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'Threads of Fate' - Discussion & Development
« on: December 27, 2012, 07:12:05 PM »
Welcome to 'Threads of Fate' ('ToF'), an exercise in story building, character development, and plastic experimentation.  Over the next weeks and months I will be working on a rather extensive writing project set within Segmentum Obscurus during The Abyssal Crusades.  When I began this project my knowledge of =][= was practically non-existent beyond its premises.  After seeing several intriguing logs on Warseer I decided to take a look into =][= and the hooks were set.  That brings us to our present state of affairs, so what of the future?

First off, I humbly ask the Veterans here to forgive my ignorance of game mechanics right now.  I hope that by presenting my characters and their stories for your scrutiny you might help me develop an understanding of the rules.  I am always a hands-on learner by default and so diving into the narrative elements before tackling the actual gameplay seemed appropriate to me.

At this point I won't be revealing much about the long term plot for 'ToF'.  Most of the story is still evolving as I delve deeper into the characters involved.  Over the course of this project my goal is ultimately to reveal the tale to you through =][= narratives.  I will strive to maintain a sense of chronology as things progress but don't be surprised by occasional temporal adventures in the early stages.

Now...who doesn't love bullet point lists?  Here are some things you can expect to see here and in the other threads for 'ToF':
-Extensive conversions utilizing Citadel miniatures, Green Stuff, and sheet styrene
-Mini's painted to the limit of my abilities
-Data sheets for new worlds upon which the story unfolds
-Inquisitors, Radicals, Rogue Traders, Heretics, Hive Gangers, Heroic Guardsmen, Xenos, Astartes, and more

'ToF' is really a test of the boundaries of my creativity across the board.  From the various stories down to the scenic bases, I will push every element to the very precipice of insanity.  Now that you have a foggy picture of what to expect, let's get the ball rolling.  Your insight and critique will be invaluable as things go forward.  I hope you all enjoy my little foray into madness!