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Name: Ira Stannhope
Humeworld: Flotmas IV
Date borne: 853 M41
Age: 146
Juveant age: 55
Eye color: Formaly deep blue, Ira's Bionics are blue tinged
Hair color: Fromaly red, Now white
Skin color: White
Height: 6"1
Weight: 183lbs

Born on the small backwater world of Flotmas IV in mid M41, Stannhope was the son of two docters, Fila and Maldon Stannhope. While Fila was a rather well known veterinary physician among the horse breeders (Horses being the largest demomanation of livestock on Stanhope's homeworld) on Flotmas IV. Stannhope took up his father's path and became a run of the mill physician.

Despite a rather sloppy start at the medicae training he soon became a top student and begain to show real skill and it was thought that he would end up becomeing tops in his class.

That was untill the war started

In 877M41, rouge elaments of Flotmas's PDF and very large number of it's people, launched an atempt at secession from the Imperium. Sparking the First Flot Rebelion.
The 24 year old Stanhope was pulled from his training and was quickly thrust in to one of the ad-hok millita units being raised to support the outnumbered Loyalist PDF units in the city. Now truley in the thick of it did Stannhope truly see what was happening. Out numberd by 2-1 in favour of the Secessionists. The Secessionists, who under the command of General Kalas, had rallied the people and hired a number of offworld merc grupes, were quickly gaining ground thanks to the lack of combat gear of the Loyalist forces (thanks to a raid on the loyalist armouries) and quickly gaining more support from unknown off world benafactors.

And thrust in to this was Stannhope. Given nothing more than a feild medi-kit, lasgun and a rather ugly looking work horse (the PDF being primarly mounted the Millita had to keep up somehow), he was tooled  up to keep his fellows, The 177th Planetary Defence Volunteers "The Hog Heads", alive and thus it was that he was thrown in to one of the bloodyiest wars he had been before or since.

Despite what he had heard about the honor of the mounted combatent he soon saw the true face of it. As he watched his friends get trampled after falling off their horses or shot throught the eyes or brain pans, or suffer  the wailing of someone getting torn apart by a chainsword he begain to reflect on the Imperium and one day made a faithful remark of "I wish the Emperor still walked with us"

A faithful remark indeed for when it reached the ears of Inquisitor Valera Weisson of the Ordo Hereticus his fate was sealed.
Haveing arived with the Imperial task force sent to aid with the war Weisson was intreaged by the young man's skills and his faith in the Emperor.
Rather than leave him on the battlefeild Wiesson brought him to her. In arather untactful way of speaking she crudly informed him that he worked for the Inquisition for the time being and that he would serve to the best of his ability.
The PDV medic (and sometimes feild officer even though that was not his job) simply nodded and took it was his normal stotic, matter of fact, approche to things (handy skill for a medic) wich had become his trade mark among the PDV at that point and begain to aid the Inquistor's team.
Overtime Weisson became impressed with his faith and medical skill and soon as the war came to a close with the death of General Kalas' death upon chokeing to death upon a pice of food (Stannhope would later jokeingly remark  "Fat Frakker wouldn't have died if I'd been there") Weisson later brought his full time in to her team.

Later Stannhope became Weisson star pupil and soon begain to convert to her Thorian ways and never forgetting his one remark about the Emperor one of the real reasons he was there. Wiesson had hope by that remark that he could copme to see her side of things. She felt proud of herself after that.

Never the less an Inquisitor's life is frought with danger and it was on their last mission together on Necromunda that Weisson was killed in action, murdered really, takeing bolt round to the chest fried from the weapon of Inquisitor Layton Val, a student of the Libricar school of thought.

Stannhope then hoped from mentor to mentor never really likeing any of them untill finaly when he was well in to his late 100s he was granted his full iquisitorial satus after the Purging of a chaosite cabal on Thara II.
After joining the Ordo Sepulturum in flull, having hoped to find fellow medics and like minded Thorians, he returned to his homeworld to find his first teammember, only it in the say of another rebelion. 

He found them in Sister Elga Faller, Shira Don and later he found the former Priest of the Gourdian school Walt Morlain.
. The three of then quickly became a team soon after.

