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A missive for the attention of the Carthaxian Conclave
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Tallulah hated the rules of Tilkis, she yearned to do something more, had since her uncle by marriage, Marcus had entered her life, to him each had a destiny, a duty to the Golden Throne, he encouraged her to study, to search to think for herself and had promised help and support no matter the cost, the time or the reason. This promise was why she was running to him now, so sure so convinced something was desperately wrong.   

Tallulah staying with him wasn’t considered out of the ordinary, she was fascinated by the Furies and had stayed with him before when hiding from her parents endless politicing so his squadron mates didn’t bat an eyelid, merely enjoying the young girls discomfort at Allious’s teasing and his own embarrassment when she began ‘practicing’ her flirting in revenge. Again underestimated and hiding aims with her misdirection, long term planning and picking up useful experiences a common tactic. He took her to the schola in ‘his’ Fury, the ‘Tallie’ his superiors on learning of his impending trip asking him to spend some time assessing the pilot cadets at the schola lending him the orbital fighter rather than the Arvus he had originally requested. If the girl later to become an inquisitor recognised the nose art’s inspiration her reaction isn’t recorded.

(NB actually it is, well at least cooberrated by a flight crew nco who I interviewed when putting this document together, image was T.Belle in mid swoop using her GlideWing firing a Naval issue LasPistol at the Kill Markings of the aircraft, tasteful, within Orbital Force regulations (logo itself is one used on Belle’s Cutter and in relation to her cover) no indication of any inappropriate relationship between Allious and Belle, not appropriate for blackmail and/or a means of gaining the upper hand, indications suggest this accusation would damage chances of working with this woman badly. Loyalty is a core part of her honour code.)

  She was a capable enough flier and so sat in on the flight as the older man’s gunner allowing them to talk in relative peace and security without additional crew overhearing her concerns as she briefed her childhood mentor on her concerns. Again the drive to learn and ability to evoke loyalty from contacts. Upon arrival at the Schola she was announced and treated with respect earned from her family links to a well regarded instructor and was allowed to rest before being interrogated by the tactiturn man. Over a private dinner she began to explain why the trip had been made and why she had begged him not to contact her parents. She spoke of the discomfort around the man, her fears that he wasn’t entirely honest and his aims weren’t for the good of Talkis, her discomfort around him, the sense of unease about his speeches, his gestures and his fondness for the young of her world. Cautionary note, she will use the truth as a weapon and again underestimating and letting people fill in the blanks, DO NOT treat her like the teen she appears to be she IS dangerous if she believes you to be a threat to the Imperium and its people.

 Her Uncle pulled in several of the other instructors and alarm bells began to ring in the conclave of preachers, warriors and archivists at the training academy. They sent alerts out to both the Inquisition and contacts within the Adeptus Arbites in the system due to their concerns that the planetary governing council’s enforcement arm may have been compromised.
Though Belle wasn’t told the details of what transpired, she was informed that her sense of wrongness was well founded, the SilverTongue was determined to be amassing forces, manipulating his contacts to acquire arms, men and trust to further some dark aim. Her brother it seems was well aware of both the real aims of the organisation he was working for and exactly what the Silvertongue was preparing to do once he had dominion of the densely populated world with its richness of resource and manufacturing capability. Guilt can be used as motivation I believe

 Her Uncle pulled in several of the other instructors and alarm bells began to ring in the conclave of preachers, warriors and archivists at the training academy. They sent alerts out to both the Inquisition and contacts within the Adeptus Arbites in the system due to their concerns that the planetary governing council’s enforcement arm may have been compromised.
Though Belle wasn’t told the details of what transpired, she was informed that her sense of wrongness was well founded, the SilverTongue was determined to be amassing forces, manipulating his contacts to acquire arms, men and trust to further some dark aim. Her brother it seems was well aware of both the real aims of the organisation he was working for and exactly what the Silvertongue was preparing to do once he had dominion of the densely populated world with its richness of resource and manufacturing capability. Guilt can be used as motivation I believe
Though she wasn’t told anything in detail she begged to be allowed to atone for her failing to notice earlier than she had done, blaming herself for her self doubt and it taking so long for her to come to Marcus. Upon hearing of her brother’s treachery she volunteered to be tested by the Cardinals forces for any taint, to be punished by the Ecclesiarchy for her failing to notice earlier. Almost demanding physical penance for what she believed to be a deep and personal failing in her duty not only to her family but to her city, her planet and her faith in He Who Resides on the Throne of Man. 

