Author Topic: The "Who was that?" thread  (Read 1834 times)

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The "Who was that?" thread
« on: November 02, 2011, 03:50:40 PM »
As I suggested this thread, and RobSkib has been muttering about anonymous faces at events, it's probably time to start it.

To try and help out with the confusion over who you met at events, this thread is for people to post a picture and a brief description of themselves, along with any other identifiers that might help people put names to the faces they met at events.

So, kicking off with myself.


Marco Skoll

Username: MarcoSkoll
Alias: Inquisitor Marco Robert Skoll of the Ordo Perditus Carthaxian
Real name: David Fincher

Preferred name: You can call me either David/Dave or Marco at events. Marco is probably easier, as we have quite a few Daves.


Approximately 188 cm/6' 2", moderate build. Long red-blond hair, usually in a ponytail. Home Counties accent, occasionally described as posh.

Possible attire:
Hat (see above picture), Heishi necklace, Braided silver ring (right ring finger). The belt of many, many things: usually at least two multi-tools, a Zippo, a camera and probably also a leather pouch too.

Usually seen in T-shirts, jeans and boots.

Notable Models:
Inquisitor Marco Skoll (on right)
Inquisitor Lyra Rhodes
Battle Sister Rhian Phoenix

Other identifiers:
Bit of a fan of nice dice, with some Likely candidates
Red "Pearl" Inquisitor dice (the official set GW did back near the start), Black/Red Conclave Dice (most are Black/Green, mine are repainted), "Emerald" GameScience dice (square edged. Also, notoriously many natural 100 rolls), small Quartz dice (no quotes this time, they are actual quartz). The ones to watch out for are probably the Emerald and Quartz sets, as the others are less unique.

Events attended:
2009 IGT
2010 Spring Conclave
2011 IGT
2011 Summer Conclave
2011 Autumn Conclave (Organiser)

EDIT: Thread renamed to be a mite less ambiguous.

2ND EDIT: You guys ARE supposed to add to this yourselves! You don't necessarily have to give full names or whatever if it concerns you, but it would help people put usernames to the faces they met!
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Re: The "Who was that?" thread
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2011, 12:20:29 PM »

(That's RobSkib, not RobSkip ;) )

Real Name: Rob Skene

Notable models:
Hern the Hunter
Takoda Tedd
Kendel and Meledandri (winner of the 2009 conclave P&M competition)

Let the cyberstalking begin!
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Re: The "Who was that?" thread
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2011, 05:35:00 PM »

Alias: greenstuffgav, khornes_rage
Real Name: Gav Fry

usually in a T Shirt, always wearing Jeans & a Hat (look for the Pimpin' Top Hat!)

Notable Characters:
Tech Adept Agatha Liwet
Tech Adept Ran Stein (+++file not found+++)
Lord Inquisitor Ro Hymunin

Interesting Fact:
-the name "Greenstuff Gav" was acquired while working as a Red Shirt for Games Workshop Bath, originally utilised as an insult regarding some terrible first attempts at converting
i make no apologies, i warned you my ability to roll ones was infectious...

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