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My characters (ooc)
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Below are a list of my character's backgrounds. please feel free to comment and critique anything!
Many thanks!

Inquisitor Drachtenburg:

Inquisitor Lucius Drachtenburg is one of the older Inquisitors remaining on the Council of Nacius, a shadowy group of Ordo Xenos Inquisitors whose priorities lie not with the extermination, but the understanding, negotiating and control of the alien. The beliefs of this council are radical to say the least, and on several occasions since its formation 382 years ago there have been numerous attempts to silence the group by other members of the Inquisition. Needless to say, Drachtenburg has many enemies within the ranks of the Ordo Hereticus. He has maintained his views confidently, with a network of allied Inquisitors having kept the Council of Nacius active over the years. Originating from the Traith system, Drachtenburg has spent over two centuries in the service of the Ordo Xenos. An Explicator-Acolyte of the late Inquisitor Henkel, Drachtenburg learned of the Xenos rapidly. Henkel was far from kind to the approach of learning, and had Drachtenburg placed in situations ranging from dissecting live Tyranid Rippers to front-line tactical advisory for Deathwatch kill teams. His experience and gathered knowledge of the Xenos species inhabiting the galaxy is beyond doubt one of the more extensive of his Ordo, and his reputation for being one of the leading experts on Eldar and Xenarch races has earned many to consult him on occasion. Through the turning of the years, it has become apparent that Drachtenburg holds strong Recongregator beliefs. Maintaining that the Imperium is a stagnant and decaying husk of its former glory, Drachtenburg is under the belief that in order to endure, the Imperium needs to drastically change. He is more than happy to upset the order and routine the Imperium is accustomed to, providing opportunities for alteration. Being both a member of the Conclave of Nacius and a staunch Recongregator has given Drachtenburg a long and almost inexhaustible list of individuals opposing his views and motives. Coming to blows on frequent occasions with Inquisitors of the Amalathian belief he has been branded a disturbance to the order and structure of the Imperium, which he proudly does not deny. Practically, Inquisitor Drachtenburg is a firm believer that the ends justify the means, and he has been known to conspire and negotiate with pro-xenos cults, outlaws, desperados and xenos entities. Unscrupulous and scheming, Drachtenburg also retains links to the more dogmatic organizations in order to scrutinize the Imperium and its populace. His pragmatic and disruptive methods have caused uproar in several systems and the chambers of Inquisitorial debate alike. However, despite all of this, it cannot be denied that he has had great effects on Imperial and xenos worlds alike. Gifted with a portion of psychic ability, Drachtenburg has become untrusted by many of his peers; some claiming that he exploits his powers to gain influence. Nevertheless, amongst his allies are many powerful and influential Inquisitors, especially those with positions on the mysterious council of Nacius.

Gavroche Strident, mercenary:

The murky past of Gavroche Strident stems from the planet of Ladrinus Prime where he was born and raised in the slums and ghettos of one of the larger townscapes dotting the dry and arid surface of the planet. His life constantly under threat from members of gangs, mutants and other scum of society, Gavroche swiftly learnt the ways of the streets. Devilishly quick with a gun, though quicker on his feet, he soon learnt to wheedle his way out of sticky situations without a punch being thrown in his direction. Often displaying cockiness, a loose mouth and total disregard for Imperial law, trouble soon mounted for this sly individual. Upon accepting errands of increasing risk such as stimm running, xenos arms deals and protection rackets, he soon found himself out of his depth and many gang leaders had prices of varying wealth on his head. Keeping a low profile however is one of Gavroche’s better skills, and before long his hunters would either give up the chase or wind up being found with a bullet in their heads. During several run-ins with the local Adeptus Arbites forces on Ladrinus, Gavroche headed off-world to make a name for himself. Stowing away on starships, working as crew and gambling for passage saw him traverse the stars with relative ease. After a few years of working from world to world in the neighboring systems, Strident eventually crossed paths with Inquisitor Drachtenburg on the backwater planet of Ubrik, far from Imperial controlled space. Months before, Strident was involved in black market deals with an unidentified rogue trader, and ended up needing sanctuary away from the prying eyes of Imperial authority. The Inquisitor ran into the desperate gunfighter in a seedy bar and they arranged a deal whereupon Gavroche would work exclusively for the aged Inquisitor in exchange for his immunity to the extensive prosecutions and jurisdictions of the Adeptus Arbites and other Imperial authorities mounted against him. Having been in the Inquisitor’s service for close to ten years, he counts himself as one of Drachtenburg’s closest companions (although Drachtenburg would never agree to the term “companion”). Knowing the Inquisitor better than most, Gavroche has used this to persistently aggravate and torment Drachtenburg to his wits end. However, his skill with a gun and ability to mingle with the riff-raff of society has kept him in the Inquisitor’s favor. Providing swift firepower and a swift mind, Strident has (barely) preserved his value in Drachtenburg’s eyes over the years.

