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Tau in Inquisitor
« on: September 04, 2012, 11:00:03 AM »
Hello all,

This may have been covered before, however I could not find any threads...

I was looking for any inquisitor rules regarding tau characters, i.e. basic statlines, weapons and items etc.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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Re: Tau in Inquisitor
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2012, 12:42:23 PM »
Welcome to the Conclave!

There are some rules for a water caste tau in the article about them, which Marco will almost certainly have in his collection which can be found through his signature. Otherwise I don't know much about them.
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Re: Tau in Inquisitor
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2012, 01:32:30 PM »
And I am the Marco in question.

The article was The Negotiator. However, the default recommendation is, if you haven't already got it, to get the ZIP of all the "official" files*, which includes that along with all the other files I've currently got.
*Not that I necessarily think all the "official" stuff is necessarily the best way to do things, but it's good to have for reference.

Kaled also wrote something for Firebase - which as it can no longer be found on Warseer, I've also put that issue up on "The Archive"

I will also be adding my interpretations of Tau weaponry to the Revised Inquisitor Armoury at some point, but that is at least some way off.
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Re: Tau in Inquisitor
« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2012, 06:39:06 PM »
I did start an article covering all the castes - it was looking okay I but never finished it. I'll try to find what I have and post it - maybe it'll be of some use...
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Re: Tau in Inquisitor
« Reply #4 on: September 04, 2012, 07:40:28 PM »
Please bear in mind that this was just a draft and as such probably has a load of missing sections, errors, etc - in fact I seem to be struggling to find the draft that has the stats in so this is less useful than I'd remembered...  I definitely have stats for Air Caste somewhere as I've used mine in a few games and I'm pretty sure one version has Earth Caste too.

That said, much of the text is drafted - it just needs the stats, equipment and sample characters completing (along with any other bits enclosed in <<>>'s) - so if anyone fancies finishing it and submitting it to DM that's fine by me.

 - Dave

The Tau in Inquisitor


The Tau control a small but rapidly expanding Empire on the fringes of Imperial space.  Surrounded by both human and alien worlds the Tau use a variety of means to bring new worlds into the fold.  From Warhammer 40k we have become familiar with the armies of the Fire Caste who use their military might to subdue their opponents.  Battlefleet Gothic introduced us to the space fleets crewed by the Air Caste, another example of the military might the Tau Empire can bring to bear.  So far in Inquisitor we have seen rules for a Water Caste Envoy, who uses words rather than weapons in order to persuade his opponents to join his cause.
This article is an attempt to incorporate all five Castes into the Inquisitor game.  In line with the Inquisitor ethos of not simply recreating 40k troop types, you won't find rules here for Fire Warriors or battlesuits - these things belong on the battlefield, not in the dark and shadowy places frequented by Inquisitor characters - instead we have rules for Fire Caste secret agents, Water Caste Reporters, Air Caste pilots and Earth Caste scientists and engineers.

<<Using Tau in Inquisitor - general ideas on how Tau might be involved in a game - again to be expanded on in the later sections>>

My esteemed lords and masters,

This report is intended as an overview of the xenos empire of the Tau which has sprung up over the last several millennia and now forms a clear and present threat to our systems on the Eastern Fringe.

The Empire itself is run following a philosophy that the Tau call the Tau’va (trans. Greater Good).  This philosophy seems to involve the creation of an all-encompassing empire ruled by the Tau with all other races subservient to their needs.

Tau society is a Caste-based system, with each caste performing specific roles.  There are five castes and the roles performed by each are strictly controlled and only rarely is there an overlap. The Shas (trans. Fire) Caste are the soldiers of the empire and make up the bulk of its armed forces, while the Kor (trans. Air) Caste act as star-farers and pilots, the Por (trans. Water) Caste are diplomats, bureaucrats and merchants, and the Fio (trans. Earth) Caste are engineers, scientists and labourers.  These lower castes are kept in their place by their rulers drawn from the Aun (trans. Ethereal) Caste.  It is they who are are the leaders of the empire, setting policy and ensuring the other four Castes work together in a common cause.

