doesn't however mean I trust it.

Beyond that, it appears that the recovery of Tallulah will be only the beginning of this matter, not the end. Lady Ramona now seems unsatisfied with merely the recovery of her asset, and fully expects to pursue the Fulcrum in order to prevent it falling into anyone else's hands.

The largest escalation of all though seems to be that she seems to be trusting us, and perhaps out of more than sheer desperation. While it is very much apparent she is not telling us everything, she has still said far more than I was expecting her to about several matters. One point that particularly surprised me was that rather than simply refusing to divulge information on "Silvertongue", she specifically noted that she wasn't permitted.

It doesn't need to be said it doesn't bode particularly well for the truth of the Fulcrum, when even a Lady Inquisitor cannot speak of it without the consent of a wider cabal or conclave, but I will draw a certain comfort from being in a position where we finally seem to be a valuable resource to an Inquisitor.

+++ ENTRY 8862.dg/2 ENDS+++
> Command: Encrypt
+++ ENCRYPTING ENTRY 8862.dg/2+++
> Command: Log off
Painting and Modelling / Re: Toy's n' That....
« Last post by KaptiDavy on May 07, 2019, 09:30:49 PM »
Reminds me of one of my own characters (a guardsman shot in the head, heh), so who knows???
I just might prepare my own return :D

Let's bring those pics, I wanna see that right ankle!
Painting and Modelling / Re: Toy's n' That....
« Last post by mcjomar on May 06, 2019, 09:00:45 AM »
Looking good, and good to see you posting again!
I've been tempted to design a similar character for a while now, but at 28mm.
Nice write up!
Painting and Modelling / Re: Toy's n' That....
« Last post by Dallo on May 06, 2019, 07:33:27 AM »
Frank sounds like an interesting character.

Keep up the good work.

Painting and Modelling / Re: Toy's n' That....
« Last post by Lord Borak on May 05, 2019, 11:23:36 PM »
Well, I've just base coated him in a Dark green. So probably green! Not sure about the armour/weapons though. Maybe black? Or a different variation of the green. What say you?

Obviously well camouflaged. Green cammo on a metal, industrial base! :D
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