Baruch 261, Arco flagellant:

A vat-grown human, Baruch 261 began life in the surgicarium labs of the Adeptus Mechanicus station in the Lenore system. Commissioned and constructed by Kobrei of Mars, Baruch 261 was one of the Mech-Orderly´s first creations under the service of Obra Larrius. A living weapon and guardian for Kobrei during high-risk explorations, Baruch is armed with reliable and advanced bionics and is completely void of free will. On the world of Stygnus VII Baruch proved his worth when the entourage of Larrius was attacked by xenos of the G´thul. These photon-blade wielding xenos were able to withstand huge amounts of pain to their reptilian bodies, and it was only with the aid of Baruch that the fleet was able to gain enough time to activate a teleportation device and subsequently bombard the G´thul from orbit. Baruch 261 was damaged to such a high degree that it was only the skill of Kobrei that saw him repaired and upgraded to continue his service to the Mechanicum.

Tech Adept Obra Larrius:

Stemming from the system of Lenore in the Segmentum Tempestus, Obra Larrius was initiated into the machine cult and subsequently taken to Mars for training. His early life was that of worship to the all-knowing Omnissiah and a complete devotion to the machine-god. Following years of learning and training on the red planet, Larrius eventually aspired to the rank of Tech-Adept, and was gifted a small exploratory fleet. Larrius commanded his vessel, the Fidae Logicum, to make way for his home system of Lenore. It was here that he began work in the orbital facility of Arbolis, a Mechanicus station near to a high-energy sun. The station gladly accepted the Tech-Adept, and Larrius began work studying plasma engineering and thermic devices. Upon the request of the neighboring Sons of Deliverance space marine chapter, Larrius worked with Astartes equipment, and oversaw maintenance to the chapter’s craft and arsenal. During the course of the years, Obra Larrius began to take an interest in xenos artifacts, and turned his gaze upon lost or abandoned planets. His obsessions with energy devices lead him to study artifacts such as Demmiurg ion technology, Tau plasma weaponry and even forms of Eldar power supplies. To this day, Larrius and his exploratory fleet investigate xenos relics in the far-flung corners of Segmentum Tempestus, and all knowledge is diligently archived. He works from his personal forge deep within the recesses of his ship, where hot ionized air crackles with scarcely contained energy fields. Attempting to master the art of unstable plasma energy and break the mysteries of energy technologies of other races drives Larrius forever onwards in his quest for knowledge. A logical, calculating and humorless being, Larrius has the great mind of a tech priest of Mars. His supreme lack of human emotion has given him respect amongst the Mechanicum, and apprehension amongst other humans.

Vibor-47, Skitarri Officer:

Hailing from the Lenore system, Vibor-47 was drafted into the Skitarii regiments of the Mechanicus at a young age. Following years of extensive training, mind conditioning and physical augmentation, he slowly made his way up the ranks of the Skitarii to the position of Officer Sigma. Upon reaching this rank, Vibor-47 was transferred into the service of Tech-adept Larrius and his personal exploratory fleet. Silent and brooding, the Skitarius focused diligently on his tasks and orders. Becoming the personal security correspondent and protector for Larrius, Vibor-47 soon gained a high position amongst the fleet. Taking responsibilities of ship security, field protection and exploratory risk assessor, he became a valuable asset to Larrius. Humble and loyal, Vibor-47 undertakes his position with a pragmatic and focused mind, always thinking about the safety of the fleet and its techpriests. 6 years ago, on the world of Carapon IX, the Skitarius officer saved the life of Larrius by shielding the tech-adept from a melta gun carried by rioting mutants. The mutants were soon quelled by the release of servitors, cataprachts from the Legio Cybernetica and Baruch 261, an arco-flagellant in the service of the exploratory fleet. Larrius was taken back to the Mechanicus lander by the bodyguard. It was only then that the Mechanicus serfs realized that Vibor-47 was missing an arm. The melta round had vaporized his right arm entirely, and Vibor-47 had eventually succumbed to loss of blood. Upon resuscitation, he found that the Tech-Adept had rewarded his service by replacing his weak flesh with an advanced bionic replacement. To this day, Vibor-47 continues to protect the exploratory fleets and techpriests with unparalleled vigor.

Mech-Orderly Kobrei, Adeptus Biologis:

Born and raised on Mars itself, Kobrei was gifted a significant head start in his learning compared to most techpriests in other segmentums. His early career saw him develop a keen insight into the workings of biological organisms, a rather specialized area of learning on Mars, and this in turn lead him to undertake placement in the surgicariums and bionics lab-blocks of the Adeptus Biologis. His gift for the understanding and application of bionics soon gave Kobrei a name for himself, and after several years, techpriest Roth Galbon took him on as a permanent orderly for his forge complex. During the next decade, Kobrei was in charge of bionic grafting, overseeing the construction of servitors, cybernetic meldings and transformation of arco-flagellants. Until 14 years ago, Kobrei had never left Mars, and although his gifted insight was well valued, Roth Galbon sent him to learn from the vast exploratory fleets. Assigning him to Obra Larrius in the Lenore system, Kobrei was dismissed from his birth-planet. Working for Larrius has given the orderly vast insight into the workings of plasma power sources and, coupled with the techno-relics uncovered by the tech-adept´s fleet, Kobrei now holds a prime position of worth amongst the ranks of surgicarium adepts in service to Larrius. Drafted into the personal entourage of the renowned Larrius was inevitable, and to this day, Kobrei provides bionic and cybernetic aid to his master.
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