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Story idea.
« on: July 24, 2012, 02:26:48 PM »
Hi All, think this is the right place...

I'm hopefully starting up a small game soon with some friends that have never played before (and I last played some 5/6 years ago)
I'm going to start with the dark magenta 'beginners sessions' just to ease them - and me - into the game, but i've been trying to also think ahead as to what sort of story I might have them partake in afterwards - i'm hoping you guys might give me some feedback on my initial idea

It is a very breif overview at the moment, i'll flesh it out properly once i've got main plot nailed down.

Whispers from informants that the church has discovered a vault whilst escavating an old monastary that contains records and artefacts which could prove quite damning to the church and the legacy of the sectors 'local saint' as well as a powerful merchant/governor family of the prime planet in the sector.

But it also has wider implications with the possibility of it being key to providing information to important technologies that have lain dormant because knowledge of how to use them has been lost.

'Good guys' - Want to obtain this information because it would be very beneficial to the imperium and would help end a corrupt family.
'Bad guys' - Want to obtain the information so that they can either destroy it (so it can't be used against them) or use it for themselves as well as being able to bring the church in the sector into disorder and bring down this family in such a way as to cause great damage to the sectors economy.
'Outside/Externatal influences' - The church and this family want to bury the information so that it never gets out and do what it takes to make sure it never gets out (the church are unwilling to destory it due to their own morals and beliefs about destroying relics/artefacts being too great - despite what it holds)

I'm hoping that this will give pleanty of opportunites for exploring the rules with 'covert' operations as well as a good ol' gun fight or two and the involvement of the church/family mean that there will be some third party players in some games so it won't always be a case of 'oh, there's that other gang again'..

Depending on the outcome of this game and who gets the info - good/bad/church - it will have an impact on the next story arc.

C&C appreciated!

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Re: Story idea.
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2012, 05:05:30 PM »
I'm not entirely sure but think that this would fit better in the Dark Milennium boards.

Anyways, it looks very interesting.  Dividing them into such categories depends on the number of players and what kind of warband they will use. The good guys should have a reason to also be at eachother's throats, otherwise they would form a block agains the other players, while it is much more fun if they are all trying to kill eachother.

To this end you could give each warband an individual objective, such as burning the evidence, hiding it again, getting rid of anyone who knows about it or even someone who wants to bring the truth out(a real idealist)
Circles of the wise My attempt at writing something, please comment on it if you have any advise.