Her brother Janus working closely with this demagogue and her parents funnelling material support to this Silvertongued monster left to Belle’s mind, only one option. She proclaimed when asked that she had no family, rejecting her name and asked to be allowed to join Marcus’s household taking any position offered, serving girl, scribe or whatever they felt such a failure deserved even the role of an Actress. To one of Tilskian society this would be important, actress is a fairly polite though commonly understood euphemism, low sense of self worth because of her self viewed failure? Could this be used to motivate her/manipulate her if needed?

Marcus knowing that the lessons he taught her had lead to the guilt tearing her apart inside asked for her to be allowed to join the schola as a student. Though she was only eleven when she first felt a wrongness and resolved not to be alone with the cult leader and barely fourteen when she fled to alert her uncle, she bore adult burden and fear so sure was she that what she did, her impassioned plea for the the Arbites to investigate the issue and the subsequent intervention of the Inquisition saving many lives and stopping a war before it had chance to start. She was still sure it wasn’t enough.

 Her skills in disappearing and becoming unnoticed, blending in with crowds and becoming other people led to her being picked up by the Espionage agencies of the Munitorum.  She passed the training quickly enough allowing her to be placed with the students only a year younger than her despite having started four years later. Though considered for induction to the Ordos Militant the Munitorium petitioned for and received permission to induct her into their shadow war training schools preparing her for insertion into cults spying for the Arbites, into the retinue of planetary governers and even spying below decks on Imperial Naval vessels. Spending thirty years on operations for the Guard’s planners, scouting hiding in order to find when best to strike, her looks and age changed by juveat and surgery allowing her to become different agents, different people, to be who was needed.   Previous cases may be something to look at in terms of means to encourage her to support your causes?  The skills learned here shaped how she works now.

Coming to the attention of the inquisition when reporting in with data on a cult that both the Adeptus Arbites and a Oblationist member of the Ordo Hereticus were hunting, she began to report to other masters, her roles becoming narrower in scope. Becoming used to infiltrate cities and families and units rather than scouting for dangerous gangs and rogue guard or PDF forces. 

In her fifties she had become a well respected agent for her unseen master focused on finding cults before they became a threat and using them, nudging them to where he wanted them, communicating only via dead letter drop and encoded astropathic message never failing in her assignments even whilst bearing the stresses of mind wipes and restructuring from case to case as she was shaped into the perfect blade for each attack. There were failures of course, mistakes, misjudgements and pure bad fething luck, with good handlers and a quick mind none of these failures turned fatal but Belle has over her time seen unthinkable cruelty, needless violence and the very worst humanity has to offer and even in some cases forced to do such things to prove her loyalty or pass some twisted initiation. Rather more jaded than most new to the Rosette which explains some of her philosophy.

 Finally at the age of fifty eight having to his mind tempered and tested his tool enough to prove her worth. Submitted her to the judgement of three of his fellow Inquisitors, One an old apprentice of his, one an agent who this precisely constructed dagger had been loaned to in exchange for support in suppressing an Conclave inquiry into his use of a cult of Slannesh to lure out and depose a planetary governor suspected of supplying weapons to gangs to upset the political order of the system and the third a man who once many years before had shared the same master as the aging inquisitor when they were young acolytes filled with fiery faith and zeal.

 Belle was informed after a routine end of mission mindwipe the identity of her Master and her promotion, the Inquisitor Arckio and with her newly issued Rosette in had was able to access much of her past case files. Upon realising how callously Arckio had used her over the years, treating her as simply a weapon, willing to discard her the moment his blade shattered. The risks and dangers of the rapid mind wipes without rest periods and encoded safety systems, these measures rejected as to his mind they reduced her effectiveness and use to him. A weapon sheathed or needing maintenance was to him wasted effort. This man in order to fight the forces of darkness had sacrificed his own humanity and treated the men and women under his command much as the forces of chaos treated theirs.
This Knowledge combined with the untreated stresses of the process building up over time caused her to have a series of screaming night terrors and panic attacks and under the direction of a Sister Hospitaliar , spending three years at a facility for the care and treatment of guard veteran officers unable to serve through physical or mental trauma on Calis. Slowly with intensive psycho therapy the nightmares, the screaming fits and the other lasting damage subsided and she found herself coming out of the treatment, more ready to face the horrors of the shadow war than she had ever been during her training. 

