Author Topic: What do you think of these models for my Warband.  (Read 4898 times)

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Re: What do you think of these models for my Warband.
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The EVA Assassin is a cool mini and I'd not considered her being a female Van Saar before, but I like the idea.  Beelphegor is OK.  He's a great sculpt, but a little bit too far in the "arcane" direction to really convince me as a combatant in the Battle for the Emperor's Soul without substantial conversion.  I have similar feelings about the "psyker".  Sanctioning in the Imperium is a gruelling, hideously painful and psychologically-scarring experience (refer to the Dark Heresy rulebook for details) and I don't really see its graduates wandering around in silk bikinis.  Without the "magically suspended above the floor" element of the model, and with some ritual scarification and self mutilation, swapping the staff for a BFChainsword and adding a mask, I could see this being a cool Sister Repentia, though.

The sharpshooter's OK.  I've been looking at this model as a character for a game of Witch Hunter, but I find the Scibor sculpting style a bit not to my taste.

The Vantoor... would make a good spawn, but not a good mutant.  INQ is much more into the diseased/crippled/disfigured mutants than it is into the "horribly gribbly", which is generally considered to be the preserve of the Chaos Gods.  To this extent, Kaernus (which is, BTW, an enormous model, much taller than 54mm) would be a good mutant, perhaps with his horns cut down and some evidence of cybernetic surgery.


Vantoor is now gonna be a alien, Kaernus a mutant, Beelphegor represents a formal noble who dislikes guns I intend to add some bits to the model (purity seals, =I= symbols. the Psyker is NOT sanctioned she just works for my inquisitor hence why she does not have the tortured look