Author Topic: Legacy - a proposed narrative event, date TBC  (Read 4185 times)

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Re: Legacy - a proposed narrative event, date TBC
« Reply #30 on: February 29, 2016, 01:19:47 AM »
I haven't used any blueprints so far*, but there are Pepakura (or "papercraft") files out there for a lot of the WH40k vehicles. They often need some extra detailing for 54mm, or if you want an interior, but if you scale them up, they're a good starting point.

Most designs are quite easy to find with an internet search**, but as I know exactly how much of a bitch it was to find the Arvus***, I've copied it to a side folder on the Skoll Archive:

* I was scaling up directly from a 28mm Rhino for the Rhino, I wasn't very impressed with the Sentinel designs I found (Pepakura doesn't really like the legs) and there are no designs suitable for Leander (The Warhound blueprints floating around are very crude and for a Lucius pattern).

** Amongst other things, I've got files for Knights, Baneblades and the CRASSUS ARMOURED ASSAULT TRANSPORT, although probably won't actually use them. (The Mars Warhound has always been my favourite superheavy).

*** Unfortunately, one of the big resources for this, the BWC Archive group(s) on Yahoo, is nearly dead; they're not rubberstamping any new sign-ups, so if you don't already have an account (or, like me, can't remember your account details it was), you have to look elsewhere.
For the Arvus, half the links I found were to file sites that no longer exist, the other half were to files that had been removed through inactivity or expired accounts, and the other other half weren't in English. Eventually, I found it on a Russian file sharing site.

Mind you, I didn't earn the title of Arch Data-Archivist for nothing...
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Re: Legacy - a proposed narrative event, date TBC
« Reply #31 on: February 29, 2016, 08:28:05 AM »
Awesome, thank you.
Once I'm caught up, I guess I'll cut my teeth on that build.
It'll be my first time ever working with plasticard and such.

And I agree with you on the Mars Pattern Warhound.

I liked both 'Wolf' and 'Jackal' heads though.

A note on 54mm vehicle patterns:
Would it be worth adding them as you find/use them to the archive if the BWC is all but dead?
The Arvus is a pretty good general purpose one, as I can see it being used a lot in civilian life. I'm not sure what else could fit in civilian use (the Rhino seems obvious for Arbites).
Landspeeder maybe? It's mentioned in the early parts of the first Eisenhorn novel as being used by the local Arbites.
Makes me wonder what sort of Landspeeder variants are out there that would/could be used, and what sort of scale they'd be.
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