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Personel File: Thade, Lucifer (inquisitor)
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Thade, Lucifer

Inquisitor, Ordos Hereticus/Hiram

Sidereal Age:
143 (born 783M41)

Birth world: Namen’s Home, Jarean Subsector, Yyerial Sector, Segmentum Solar

Currently Active on: Trinity, Hiram Subsector, Xygus Sector, Segmentum Obscurus


Early Life

Lucifer Thade was born and grew up in a monastery on Namen’s Home. Such monasteries are common there, where the rough, mountainous terrain makes large cities impossible. Often small towns will be built in the shadow of the enormous monasteries, which fill the spiritual and educational needs of the town, as well as protecting the people from threats by garrisoning monk militants. Those who are raised in a monastery are well-educated and physically trained, as they will grow up to fill one of three roles: educators in the town, militants to protect it, or spiritual monks to teach the Imperial Creed and maintain the monastery.

The monasteries on Namen’s Home fall outside the jurisdiction of the Ecclesiarchy, despite the planet being so close to Terra. Saint Namen taught individuality and independence, preaching to his followers to worship the Emperor by leading others towards the light of the Imperial Creed. As such, Namen’s Home has no central government, the monastery-towns each having its own governance and councils. The world has produced many great military and spiritual leaders, some who have gained galactic renown. But with little imperial oversight, the world is very much alone and ripe for the taking.

Thade was fourteen when the daemons appeared. His monastery lay on a plateau opposite a slumbering volcano, and the monastery leaders began holding services preaching that they must wake the Emperor, for He was trapped within the fiery mountain. The entire town was soon under the sway, abandoning their day-to-day lives to worship at the volcano.

All except for a young monk who was strangely resilient. Thade fled the town, travelling on foot through the mountain wilderness to the next monastery where he convinced the elders to send out a signal for help. The Black Ships arrived days later, and Inquisitor Eois led a kill-team to the tainted monastery, bringing Thade along as a guide. When they reached the town, the entire population was found on the slopes of the volcano, which was now quite active and all but ready to erupt. They had been possessed by a daemon who had been imprisoned within the volcano. Eois and his team had arrived just in time to halt the ritual. The townsfolk fought desperately to protect their new master, but they were horribly outgunned and were cut down to a man.

Eois, being of Ordo Hereticus, turned the case over to the Ordo Malleus to study and dispose of the daemon safely. He took Thade for himself, finding the youth to possess a very strong mind and being of singular dedication and belief. Indeed, Thade had fought side-by-side with the inquisitor’s warband to destroy those he had once counted as friends, and his skill with a blade had also been noted by Eois.
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Re: Personel File: Thade, Lucifer (inquisitor)
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Early Career

Thade served under Eois for twenty years, at first as a student and servant, but later as an interrogator and a warrior very adept with a sword. Though Eois was a successful inquisitor who prosecuted many cases, his radicalism brought the ire of the ordo masters to him. He found it more and more difficult to work in the Jarean subsector, having access to increasingly fewer resources as other, more puritanical inquisitors blocked him. When a case took him to the Hiram subsector, he transplanted his operation, finding the Ordo Hereticus there to be much more open-minded.

In Hiram, Thade was nominated and promoted to the rank of full inquisitor at the age of 38. He followed in his master’s footsteps, becoming a member of the Recongregator faction, though his ideology is not at odds with the Istvaanians nor Xanthites. Having a knack for manipulation and infiltration, Thade broke open a number cases in his early days as an inquisitor. Often when he discovered a cult, he would not destroy them right away, but allow them to grow, manipulating them for his own goals. More than once, he would use one cult to destroy another, or create divisions and mutinies within a cult so that it would destroy itself. Such plans would usually take months or even years to come to fruition, but Thade preferred them to an outright purge as it gave him access to hidden resources and knowledge. Plus, Thade always eliminated a cult entirely when he finally let the hammer fall.

More so than cults, Thade targeted corruption within the Imperium itself. More than once he has stirred up cults or a local rabble to gain access to corrupt officials in the confusion, or have them eliminated in the fray. In 835, he discovered that the planetary governor of Venshorre, a budding hive world, had been funnelling money and resources to fund his own private army and fleet. Stirring up a popular revolt in two of the largest hives, Thade was able to expose the corruption when the governor brought his private forces in to quell the riots. Disguised and leading the charge, Thade was able to turn the garrisoned PDF and storm the palace. The inquisitor didn’t personally fling the governor’s body from the palace balcony, but Thade was present...

Two years later, as he was still helping to rebuild the local governance, Thade got word that the daemon from Namen’s Home had escaped the custody of the Ordo Malleus. Immediately, he left the subsector and began hunting it down. Eois joined him and together they scoured the Yyerial sector for the beast.

The ordos had interrogated it for many long years and had discovered much. The daemon’s name was Gnar’laxx, a prince of immense power and charisma. Before the Great Crusade, it had enslaved entire populations, carving out a small empire of seven worlds. But the people were primitive, always kept under the heel of the daemon. When the Crusade came to liberate them, the enslaved fought fiercely, but were hopelessly out-classed by the Astartes and were cut down to a man. Gnar’laxx escaped, fleeing into the Warp, only to return in M33 and begin binding more subjects to its will. That time it was stopped by Saint Namen, who, in a secret battle, trapped the daemon in the volcano, where it was imprisoned for millennia.

The Ordo Malleus believed that it would flee back to the Warp, but Thade had felt its touch and knew its lust for domination. Taking the better part of a decade, Eois and Thade eventually tracked the daemon to a small moon on the trailing edge of the sector. There, they fought Gnar’laxx in personal combat, Thade managing to bind the daemon’s essence to a sword which he still carries today (see Sanction Order 77ub9).
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Re: Personel File: Thade, Lucifer (inquisitor)
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The Hunt for Welland

Not long after Gnar’laxx had been entrapped, Thade began his hunt Sirius Welland, a human orator and recruiter for Tau auxiliary troops. The operation began fairly routine, with an investigation of a smuggling ring in the Yyerial sector, but Thade broke open the case and followed the trail into the Ultima Segmentum. Over seven years, Thade hounded Welland, tracking him from planet to planet, but Welland was always a step ahead. Finally, Thade cornered him on a desert world. During a large scale battle between Tau forces and the Tallarn Desert Raiders, Welland was brought down by Thade, but not before he caused a grievous wound to the inquisitor’s face.

Although Welland was a relatively minor traitor, Thade describes the Hunt as the most influential case to date of his career. In The Pale Bridge, he describes how Welland changed his own perspective on heresy and that there are far more facets to an inquisitor’s work than most puritans would lead one to believe.

Thade never fully recovered from his injuries. Due to the nature of the pulse round, a skin graft never took hold and Thade was forced to have an augmetic installed. To this date, Inquisitor Thade is known for his chrome cheek, crooked smile, and glowing, red eye.
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