Over the years Stannhope has been scraped and beat to the warp and has, with his medical know how, been able to pice himself back together anumber of times, well exsept when to took a bullet to the head he needed the other's help for that.
As a now well known Revivifcator Stannhope is allways on the look out for any word of Pleauge Zombies or strange unearthings of bodies in to hope that perhaps he can fofull his deram of the Emperor walking in the flesh

Opinion within the Ordo:
Stannhope is considered a distatefull element with in the Ordo Sepulturum's more puritan Inquisitors. His willingness to trample over even the most hallowed graves of the Imperium's most praised fallen, looting their tombs, crypts and resting places for any sign of their suppoed conection to the Emperor wins him few allies, even among his fellow Thorians who se his methods as crude at best.
Relationships with fellow Inquisitorial agents:
Inquisitor Layton Val Of the Ordo Sepulturum:

Relationshps with teammembers:
Interrogator Elga:
Formaly a Sister of the Order Familus, Elga and Stannhope share a rather father daughter relationship. Stanhope sees a little bit of himself in her at times and quite often says that shes his closest friend and student. Stannhope relies of her to undertake missions that he can't go on.


58  60 65 68 72 74 78 76
Talents: Medic, Leader
Equipment: MIU Leg Harness, Flack armour on chest and arms, Bionic head (four points of armour on head), Handflamer with 1 reload, Flotmas pattern Lasgun with two reloads, powerknife, two de-toxes via inhaler.

MIU-Leg Harness: Due to a nasty escapade with a rather hacked off deamonhost Stannhope has to use a Leg harness to get around. He can never sprint ot go prone but he can run (abeit a lopeing uncunfterbul looking run)  walk and crouch. It also provides one point of armour to his legs, groin and abdoman.

Flotmas Pattern Lasgun: Also called the Flotmas Calvary carbine this light waight weapon was crafted to be fired from horseback. Though it seems to work just fine on foot too

Type: Basic Range: C Mode: Single/Simi (2/3) ACC: -5 DMG: 2D6 Shots: 40 RLD: 2 WT: 20

Parts to be used:

Writer's notes: On a side note the name Ira means watchful, very befitting an inquisitor...
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Re: Inquisitor Ira Stannhope of the Order Sepulturum + Henchmen (Revised)
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Name: Shira Don
Homeworld: Flotmas IV
Date borne: 968M41
Age: 40
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Grey
Skin color: White

Formaly a member of the 223rd Flotmas PDF regiment serving as a mounted Infantry Lieutenant, Shira is a third child and was allways a mess (or so her mother and father thought) for a lower class noblewoman, often drinking to late and out with her friends to much, rather then atending to the affairs of a moble. Finaly after a few stressful years of dealing with a half drunk, one night standing, Shira, her father had had enough. In short order he had Shira in a PDF uniform and a rank pin,of a sergeant hopeing to the Emperor that the "family embarrassment" as he called her, would make something of herself rather than act like a fool and get herself shot.

Rather surpriseingly she took to the training with ease, though with ill grace, and general dislike of her father. Still she turned out to be an exalent NCO, her inbred skill of being able to lord it over others and be generaly bossy to other nobles made her rather respected and to a certen extent feared after she had two members of her squad flogged for wearing the wrong cap badge.

By the time she was well in to her late 30s she had made third leiutenant in her platoon and have even won two medals for curage under fire in the Second Flot Rebelion in 990M41, erning the first after leading her outgun and out dumbers platoon on an all out charge on a heavly fortified gun emplacement and the second for takeing a bullet for her commander.
Though smaller in comparison to the First rebelion, the Second still played mary hell on the PDF even though they had the upperhand thins time and did not need any offworld renforcements.
Though she had lost her right leg after storming a fortified bunker with ony a small squad, she was even more sruprised to find that Inquisitor Stannhope chose her for her for his team, not only for her combat skill, leadership and general willingness to get her hands dirty, made her an exalent choise for his line of work.

56 59 52 58 62 50 74 71

Equipment: DB Swan-off shotgun with 4 reloads, 4 scatter shels and 4 inferno shells, Calvary Sabre (As Sword), Flak armour on chest, abdoman and groin, Avrage Bionic Right leg.
Talents: Heroic
Afflictions: Bad Leg

Bad Leg: Unlike stanhopes more advanced bionics Shira has to make do with the standarg Guard/PDF bionics that she was implanted with.
From yime to time the Bionic leg of hers caoues her trubble

To bring this in to play her trubbles count as a Chronic Disability as per Dark Magenta 2 for her right leg

Writers note: Shira is still the same as she was before, but I gave he A shotty instead of the laspistol
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