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ex-arbites Bren Haller
« on: February 28, 2017, 12:15:50 PM »
Age 42 TS
WS 62
BS 67
S 64
T 66
I 65
Wp 83
Sg 57 (+30 on arbites-related knowledge checks/investigations)
Ld 87
Nv 86


Rock Steady Aim
Just a Flesh Wound
Pillar of Fortitude

Plasma Gun
Stubber w/2 reloads
Shock Maul

Comm-pack (with repair parts)
Carapace chest,abdomen
Flak arms,legs,groin
Open Helm

Personal Aquila Charm (lucky charm)

"Bren is a consummate professional. A Schola graduate recruit for the Arbites, his parents died just as I was beginning my second century of life. Records state his mother died in childbirth, while his father died a Major of the Vendrath Rifles regiment of the Imperial Guard. Some kind of delaying action which helped defend vital supply lines long enough for reinforcements to repulse the enemy. An... "Order of the Glutted Skull", assumed to be a khornate cult raised up by proximity to some kind of central cult figure, oversized warlord, likely a World Eaters leader, or some fallen marine of some sort who turned to chaos. Ultimately defeated, of course, by the heroic soldiers of the Imperium.

"Regardless, his early years and abilities seem to have put him right in the path of recruitment for the Arbites, and his professional record shows a solid number of years of high standard work prior to coming into my service. Arbites focus on Imperial law, rather than local. Mostly. But it appears, somewhat interestingly, that he was directly involved with quelling the riots which drove Rivkah's parents into the arms of her cult. Aiding in maintaining local Imperial law and order in situations where local law enforcement didn't cut it, primarily at the behest of the planetary governor, as he was seeking to follow the Emperor's laws to the letter. It was Bren's first deployment, fresh out of the Schola, and right into the middle of a rather hellish situation. Apparently he was able to handle himself, according to his superior officer, and performed well within the requirements of an Arbites officer.

"In the years since he has proved to be adept at both the paperwork, and at cracking skulls when needed, and has made more arrests than kills in his career, helping lead to many successful prosecutions against those who think themselves outside the Emperor's notice or reach. Vital knowledge in my own line of work, and his professionalism and martial abilities both have kept me out of trouble, and allowed me to avoid breaching Imperial laws when doing so would have caused my investigations many more issues.

"His ability to work with communications equipment, and arcane items such as his preferred plasma gun have also proven useful in more direct means. In the field it has proved extremely helpful to have such direct fire punishing the targets. Not exactly the most covert means, but useful. His abilities with stealth are rudimentary, as he prefers to be in the front line, dishing out as much punishment as he receives, if not more. I think if he had not had a mind so well suited for investigation, his raw combat abilities would mark him out as an excellent bodyguard, or other warrior. In the Imperial Guard, he would doubtless be a heavy or special weapons expert. Within my own retinue, however, as a warrior he proves to be the sledgehammer that is sometimes needed to crack a suitably toughened nut. A bulwark against which many opponents have broken. He has earned the respect and trust of everyone he works with, many times over.

"His interactions with Ranna are indicative of a man who - among friends - can be competitive, warm, amusing, and direct. It is good that these two can apparently be friends, even if to the outside observer they do not actually tolerate each other at all. It gives them a stress relief valve, and a way to vent without causing too much in the way of trouble. I tend to avoid intruding too much on his personal time unless invited - which is rare - but he seems to be as capable of relaxing with a good drink and a quiet piece of music, as with exercise or heavy training, whether of his body, his reflexes, his combat abilities, or his investigative abilities. It is this last, in addition to the rest, which leads me to begin considering him for official training as an Interrogator.

"I am going to be pushing him more and more when he is required to lead or acquire his own investigative teams when pursuing leads. Most of all I am going to be watching him. I need to know he has the mental fortitude for the job. Even as far as the ability to commit exterminatus, should it prove necessary. Does he have that will? The understanding to do what it takes? The next few decades will tell me, I think, whether he can reach that level of personal ability. If he does, however, knowing what I currently do of the man, I believe I would gladly petition for his elevation to Inquisitorial status. Time will tell."
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