Introduction from 'A Short Treatise on the Tau Empire' by Savant Hellingrad (executed for Heresy in M40.903)

The Fire Caste
The Fire Caste are said to have evolved from the hunter-gatherers who once dwelled on the plains of the Tau homeworld.  It is believed that their ancestry makes them more predisposed towards violence and aggression, and although this has been tempered by years of civilization they now form the warrior Caste within Tau society.
Physically the Fire Caste have the blue-grey almost hairless skin and noseless faces common to their race, but they are the taller and more muscular than most other Tau sub-species standing about five and a half feet tall and are quite broad across the shoulders.  Like all Tau they have keen eyesight, but their eyes take longer to focus than those of a human, a defect that they make up for by use of technology.  Again like most Tau they are relatively short lived and barring accident or injury they will enjoy a lifespan of only 40-50 Tau’cyr (trans. solar cycles).
A soldier's life is the only one a member of the Fire Caste can expect.  In common with the other Castes, Fire Caste children are not raised in a family unit, instead they are raised in a crèche-collective alongside other children from their Caste.  When they reach 'school age' they join what we would call a military academy and begin studying history, Tau society and their place within the Greater Good as well as fundamental skills such as numeracy and literacy.  As they mature they begin military and combat training - marksmanship, tactics and operation of their weapons and armour.
When they graduate they take the rank of Shas'la and join the Tau military, usually as a common line Fire Warrior.  Tau who have shown particular aptitude for particular areas may received additional training and be deployed into other roles such as vehicle crewman or Pathfinder.  After about four years they are given a 'Trial by Fire', a specific mission or task that they must perform in order to progress to the rank of Shas'ui.  The Shas'ui are warriors with a proven track record and are given training in the use of Battlesuits or become Team Leaders.
Continued success in battle may bring with it promotion to the rank of Shas'vre or even Shas'el.  Shas'o is the highest rank a member of the Fire Caste can attain, roughly equivalent to the Generals and Warmasters of the Imperial army, and is reserved for those veterans with an aptitude for strategic thinking.  Those few individuals who reach old age continue to serve the Tau military as teachers to the next generation or as military advisors and liaisons to the other Castes.

Extract from 'A Short Treatise on the Tau Empire' by Savant Hellingrad (executed for Heresy in M40.903)

<<Stats and common equipment>>

Fire Caste
WS=45, BS=60, S=55, T=55, I=50, Wp=70, Sg=65, Nv=65, Ld=70
B'Kar'Tyr (trans. Guardians of Justice) - Some members of the Fire Caste serve as the equivalent of the Adeptus Arbites and police the Tau Empire.  Such is the influence of the 'Greater Good' that there is little need for policing on Tau worlds as the Tau themselves are not inclined towards criminality.  However the Tau Empire includes a number of alien species whose dedication to the Greater Good is less ingrained.  In these areas the B'Kar'Tyr enforce the peace until envoys of the Water Caste can convert the populace to a firm belief in the Greater Good.  Members of the B'Kar'Tyr generally wear a lighter version of the armour worn by Fire Warriors and carry non-lethal weapons except in exceptional circumstances.
Military Advisor / Instructor - It is generally not possible for a member of the Fire Caste to retire completely from the Tau military, although some, who due to injury or old age cannot serve on the front lines, act as advisers or liaisons to members of other Castes, or instruct young members of the Fire Caste in the Tau Military Academies.  These Tau generally wear robes, occasionally with some armour plate and usually carry Pulse Pistols, and as veterans of many battles they are often seen sorting bionics.
Bodyguard - Guard details for Ethereals or high-ranking members of other Castes are generally drawn from the Fire Warrior corps.  In a war zone they are often equipped much like regular Fire Warriors, but away from the field of battle they tend to wear much less armour and usually carry just Pulse Pistols or Carbines without the optional Grenade Launcher.  Ceremonial guards are often seen carrying duelling blades and wear elaborate head-dresses.
Kauyon'Eshh (trans. Silent Hunters) - The Kauyon'Eshh area secret division within the Tau Military and perform covert missions in fields such as reconnaissance, assassination, sabotage and infiltration.  The Kauyon'Eshh are explored in more detail below.

