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2nd draft of characters part 2 volta electron and warrior band
« on: February 01, 2011, 08:57:50 PM »
This is the current pre-game draft of Volta Electron and warband, comments and criticisms as always, are excepted
Arch-Magos Volta  Electron of the Dark Mechanium

Born and raised on Mars, the home of the Adeptus Mechanius and climbed to the rank of Magos after finding several long lost STC blueprints. Volta Electron was addicted to having extreme bionic surgery to an extent whwre very little human remained and as such wears a similar bionic drill to Delphan Gruss from when their paths crossed at an STC dig also from this time, to assist in boring through slag piles Volta Electron became addcted to aggrevating drugs such as psykon. By the time he reached the rank of Arch-Magos, he started to go mad as he was less and less impressed with his inventions and discoveries, both of these things probably came from the large amounts of drugs he used and a slight glich in his memory chip. So, 25 years afterbeing promoted to Arch-Magos he turned to the dark studies and aspired to controll the warp and bond it in the ultimate fusion of machine and warp, though, 20 years into his studies a daemon of trezeench saw promise in hip and attempted to posses him, though in a last effort to preserve his couleges in the Mechanium he confined the daemon to his drill. As always with trezeench though, his drill has somewhat taken over in recent years and inslaved his personal Skitari bodyguard, Vulkan Proteus  to the dark gods through him as well as almost not being in control of his own body. His travels in the dark gods’ service has both led him to develop innate psychic abilities and come into a secret campagn with Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Octavian Lars in which to practice the use of his psychic abilities. If Octavian Lars does not succeed in killing him and banishing his demon then the galaxy will be damned as he wil succeed in building a Psy-Tech Construct based on all he has learned and bring the galaxy into ruin.

Equipment: Bionic Head incuding psychic hood (armour 1) average bionic left arm with electro flail implant (Strength 58) and advanced bionic right arm with implant possesed drill  (Strength 92) (counts as great hammer with daemon prince with demonic ablities: Fiery Blast, Brain Leech, warpflame and vampyre with a willpower of 72)and stubber with 5 flechette rounds, Mechandrites, Advanced Bionic eyes with infrascope,  motion tracker and bio-scanner,  Advanced pair of bionic legs, advanced bionic lungs, carapace armour on chest and abdomen , flak armour on all other locations except left arm and head, injector with 3 doses of reflex, 2 doses of psykon, and 1 dose of de-tox, conversion feld.

Special Abilities: Nerves of Steel, Psyker, Rock Steady Aim, True Grit, Possesion.

Psychic Powers: Machine Empathy, Vortex of Chaos, Fireball, Firestorm.
   WS   BS   S   T   I   Wp   Sg   Nv   Ld
Electron    63   53   150   74   54   89   93   92   88

Skitari Bodyguard Vulkan Proteus

As a soldier in the Skitari regiments, Vulkan Proteus has served mars all of his life, protecting thech-priests, titan princeps and occasionaly a magos as they search for lost STC blueprints and go about their buisness. Other tasks that this Skitarus has been involved in are defending AdMech outposts and forge worlds and a huge amount of bloodsoaked warzones that have been decided by the fabricator-general and other high ranking figures.  In recent years, Vulkan Proteus had hs services entrusted to the Arch-Magos Volta Electron and has scince been possesed by the daemonic servent Ar’k T’ao’ls after his master was also possessed.
Equipment: Automatic combat shotgun with 2 reloads, 12 scatter shells and 6 executioners, stubber with reload and 3 flechette rounds, Shock Maul, Suppression Shield (Av) 5, Carapace armour on all locations except head and bionic head with helm (av6),  average bionic eyes, re-breather, range finder and psi-tracker, average bionic legs, average bionic brain.

Special Abilites: possesion, fearsome, hipshooting, nerves of steel, deadeye shot.

   WS   BS   S   T   I   Wp   Sg   Nv   Ld
Proteus   56   63   55   64   59   74   61   63   52

Mercenary gunslinger Markus “Druggie” Carter

Having lived most of his life in the depths of Hive Posieden on Ryza Secondus, Carter was engaged in several gang wars, illeagal drug dealing and addictions. By the age of 34 he was the biggest crime lord in the hive, so he fled the Ryza system after several atempts on his life, both by rival gangers and local Arbites Enforcers and hired out his services as a gunslinger and so lived the life of a bounty hunter. In the time scince his departure, he has become dependant on the drugs and stimms from the hive and these have had a great effect on his features and general demeanour. At the present time, he has been hired by the possesed Magos Volta Electron and serves hm in his daemon’s foul schemes.
Equipment: Pump action combat shotgun with 3 reloads, 10 scatter shells, 5 inferno shells, 3 expanders and range finder, stubber with reload and 7 dum-dum shells, auto pistol with 4 reloads and 15 flechette rounds, flak armour on all locations except head, 1 gas genade with bloodfire toxin, 2 blind grenades, 1 frag grenade, Injector with 5 doses of barrage, 3 doses of ‘slaught, 1 dose of spook and 2 doses of reflex, inhaler with 6 doses of psykon.

Special Abilities: wyrd-distracton, hipshooting, gunfighter, fast draw, quickload

Special Rules: Drug Addict

Expanders: 2D6 +2 damage with the effects of dum-dums and man stoppers.

Drug Addict: Due to his extensive drug use, if Carter goes for a full 5 turns without using a drug, he must take a Wp test, if passed he suffers withdrawral symtoms and adds D6 to his injury total, hif he fails he mus randomly administer a drug from his remaining stash following the table below.

   D10 result (if Carter has no more of the rolled drug left then increase or decrease the D10 score by the minimum number to reach a drug he as supplies of).
1-2   Psykon      
3-4   Reflex      
5-6   Spook      
7-8   Barrage      
9-0   ‘Slaught   
   WS   BS   S   T   I   Wp   Sg   Nv   Ld
Carter   51   63   57   42   62   31   27   59   48

so that's all 6 characters done and welcome for coments and criticism
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