Author Topic: Explorer Valt d'Wella and his crew WIP  (Read 1101 times)

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Explorer Valt d'Wella and his crew WIP
« on: November 24, 2012, 12:30:51 AM »
Just recently found my old inquisitor stuff and decided to work on them again after a long break.

Valt d'Wella

A spoiled youngest son of a wealthy rogue trader dynasty. Bored of trading, he has taken the ship and it's servitor crew that his father had entrusted to him to the outer reaches of the galaxy on a voyage of exploration.

Side view showing his Xenos Blaster more clearly. He found this in the debris of, ahem, a crashed xenos scout craft. It is an incredibly powerful weapon. However, he is extremely reluctant to fire it as there was only a small amount of ammunition at the crash site and he has been unable to locate any more. He is not reluctant to flash it around, though.
These are some of the characters he has recruited.

Octavian Thurgen

A technical genius and obsessive. Octavian had managed to augment himself to an almost god like state with the help of an ancient living AI device. Most of his new found power was lost when he undertook an act of revenge and malice that cost him both his arms and both his lower legs. He is the Chief Engineer.
He will have four mechadendrites attached to his backpack but I haven't decided on how to model these yet.


This creature comes from a highly psychic species. His homeworld is dark and damp. Various fungi make up most of the life on the planet. Some of these fungi have intrinsic psychic properties and are used to enhance the powers of Paggeet's species (like a force weapon). Although they are fearsome looking large creatures, they are actually very timid and cowardly (particularly afraid of demonic creatures). Paggeet is Valt's navigator.

Yon Jameson

He is handy in a fire fight and not bad with his fists but his main skill lies in piloting. Valt helped him out of a situation where he'd bitten off a bit more than he could chew. Yon is naturally a loner but these recent events have shown him that it can be unwise to be on your own in the outer rim. He is Valt's pilot (for now).

Jeblain Ventrus

I don't have the model for this character. I was going to get the bosun model and convert it so he would be holding "Old Painful" his assault cannon (the Forge World punisher cannon looks nice). I never bought the model at the time, unfortunately.

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Re: Explorer Valt d'Wella and his crew WIP
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2012, 09:26:12 AM »
Ah, so that explains the new wanted message on ASR.

You've got some pretty rare stuff there, and I actually quite like the 'classic' sci-fi look of the RT's pistol. A few grumbles with the backstories though: one - all servitor crewed ships are considered Abnettian Crap when he originally wrote about The Essen, ships in the Imperium need some human crew such as an astropath, engineering crew (I.e the AdMech priesthood), probably most of the command staff, the medicae staff, a Navigator coterie...the kind of roles that cannot be performed by the one-dimensional-thinking-task-orientated servitors. Two - be careful with AI's, the Imperium don't make them anymore, and the AdMech won't stand for them (they are complete tech-heresy). That's not to say that some may have survived from the Dark Age of Technology, buried on some far flung forgotten world, but just be careful how you write it.
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Re: Explorer Valt d'Wella and his crew WIP
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2012, 02:07:06 PM »
That is me on ASR. Not holding out much hope but worth a try, I suppose.
The blaster is a straight rip off the alien blaster from Fallout (in the standard GW background creation style).
The reason for the servitor ship was to make it easier for him to steal. In actual fact it was supposed to be robot controlled and the opportunity was set up deliberately by his father to get rid of him. The intention was that he hoped the whole experience would make or break him. They're not for playing now but at the time he was going to have an excellent tactical mind but because he was used to his robots doing things exactly his way, he was a bit of a micromanager with real people. This would cause him to waste a random number of actions directing nearby allies if he wasn't in close combat.
Regarding the AI, that's exactly where Oc found it. All the characters I made were well outside imperial space (even my inquisitor).  The planet was supposed to be a giant psychic pariah, no one wanted to go near it even if they were aware of it's location. Oc was the engineering officer on a scavanger ship and basically tricked or manipulated the Captain into going there and sabataged the engines on arrival so he could look around. That's where he got his initial (professional augmentations). The AI was dormant until Oc found it and he let it imbed itself in his brain like a voice inside his head. I hadn't decided on the AI's true motives but it told Oc that it was a historian of sorts and recorded what it saw through the eyes of others. Unfortunately for Oc, the crew found his sabotage out and marooned him there, which is where his quest for revenge and his nasty replacement bionics come in.