<<Sample Character - Kauyon'Eshh>>

The Air Caste
The Air Caste form another sub-species of the Tau race.  They are similar in appearance to the other Tau Castes, but are much taller (about 6') and are very slender in appearance.  Dissection of Air Caste specimens shows that they have hollow bones similar to a birds which suggests that at one point they may have had wings enabling them to fly or glide between the mountain peaks that were their ancestral home.
It appears that many members of the Air Caste never leave the low artificial gravity environments of the Tau fleet and orbitals - consequently their musculature has adapted to these environments and many Air Caste can no longer stand to be planetside for any length of time.  Despite their intolerance to constant gravity exerted by a planet, the Air Caste are more tolerant to changes in gravity and they can withstand greater transient G-forces than most humans.  This combined with their excellent three-dimensional spatial awareness makes them naturally gifted pilots.
Their early years are similar to those of the Fire Caste; they are taught basic skills from a very young age and as they mature they learn to pilot all manner of craft.  They are also taught more theoretical knowledge such as science, astronavigation and stellar cartography as well as practical skills regarding the maintenance and operation of their craft.
Members of the Air Caste almost always join the Kor’vattra (Tau Navy) upon graduation, usually serving as a junior officer aboard a starship overseeing a contingent of drones, or as a pilot of a lighter craft.  As they progress through the ranks they will receive greater duties such as commanding larger attack craft or troop transports, or as bridge crew aboard a starship.  Tau with the rank of Kor'vre will usually have command of a starship or orbital, or be responsible for entire wings of smaller craft.  Air Caste who reach the rank of Kor’el and Kor’o are usually on a par with the Admirals of the Imperial Navy, commanding entire fleets, task forces or sectors.

Extract from 'A Short Treatise on the Tau Empire' by Savant Hellingrad (executed for Heresy in M40.903)

<<Stats and common equipment>>

Air Caste
WS=xx, BS=xx, S=xx, T=xx, I=xx, Wp=xx, Sg=xx, Nv=xx, Ld=xx
Pilot - A common occupation for members of the Air Caste is that of pilot, flying everything from military aircraft to civil high-liners and shuttles.  As with pilots the universe over, Air Caste pilots are commonly seen wearing flight suits of one form or another.  Military pilots are commonly armed with a Pulse Pistol as a side-arm and often wear personal force-fields as protection if they are shot down over enemy territory.
Messenger - Lacking the capability for astro-telepathy, the Tau are forced to rely on couriers and more traditional methods of communication.  These couriers, drawn from the Air Caste, are dropped off in system by larger warp-capable ships, then use small one man craft that are unarmed but capable of immense speed to deliver the message to it's final destination.  Messages are often in the form of holo-messages encrypted to the bio-signature of the recipient.
Kauyon'Yeld (trans. Winged Hunter) - It has been theorised that the ancestors of the Air Caste may have had wings allowing them to soar on thermals around the high mountain peaks that were once their home.  Some Tau have built themselves hunting rigs which consist of wings worn across the back.  It has been noted by the Adeptus Mechanicus that some of these suits bear a striking resemblance to those work by Spyrers on the hive world of Necromunda - a fact that is currently being investigated.
Starship Officer - Many members of the Air Caste spend almost their entire life aboard starships either military or civil.  They become used to the low gravity environments aboard Tau ships and find being planet-bound uncomfortable or even dangerous to their fragile bodies.  Starship officers therefore are often seen wearing augmentive exo-skeletons over their uniforms when they are deployed planetside.
<<Sample Character>>

The Water Caste
The third sub-species of the Tau is the Water Caste.  They are unimposing in appearance, as short as members of the Fire Caste and  with a similar build to the Air Caste.  Their faces however are most remarkable, their skin is more supple with an additional layer of muscle giving them expressive faces capable of displaying a wide range of subtle emotions.  The differences are more obvious when it comes to their intellect and psychology - they have extremely keen language skills and are highly imaginative and creative.  Their speciality is in empathy; they are skilled at reading the response of others and are adept at conveying their own point of view.
The early years of a member of the Water Caste are similar to those of the other castes, but after they complete their education there is a far wider range of roles available to them.  Within the Imperium the most commonly encountered members of the Water Caste are their traders and merchants who sell xenos technology on the fringes of Imperial space.  It is also common for members of the Holy Ordos to encounter Tau envoys and ambassadors who are often found fostering pro-Tau cults on Imperial worlds, seeking to subvert the government from within.
Within the Tau Empire however the Water Caste fulfil a huge variety of roles.  The majority of members of the Water Caste are administrators of one form or another.  As well as running many government departments as everything from high ranking ministers to lowly clerks.  They also act as intermediaries between the castes, where their skills at negotiation ensure that the Empire is run as smoothly as possible.
The Water Caste also work to bring the truth of the Tau'va to all members of the Empire.  In this regard they act as journalists, reporters and news correspondents ensuring that details of new colonies, great victories and scientific achievements are brought to the attention of all.  Some members of the Water Caste serve the Greater Good as artists, musicians, sculptors and writers bringing the truth of the Greater Good to life in more abstract ways.

