Author Topic: Villain Background - Might have crossed a line?  (Read 1894 times)

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Villain Background - Might have crossed a line?
« on: December 13, 2012, 11:18:38 AM »
So, this is the background for a new villain character, a Khornate Daemonhost.

‘Magister Cruciator’, once known as Pious Nalecz, the “Skinner of St. Illithar’s Road”

Pious Nalecz was not well liked by his neighbours. Most of them thought of him as a flabby, foul-smelling hermit. Pious didn’t care though – he had a secret. He knew the truth, and he know that God loved him, and that God had chosen him. God knew what Pious wanted, and he approved. Pious didn’t like the families around him, and especially didn’t like the children. They were loud, and mean, and said things that Pious didn’t like. God taught Pious what he needed to do to stop them from making noises and running in the street.

When the children were all quiet, and the parents around Pious were scared at night, he thought God would be happy. However, God wanted more. Pious couldn’t find more children to make quiet, so God was angry. Pious was scared now, and promised to give God whatever he wanted if it would make God happy. God told Pious to leave his home, and leave St. Illithar’s Road, and go to a part of town his mother told him never to visit. There, more of God’s friends would be waiting, and they would help Pious become better, and become more like God. If Pious truly loved his God, he would do it…

+++Agent 109383-ΔΩΣ to Command-One+++
+++Emergency Report+++
+++Extreme Psychic Phenomena, Eulas City, Red Hawk Area+++
+++Multiple Reports, Physical Impossibilities [Counter-gravitational effects]
+++Four Astropaths dead, suicide or mercy killing
+++Eight expectant mothers gave birth to monstrosities [File HERE – Warning, contains matter of heretical and potentially corruptive manner]
+++Multiple Reports, unexplained fires
+++Multiple Reports, visions in mirrors, puddles, shadows, etc
+++Preliminary Assessment –

He's strongly influenced by reading books about serial killers (once wrote a paper on serial killers and loneliness, from the perspective of work on the Phenomenology of the Other and the problem of hospitality), and more directly by the minor character in Sandman "Funland". The model won't be started on till January I think - I have the head and arms, just need the body, will be a Christmas present to myself.
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