Author Topic: Toy's n' That....  (Read 28516 times)

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Re: Toy's n' That....
« Reply #375 on: July 05, 2017, 02:00:23 PM »
Sooooo, where's their chimera? :)
is the kneeling bloke getting a missile launcher? Will it be bazooka styled or something else? (m202 flash pretty please :) )

Will the final catachan be armed with a shotgun or something else? I don't have the murke arm so can't help there.

Any plans for more regiments? :)

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Re: Toy's n' That....
« Reply #376 on: July 05, 2017, 11:11:26 PM »
I won a few bids on ebay so will be able to give those guardsmen EVEN MOAR GUBBINZ!  Including a Valhallan set so will use that to make a Commissar for the Cadians :)

I only have the two squads planned for the moment. The Cadians will be from my 40k guard Company and the Catachans will be from my other Guard army. The only other guard army own is Praetorian's and seeing as GW never made a 54mm Praetorian that's just not going to happen!!! A chimera would be AWESOME. Maybe one day. My list of projects is just ridiculous at the moment. With Inquisitor war bands and Gothic projects, I'm good till I retire to be honest.

Oh, and the last guardsmen will be the 'medic'. He'll be holding his Shotgun one handed (over his shoulder?) and in the other he'll have an Auspex. Used for scanning for bio forms and for medical use.

The 'Auto shotty' is my favourite weapon from the 54mm range. It's just a sexy looking weapon. Plus, there's just something cool about a guardsmen blasting a futuristic terror with a trusty shotgun! shouting "git orf moi land!"