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INQ28 tape measure
« on: April 20, 2017, 12:09:46 AM »
A bit of an unusual item this, but I'm quite happy to have found it:

A casual glance would probably assume that this tape measure is in inches and centimetres, but it's actually in inches and half inches - it's a specialist "centring" tape measure intended for quickly finding the halfway point on a table/door/piece of wood/etc.

Essentially, this is my cheating answer to the common practice of using half inches to the "yard" in 28mm scale games. I'm hoping it'll be a useful gaming aid - although the halving/doubling* isn't too difficult as mental maths goes, this just eliminates the effort/time/errors entirely.
* I know some people have 28mm scale reference sheets which have all the distances converted, but as someone who switches between scales, I just get muddled up doing that.

Unsurprisingly, this oddity hails from the US (the idea of a tape measure in only inches would be quite quaint in the UK), so I had to have it imported, but this is an increasingly global world; Amazon US managed to have it shipped to my door in only a little over a week (and that was the "Economy" shipping option).
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