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jerimiah khronus
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Believed to be the one time hero captain of the Miridian Guards elite company,the Miridian Marauders,khronus's fall from fame was as swift as it disastorous.While the regiment revelled in debauchery and murder Khronus led a handful of loyal soldiers to the port town of freetown,unbeknown to the party of loyalists,that it was harbouring hundreds of cultist,ready to throw off the yoke of oppression that the imperium represented.
As they stumbled into the trap the cultists had set,several of his men where killed instantly,fearing been cut off from escape,the captain made for the space port,here he was determined to make his last stand<what he did not expect was that his best friend Kal Lurdoch,was to turn his weapon the remaining men,upon this final betrayal,a ripple of energy suddenly emerged and from out of it stepped several beautiful but horrendous beings,stepping over to the remaining men and granting them the final kiss of death,but as they approached Khronus,they let out a scream of pure agony and retreated,decapitaing Lurdoch out of pure malice.

Barricaded in the building and looking set to be over run,the last thing Kronus expected was releif,a small space shuttle landed at the space port and the armed retinue made their way to the beseiged captain,killing any in thier way,as the captain stood to greet his saviours,he felt a sharp pain in his neck,as his world started to go black,he saw a faint outline of a female stood behind him.........thats the last thing he saw on this blasted planet.

When he finally awoke,he was aboard a giant space craft of some sort,stood over him was someone he recognised,Helena kayne,they had not been the best of friends,but they tolerated each other and could work well together,Kayne explained that it was a member of the inquisition that had saved him,explaining that the only reason he was still alive was because of his rare ability,she informed him that he was a pariah,and that was why the deamons that tried to attack him could not.

In the following years,Khronus continued to work for the inquisition,but never allying himself with a particular inquisitor,when not on official buisiness,he hired himself out as a bounty hunter,the creds that he earned was always spent on hios favourite past time:drinking and narcotics.

It was on the world groneous prime that he very nearly met his maker,after a relatively successful raid on one of his employers rival territory,he was spending his well earned creds on a coctail of narcotics,when he was confronted by a group of men,claiming to be in the league with his employer,they savagley attacked him and left him the slums for,the locals,or worse,to drag him off.

When he awoke,he found himself in a dark cell,with only one person with him:Helena Kayne.

She offered him the chance  of revenge and redemption in the eyes of the emperor,by serving in her retinue,he reluctantly agreed,unsure as to why she would need his help,but as long as he gets the creds for his drugs and the chance to kill his former employer,he does not care!

Its not much,bit of a rush job,but im hoping to expand it when i gat home and start on his stats!!


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Re: jerimiah khronus
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hers the first draft of Jerimiah Khronus

WS  BS   S   T   I   Wp  Sg  Nv Ld
49   79  45 51 59  41   49 59 58

right handed

Pariah: All psychic powers used or directed at anyone or anything with 10 yards of the Pariah
suffers a 50% difficulty modifier in addition to any other modifiers. Daemons and other
creatures of the Warp cannot see the Pariah, but can be aware of his presence ie, by moving an
object or otherwise interacting with his surroundings in a manner that will produce noise. To
spot a Pariah, a daemonic character must pass an Awareness test at 40%, though if the Pariah
has made any detectable noise the GM may reduce this to 20% or less as he sees fit.

gunfighter,dead eye shot,hipshooting,fast draw(not sure about this one)

revolver-2 reloads
stubber with 3 flecette rounds and 2 normal realoads-with chainblad(counts as a bayonet)

6 injector stimms of spur

he's far from perfect,but hopefully with some peoples help,it wont be too long before he's playable!!