A side note that will prove useful if there is ever a need to contact Belle or track her movements Ser Inquisitor is that during her treatment on Calis she went through a rebuilding process, during which a final mind wipe was performed. Tallulah had in consultation with the Sister she was assigned decided on a precautionary purge to eliminate any control triggers that Arckio may have planted there based on her concerns post conclave interview. Something I recommend be considered by the Conclave, not enough evidence for a trial, I can’t currently access enough of her records to see if such triggers were found, Arckio is a powerful Psyker and such things are possible, I don’t feel at this time rescinding Belle’s rosette and title would be… beneficial at this time however.

This personality rebuild consisted of allowing access to the memories of her previous cases and investigations (removing the genecoded locks in her mind from what I understand) whilst restoring her personality based on from what my notes suggest to be ‘the last time I was sure I was doing the right thing’. Her personality from what I can access of the facilities files without a Vermilion level access is thus sixty five years of experience and memories built around the personality of the woman at the age of twenty four. (the year she entered full service with the Tacticae) Whilst her file indicates the competence, training and acumen of a highly skilled adult it appears that when combined with the Juveat treatments to return her appearance to that of a female in her late teens/early twenties this deception causes many to underestimate her especially when combined with her current cover/official occupation (See later in this data slate)

Confirmed Loyalties and Affiliations

Belle is a member of the Ordo Majoris, Ordo Hereticus, driven by past experiences and that crushing sense of guilt to try to save worlds from the twisted lies of the false hope, the deceiver and the cultist. Using her skills to infiltrate and destroy these cults, hoping someday to find the tipping point, what it is that turns a ‘secret society’ of debauchers into willing servants of and hosts to the infernal powers manifestations.

 She maintains loose affiliations within the minor orders of Ordo Senatorum and the Ordo Sanctorum as it is her experience and belief that there are those who use the faith of the devout for their own ends and political unrest within a planet’s nobility can lead to the weak minded seeking power through infernal pact. Currently she is based in the Carthaxian Sector and remains in regular contact with the Conclave there. She believes that one can easily go rogue when offered ultimate power and thus keeps in closer contact with the Conclave than many of her brethren.  Somewhat in awe of the power she has at her command she having seen how her brother fell is ever watchful of her own motivations. In terms of her philosophy those who dislike her amongst the few inquisitors who know her well call her “Misguided” when feeling charitable, “Hopelessly niave” when they aren’t thinking and “fething blind” if their feeling cruel.

Currently she doesn’t subscribe wholeheartedly to any of the doctrines beyond some rough feelings, as she matures in the Emperors service she may become surer of herself. She agrees with most that the Oblatianist viewpoint is arrogant and dangerous, though concedes that the Xanthist position that the weapons of our enemies can be used for great good in the right hands. She believes the Monodominat creed is too quick to purge entire planets and that some are blinded by wrath and trials of faith that depend more on superstitious fear than true enlightenment but that at times a world may be so far gone there is no alternate option and such trial by fire do have the potential to as the Istvaanians state produce strong individuals with the power needed to hold back the darkness.

 Her own life used as a strong example of the nugget of truth in their creed. A noble girl who would have wasted away into an alcoholic mess forged into a servant of the Emperor willing to risk her life, her body and soul to further His grand work, to help see Mankind rise ascendant and not only survive but prosper in a cosmos surrounded by hateful monsters looming in the dark. Though fearing that the Recongregator challenge that there is much corruption and decadence across the Imperium, she is believes it is the duty of all mankind to work to protect what we have and work cooperatively to do so.

If forced to choose a side in conclave debate she decries the resurectionist fearing they could destroy the Imperium in a tide of blood, anarchy and the removal of His greatest work the Astronomicum and defends the Almalathian creed believing it to be plainly obvious that mankind must pull together to do what is right and just. The answer to the challenges mankind face to her will not be found on one world nor in one book or one philosophy, A view which she takes in her own work which can be seen in how she organises her work. She will not dismiss a source of information based on their age, their class, their education or their world of origin. To her a favour from an agri world serf may one day prove just as useful as a promise from a Naval captain in her work dedicated to dismantling cults and trying to take the head from the snake before its poison reaches its truest potency. 

*see the other files in this Slate, potted backgrounds on, ‘Dimi’ – acrobat/tumbler/suspected thief and saboteur – known to be an authorised Abhuman – see file Homo Sapian Hirsute, commonly known as Felinid.

