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The Pardoner and the Unredeemed *Warband Complete*
« on: May 26, 2011, 12:04:29 PM »
Confessor Rouncival 'the Pardoner'
Confessor Rouncival was originally a lowly monk, scribing down the speeches of the great preachers in the cathedral halls of Imu Secundus. However, when the great preacher was struck down by a case of Stroke Cough, he took his opportunity, and preached too the crowd in the speakers place. Following this he quickly began to rise, developing his own firebrand rhetoric, and whipping the crowds into a frenzy of penitence. Following a Riot, the Cardinal of Imu Secundus elevated Rouncival to Confessor, and dispatched him with a seal of authority, to spread the word of the emperor to them that needed it told.

Thus Far, he has been involved in inciting the lynching of the mutant baby of the governor of Imu Primus, was lauded by the ellecisarchy for his fervor in rallying fleeing troops from the heretical uprising on Darium XI and came to the attention of the Inquisition for his involvement in the destruction of a genestealer cult throughout the Rugga system, a clensing which involved the suicide of several thousand untainted, bald, individuals.

Ld: 87

Equipment: Laspistol. 10 Scrolls of Pardon AV 4 on Chest and Abdomen, 3 on head, 2 on other locations. The Cardinal's ring.

Skills and Abilities: Word of the Emperor: The character is well versed in all the blessings and liturgies of the Emperor, and speaks as if with his voice. The character may spend actions preaching the word of the Emperor, filled with fiery zeal and dedication. Any enemy character within earshot must pass a Nerve test or spend their next successful action recovering from their nervousness. Daemonic creatures which hear the Word of the Emperor must pass a Willpower check or they are stunned for D3 turns.
A True Pilgrim of the Emperor, Rouncival is a skilled orators with a silver tongue that disguises the serpents poison in their words. All Word of the Emperor tests by the enemy are done at -15%, and should they fail more than once, they must pass an additional Sagacity test or desist attacking the Pardoner's warband.

The Cardinal's Ring: A Single Shot Digiweapon, this simple gold band fires a single Inferno pistol shot, but takes two actions to fire, the first must be an action of incantation, which can be combined with aiming.

A Scroll of Pardon is a peice of vellum, inscribing the crime for which pardon is being issued, and sealed with the Cardinals Ring. When Rouncival reads a Scrool of pardon to a Sinner, the sinner is filled with rightious joy that one of his sins has been earased.

Sinners gain Frenzy and Furious Assault. Roll a D6:
1-2 Sinners also gain 2d10 strength  
3-4 Sinners gain 1d10 toughness
5 Sinner gain Both 1d10Toughness and 2d10Strength.
6 Sinners gain 1d10Toughness and 2d10Strength and Force of Will and Nerves of Steel.

Bonuses last d10+2 turns, till the religious fervour passes.

The Unredeemed
Fortunate Wells was a poor miner, often drunk, often drugged, every day he worked in the mines, and everyday he owed a little more to the company stores... Untill Confessor Rouncival arrived. With his sermons on forgiveness and redemption, he convinced the mining corporation to release every worker who would follow him to purification, as Frateris Millitia against a Hrud Infestation.

Fortunate was Fortunate, in that over the past years, he is the only one of the miner's to still live. He serves as  Confessor Rouncival's bodyguard and has carried his redemption with him against the Pardoner's And the Emperors enemies. He has over 1001 sins in his personal book, and 304 have been struck off with personal pardon's from Confessor Rouncival. When all of them have been struck off, he intends to leave behind violence, and undertake pilgrimage to Terra.

Ld: 67

Equipment: Eviscerator, Purifying Helm AV 3 on head and AV 2 on Other Locations apart from left arm, which is AV 3.

Purifying helm: This Helm blinkers Well's vision, charms and protective oils prevent vile influences/ Psychers must reroll psychic tests when using powers on Well's, excepting those with a profile, such as gaze of death. the purifying helm restricts senses as a closed helm would

Skills and Abilities: Sinner! True grit

Sinner!: Well's is a Sinner! and is affected by the scrolls of pardon

Friar Barphan Dwells was a young monk in Rouncivels order. An under achiever in the Schola, he distinguished himself only with a Null-Gee-Hock stick in his hands. He was a rebellious student, often punished with night long prayer vigils and given only the most menial tasks. Even as a member of the breatheren he was responsible only for mucking out the Abbots Grox herd. When he negligently let the groxyard gate open, resulting in the abbots prize bull fouling the monestreys knave, it was clear that a final solution was needed.
He was dispatched as an aide to the confessor, a kill or cure for his lack of motivation.

