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The Warband of Inquisitor Vilam Ganzorig
« on: May 16, 2017, 10:12:44 PM »
Hi folks, long time lurker, first time poster.

I've been into Inquisitor since it was released but always found it difficult to find players in my area. After a hiatus of more than a few years I came back to the game when all of this INQ28 business started to gather pace, as it was much easier to convince my local gaming group to try it with 28mm models!

I've posted my minis in a fair few places around the web but I haven't really come across anywhere that has a particular interest in the rules of the game, as most people seem to play Inquisimunda or are just interested in making cool minis (nothing wrong with either of those things mind.). So with that in mind, and while I think of a good question to ask Mr. Thorpe, I thought I'd share the stats for my latest completed warband. I'll start with the boss:


Inquisitor Vilam Ganzorig

Vilam Ganzorig is an Inquisitor of considerable age and experience. As a follower of the Transmechanist school of thought, a fringe offshoot of Thorianism, Vilam is concerned primarily with finding and studying mechanisms and devices which might allow the transfer of consciousness between sentient beings and ultimately seeks to resurrect the Emperor by mechanical and scientific means. The Transmechanists view themselves as being more practical than other incarnationist factions and believe that it is only through direct action that the God Incarnate can be created. This attitude has lead to cross words between Ganzorig and a number of mainstream Thorians on more than a few occasions. Ganzorig holds the Ardentites in particularly low esteem.

Ganzorig maintains close ties with several high ranking members of the Adeptus Mechanicus and has agents embedded in several explorator fleets operating on the edges of Ultima Segmentum and beyond, in the hopes that in their quest for arcane technologies they may find something of use to him. He is also not averse to dealing with - at least indirectly - what many of his peers would view as unsavoury types or organisations, as long as they can assist in furthering his goals. It is rumoured that he has consorted with radical members of the Ordos and even xenos species in the past, although such allegations have never been proven.

Ganzorig is now well into the second century of his life and has become quite frail, despite regular rejuvenat treatments and restorative surgeries. As such, he prefers to oversee his operations from a distance, trusting his agents and acolytes to carry out his orders to the letter. On the rare occasions that Inquisitor Ganzorig does take to the field he is anything but subtle. Encased in a suit of ancient power armour, the symbols of the Inquisition displayed prominently on its every surface, he strides through enemy fire bellowing threats and orders, his words made all the more potent by his significant telepathic abilities.

Ganzorig is currently hunting for a mysterious artefact known as the Aetheric Tympanum, a device which he believes has the power to locate souls amongst the roiling tides of the empyrean and to drag them back to the material plane. He has also dispatched agents to investigate the Heidrun Incident - a series of events concerning the former High Protector of his home sector, Godryk Aventine.


Vilam is Left-Handed

Skills & Abilities: Leader, Heroic, Ancient (Ganzorig May Not Sprint)

Psychic Powers: Enforce Will, Mind Scan, Telepathy


- Power Armour on all locations except Head, Left Arm and Left Leg.
- Advanced Bionic Eye
- Average Bionic Left Arm (AV6)
- Average Bionic Left Leg (AV6)
- Vox Bead
- Inquisitorial Rosette
- 2x Reloads



Luminagen: Follows the same rules for catching fire as flamers. No chance of fire spreading. Characters receive +20% bonus to spotting a burning character.

So there we have it. He's quite tough but offensively he's not up to all that much. I kept his physical stats on the low side to represent his advanced age but his mental stats are quite high to counter this. His equipment might be a bit odd but that's because I made the model before I wrote his rules!
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Re: The Warband of Inquisitor Vilam Ganzorig
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2017, 08:04:03 AM »

Looking very cool mate. The conversion and paintjob are both nicely executed. There's a good selection of parts there that just mesh very well together. The back ground is interesting too.

Keep 'em coming :)

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Re: The Warband of Inquisitor Vilam Ganzorig
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2017, 11:53:59 AM »
I too often find that it can be hard to have a discussion of the Inquisitor rules elsewhere - as you say, a lot of people are much more into the modelling side than the actual mechanics, or are playing Inquisimunda instead; while the Necromunda ruleset is fun in its own way (and I'm definitely considering getting Shadow War), I find the Inquisition to be an area ripe for moral quandaries and roleplay.

Looking it over, everything seems well thought out as far as both background and rules (and I'll also echo Lord Borak's sentiments on the model). He should be fairly hardy on the table, but has some notable weaknesses as well.

I look forward to seeing the rest!
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Re: The Warband of Inquisitor Vilam Ganzorig
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2017, 08:26:47 PM »
First of all I LOVE the concept of the transmechanist faction that's just oozing with character and i really wan to hear about the type of agents that would appear alongside this man, I like the fire and fury mindset that the model has to my mind and I'm a big fan of that pistol would you mind telling me where that you got the bit from because its just cool very baroque and fantastical but somehow with the rest of him being so obviously ascience fiction it somehow ties him even more strongly to the setting. Do his bionics contain anything because i just feel like soneone like him so heavily interested in esoteric technology that would have a few tricks up his sleeves.

That's going fo be a very nasty combination of abilities yet ot does feel like its fair fit for him. Have you thought about force of will rather than heroic.not a criticism just idle musong as he is the type of character O can see standing bellowing for his men to hold their positions against a charging CSM champion or continuing with a banishment ritual even as the demon steps closer to the sound of something gothoc and evil on an organ is rising to the crescendo  as opposed to imagining him leaping from a truck packed with explosives he has hijacked in order to destroy a rebel held bunker/a heavily guarded building full of cultists summoning gribblies while the theme for Indiana Jones plays in the background.