 ‘Alexis’ – Ex Guard Commisar – Trickshooter/speedshooter/Muscle/Combat specialist, known to have been a patient at the same Facility as Tallulah during her time there, Favours shotguns for his performances, known to carry a shock maul.
 ‘Jenifer’ – SFX specialist/Technical specialist/data retrieval expert/field medic No files exist for her before the age of fourteen, press ganged at that age on Corriban, oddly was known to have an implanted mechadenrite at the time of her press ganging, trained as an enginseer by the same regiment Belle’s uncle was an officer, Removed from her regiment at Belle’s request. The notes say that Belle dropped everything to find her (was not working on anything at the time, routine stop for spare parts and weapons and to attend a debriefing of an Arbite team after the completion of a mission to disrupt a ritual. Fragmentary reports of an Assault on an Imperial Guard NCO who objected to Belle’s unannounced entry to the Regiments Quarters and disbelieving the rosette presented, Staff Sergeant injured, thrown across a room, two Cpl’s hospitalised with nerve damage from shock maul. Only report I have managed to find imply some Family connection between Belle and Jen, references to both Belle and Dimi as ‘auntie’ obviously in the felinid’s case that’s a gifted term of endearment. Jenifer’s background does appear to indicate voidborn, possibly someone on the cutter? Fragmentary references to ‘uncle alli’ and possibly the same title of Tial. 

One amusing side note to this report, added more as entertainment than as knowledge, Jenifer was found by her ‘aunties’ whilst ‘entertaining’ a fellow trooper in her quarters. What little information I can find on this indicates some embarrassment and a hint of a relationship between T and D.

Could be used as blackmail however technically not AFAIK a crime/sin but… threatening J or D may change B’s views. Fake an assassination attempt? Point B at targets if needed?

If is known Belle has some enmity with those agents who authorise press gangings and allow the ruling government of the planet to select areas and targets for the list as it can be used as a political weapon, it seems that she believes one should give the choice to those of the lay masses as to how they serve. Believing in Humanities Manifest Destiny but also the Haigan idea of each human having a path, given her story of choice one can see why this is the case. Her enmity does afifect how she reacts to Munitorium personel currently. Especially those directly involved in the practice of filling labour camps with underhivers with the justification that the lower classes MUST have some criminal past BECAUSE they are underhivers. She doesn’t object to the camps but argues concrete proof rather than bureaucratic fiat, controversial and evidence for the view of niavity methinks. Interesting to ponder however.

Indications are that Jenifer grew up around Belle, travelling with the entourage of performers, indications also that as a group Tallulah’s close agents have something of a family unit style relationship. WARNING DO NOT THREATEN THAT relationship!! Sources indicate Belle’s reliance on loyalty as a core code would mean that would adversely affect any attempts to work with her.

This concludes my report on Tallulah Belle’s background and the basics of her current cover and personnel My Lord. It is somewhat fragmented but without your permission to access certain of the archives I cannot go into more detail.

In closing, my only concerns would be that her loyalty to the laity of the Imperium means that she may be reluctant to use extreme measures, though understanding they are at times necessary she does not appear comfortable with the way such things are used as threats and intimidation.

 Currently she has little love for certain parts of the Administratum, due to the way the press ganging of one of ‘Her’s’ was taken. It appears that though Jen offered Identification that highlighted she was an offworlder in legitimate employment she was taken and treated as ‘barely human offworld trash’  Belle does not appear to approve of such callous disregard for the masses and is especially angry that the flag’s she has placed on her people were ignored to fill a quota. Currently she is investigating the Administratum on Corriban due to their handling of the recent mustering, corruption, using the press ganging as a means of eliminating political opponents effectively placing control of the planet in one trade family’s hands. Hands which were found to possess hidden tainted artifcacts and were caught smuggling weapons to a Slaneesh cult. It appears part of the recent efforts to supply troops and ratings to the Adeptus Millitant has done the work of the Great Enemy by allowing Chaos cults to move undetected into below decks on a Dictator Class Cruiser, two Cobra class interceptors’ and allegedly a Hades Class Battle Cruiser.

Yours In the Emperor’s Light.
Scribe Adept of the Second Class Darius Montreau

Thought for the Day
Guide not only with the Book of judgement but remember the Litany of contrition and compassion.

ok heres the background for my Inquisitor the rest of her band will follow soon
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