Extract from 'A Short Treatise on the Tau Empire' by Savant Hellingrad (executed for Heresy in M40.903)

<<Stats and common equipment>>
Water Caste
WS=20, BS=35, S=45, T=45, I=55, Wp=75, Sg=85, Nv=60, Ld=85

Envoy - The Water Caste are responsible for the Tau Empire's diplomatic relations with other civilizations.  Their skill at persuasion has brought many a world into the 'Greater Good' without a single shot being fired.  On a smaller scale, they act as liaisons to the organisations within these cultures to ensure that they all act together in pursuit of the 'Greater Good'.  Water Caste Envoys are covered in the Inquisitor Annual 2004.
Reporter - The Water Caste is also responsible for propagating the truth about the Greater Good throughout the Tau Empire so that all it's citizens can share in it's triumphs.  They act as news-casters, journalists and reporters - travelling the empire in search of stories.  Occasionally these reporters will find themselves inside Imperial space where they will come into conflict with members of the Inquisition keen to stop the spread of their propaganda.  Reporters are usually unarmed, but are accompanied by camera and sound-recording drones who may incorporate some defensive equipment.
Trader - Unlike the Imperium, the Tau see trade with alien races as an important tool in the quest to bring all into the fold of the Greater Good, and entire worlds have fallen under the sway and eventually the control of the Tau Empire by becoming too reliant on Tau goods.  These traders come in many guises, some simple others ostentatious but all use their aptitude for persuasion to strike deals that best advance the cause of the Greater Good.
Administrator - The vast majority of members of the Water Caste act as administrators of one form or another.  They are responsible for ensuring that the Empire is run as smoothly as possible in the cause of the Greater Good.  High ranking members will be Councillors and Executives running portions of the Tau political or business empire, while lowly members will be simple clerks and scribes.
<<Sample Character>>

The Earth Caste
The Earth Caste are the workers, engineers and scientists of the Tau race.  Physically they are as muscular as members of the Fire Caste, but shorter and broader, while their minds are very practical, logical and analytical.
On average it seems that they spend a greater proportion of their early lives studying than members of other castes, and it is common for Earth Caste to continue their formal studies after reaching the rank of Fio'la.  They learn a broad range of skills, but concentrate mainly on mathematics, science and engineering.  As they mature members of the Earth Caste tend to specialise, maybe concentrating on biology and physiology in preparation for a career as a medic, or on mathematics and programming for a career as a Drone A.I. programmer.
Those Fio'la who choose not to continue their studies serve as menial workers such as maintenance technicians, agricultural workers, construction labourers and the like.  Even here their work is complex compared to the bulk of unskilled labour within the Imperium as many tasks are actually carried out by drone intelligences which must be programmed and maintained.
Higher ranks require the Tau to demonstrate a higher level of technical skill or knowledge.  Fio’ui are skilled workers such as field engineers, agricultural overseers, nurses and medical interns.  Fio’vre are specialists in their chosen fields, they might oversee engineering projects, run entire agricultural complexes, be doctors or architects.  Fio’el have control over major projects and may run large-scale engineering projects, be chief of staff in a hospital, or a university professor.  Tau who reach the rank of Fio’o have the most responsibility, they decide what research needs to be done or what projects should be carried out in the cause of furthering the Greater Good.

Extract from 'A Short Treatise on the Tau Empire' by Savant Hellingrad (executed for Heresy in M40.903)

<<Stats and common equipment>>

Earth Caste
WS=xx, BS=xx, S=xx, T=xx, I=xx, Wp=xx, Sg=xx, Nv=xx, Ld=xx
Scientist / Engineer - Scientists and Engineers can be found throughout the Tau Empire conducting research to further the cause of the 'Greater Good'.  These research programs are often of concern to the Inquisition are are of great interest to the more radical members of the Adeptus Mechanicus.  Tau Scientists and Engineers will often be accompanied by specialised drones and may carry all manner of experimental equipment.
Technician - The bulk of the Earth Caste acts as Technicians of one sort or another.  The most lowly will have simple jobs such as janitors and gardeners, but others will be specialists in their fields such as programming drone A.I., battlefield repair of military vehicles or maintenance of starship systems.  Tau such as these can be found throughout the Empire in every walk of life and are common sights on even the most remote Tau outpost.
Builder - Members of the Earth Caste are also responsible for designing and building the Tau hab-blocks.  Most of the manual labour is carried out by a variety of Builder-drones with the Earth Caste there to oversee the work.  In some cases the Earth Caste may wear a power-loader suit similar in shape and scale to the Battlesuits of the Fire Caste.  This allows him to lift and carry large objects himself in cases where a drone intelligence is not sufficient for the task.
Medic - Medical Care is another role often performed by the Earth Caste - they provide the Surgeons, Doctors and Medics for Tau Hospitals, Battlefield Clinics and aboard starships.  Some specialise in the physiology of alien species and can often be found on the fringes of the Tau Empire looking for specimens to study.  The expert health care offered by Tau Medics is often used by the Water Caste as an example of something the 'Greater Good' can bring to newly absorbed worlds.
<<Sample Character>>