It took several months, but after the sanctifying of Bufford Parish [see Elecisarchy Clensing files: Eclesiastical Clearance required], Dwells accepted his status as a sinner and is now a devoted assistant to the Confessor.

His Hammer was taken from the unrightious, unfit Priests of a Chalicerian Abbey, who were letting the holy weapon lie unused. To see Dwells wielding it against the emperors Foes, his abbot would hardly recognise him. Especially since he lost his eye in a Hurd invested mine and his arm in the purging of a Genestealer cult.

WS: 61
BS: 37
S:81 (31 right, 50 left)

Equipment: PowerHammer, purifying helm with iron Spike. Av 3 on head, flak woven robes give av 2 elsewhere. AV 6 on the Average Bionic Arm (Strength 50) counts as Armoured Gauntlet. I

Purifying helm: This Helm blinkers Dwell's vision, charms and protective oils prevent vile influences/ Psychers must reroll psychic tests when using powers on Dwell's, excepting those with a profile, such as gaze of death. the purifying helm restricts senses as a closed helm would. The Iron spike allows Dwell's to make a head- butt attack. He may use one of his actions in close combat to attempt to smash his head into his opponent’s face. This is an attack with a reach of 1 and +75% to location. If the head-butt connects, it does D6+2 points of damage. In addition, if the hit does any damage to the head, the victim must pass a Strength test to avoid dropping whatever he’s carrying as his hands fly to his mashed face.

Special Abilities: Sinner!

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Re: The Pardoner and the Unredeemed *Warband Complete*
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2011, 12:31:22 PM »
Two words: Love 'em!

I especially like Fortunate Wells, seems a little like a Baldric character to Rouncivals Blackadder. I also like the fact that the Bishop was dispatched for being troublesome, that seems very much like the Imperium to me!

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Re: The Pardoner and the Unredeemed *Warband Complete*
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I really like the bald men's suicide. It is suitably insane for the imperium. The many sins of the unredeemed are a nice touch as well.
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Re: The Pardoner and the Unredeemed *Warband Complete*
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2011, 12:51:43 PM »
Not half bad, on the whole. Although, here's my two hundredths of an imperial credit:

I'm not sure about the friar's spiked headbutts not being able to be parried. If anything, a parry might be resolved as a hit to the headbutting character's head.

As for causing automatic stunning, I'm not entirely sure about that. Perhaps a more accurate way to do it would be to allow the headbutting attacks a +50% to their location roll, which gives them a very high (>50%) chance of hitting their opponent's head, which causes a minimum of stunning if it causes any damage after deductions for armour anyway. (Also, when headbutting someone in real life, the actual odds of headbutting their arm, or their leg, or even their groin is incredibly slim, unless they frequent certain types of questionable club...) It would just be a bit odd if the friar headbutted someone in the chest, and then they fell to the ground, stunned.

As for it causing damage and stunning regardless of whether it does any damage or not, again, I'm not sure. I've been beaten around the head with swords for hours at a time, whilst wearing a helmet. It's a jarring experience to someone who isn't used to it, but it doesn't do any actual damage to you, and certainly doesn't stun you. (After two or three blows to the head in Kendo, you stop even blinking when your opponent hits you.) Therefore, if the friar decides to headbutt you with what is effectively a small iron spike that moves at only a fraction of the velocity and force of a properly swung blade, it probably wouldn't ignore armour, and therefore, the stunning should only be viable if the person is actually damaged after deductions for armour.

One final note on the purifier helm... D3 damage is kinda tame for what is effectively a stabbing attack into someone's face with a sharpened bit of metal. I would say that D6 damage should be the absolute minimum you should consider. And, naturally, if this gets through armour, as it is likely to be a head injury, it is also very likely to cause stunning.
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Re: The Pardoner and the Unredeemed *Warband Complete*
« Reply #4 on: May 29, 2011, 11:38:33 AM »
Thanks for the feedback everyone, especially Ynek. The Headbutt rules were just taken from the Alien Generater Article rules for horns, but I've modified them in the top post in view of comment.

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Re: The Pardoner and the Unredeemed *Warband Complete*
« Reply #5 on: May 29, 2011, 04:26:59 PM »
Interesting & character full creations there, but when you say Barphan Dwells is a 'Sinner' are you by any chance referring to a propensity for baby-eating?
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Re: The Pardoner and the Unredeemed *Warband Complete*
« Reply #6 on: June 13, 2011, 04:28:01 PM »
Really nice, characterful warband. They sound like they would be great fun to play with/against. Have you got any models made up for them yet? I'd love to see what they look like