The Ethereal Caste
The Ethereals are the most mysterious of the Tau Castes.  It is said that they first appeared at the gates of Fio'taun and went on to unite the other four Castes under the banner of the Greater Good.  The Ethereals possess none of the specialised or distinct traits that characterise the other castes instead they are thought to represent the baseline of the Tau species before it diverged into four castes.  Ethereals also possess a hard diamond-shaped organ that protruding from the their forehead and it is this that produces the pheromones that allow them to a degree of control over other members of their race.
The Ethereals are commonly seen as the leaders or rules of the Tau Empire, but my information suggests that this is not quite the case.  Instead they are more like policy makers, working behind the scenes to steer the Greater Good along the right path.
High ranked Ethereals are concerned only with the big picture and the philosophy of the Tau’va.  They do not tell the Fire or Air Caste how to fight their wars, or run the negotiations of the Water Caste - they merely make sure that the right wars are being fought and the right worlds are being brought peacefully into the fold.  Lower ranked individuals are tasked with ensuring that the Greater Good stays on course, and are a very visible symbol of the Greater Good - their mere presence can inspire the lower castes.

Extract from 'A Short Treatise on the Tau Empire' by Savant Hellingrad (executed for Heresy in M40.903)

<<Stats and common equipment>>

Ethereal Caste
WS=xx, BS=xx, S=xx, T=xx, I=xx, Wp=xx, Sg=xx, Nv=xx, Ld=xx

<<Model & Artwork>>

<<Extract from a report on the Tau Caste System - Human pro-Tau Cults>>

<<Ideas for Scenarios involving Tau or ones based in the Tau Empire>>

I have walked unseen on their worlds and witnessed first hand the truth of their civilization.  On the surface all looks peaceful, the people all willing participants working together in pursuit of the 'Greater Good', however the truth is less far benign.  The Ethereals rule their Empire with an iron fist utilizing pheromone-based mind control techniques to control the populace and keep them placid.  Those who step out of like are brought before the Ethereals and return with an unquestioning devotion to the common cause.

It is not just the Tau themselves who have fallen victim to the control of the Ethereals, as their Empire expands other races are suffering the same fate.  My homeworld was invaded by the Tau when I was just a boy, but go there now and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who does not believe utterly in the 'Greater Good' and many would be prepared to die for it.  Still, the Tau control is not absolute, and an underground movement exists on many worlds within their Empire.  We should work to foster this movement, and supply it with the weapons and information needed in order to bring down the Tau Empire from within.

Extract from 'The Totalitarian Regime of the Tau' by Inquisitor Hannibal Isenberg

Tau society is a peaceful utopia where every citizen knows and accepts his place and all work together for the betterment of their race.  There is no underclass, no starving or poor - all are equal in the face of the Greater Good.
Extract from 'Peace in the Imperium - The Tau Model' by Renegade Inquisitor Lucius Ideron

Damned dirty Tau, we should have exterminated them millennia ago when we had the chance!
Admiral Goodchild upon hearing of the destruction of the Imperial Cruiser Hawkwind

Tau technology has improved a thousand-fold over the last few millennia, and although they have not reached the heights of knowledge granted us by the glorious Omnissiah they display a degree of innovation that is sorely lacking in our own research programs.

For this reason, I propose we send a team of Skitarri to kidnap the Tau scientists working aboard the Tau Orbital above Gal'on, there is much we could learn from them.

Extract from 'Innovation and Stagnation, a Proposal' by Magos Addison Vollebregt (executed for Techno-Heresy in M40.856)

The Tau have dominated my species for too long now.  We were once a proud people, self-sufficient and independent.  They have reduced my noble race to vassals - a barbarous iota within their Empire.
Takuda, Kroot Freedom Fighter

Trading in Tau tech, that's illegal!  But... if you're interested I could do you a good deal on some nice pulse weapons.
Rogue Trader John Buccannan right before his arrest for Trading in Xeno Technology
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Re: Tau in Inquisitor
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Looks good, Kaled.  Add a few stats blocks for Tau equipment & weapons, and you should be good.
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