Author Topic: Khal'Athatras, Daemon Undivided, Lord of Insanity (NPC Statsheet)  (Read 1174 times)

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WS 86
BS 66
S 96
T 88
I 86
Sg 86
Wp 96
Ld 87
Nv 95


Nerves of Steel (bypassed by holy/word of the emperor)
Force of Will (bypassed by holy/word of the emperor)
First Strike

Exotic Ability:
Invulnerable (except heart and head)
Impervious (but not to holy/blessed/silver weapons)

Psychic Powers:
Etheric Leech
Blood Boil
Warp strength
Gaze of Death

Tzeentch Staff (force staff):
Mind Stealer
Kiss of Change
Cerebral splinter

Slaanesh Sword (force sword):
Deflect Shot
Fleshy Curse

Bronze Armour (6pts on head (built into skull), chest, abdomen, and groin - bypassed by holy)

Mark of Nurgle:
Nurgle's Rot
Putrid Torrent

A lot of this is informed by the FO GW article on daemons and their use in Inquisitor.
Exotic abilities, normal abilities and statline especially, and also most of the powers.

If he can be disarmed, then he becomes a lot easier to deal with.
Holy/Silver/Blessed weapons will also do a number on him.
Certain rituals/ritual actions can possibly be subverted to damage him, reduce him, or control him.
Only one of his names is known in the Ordo Malleus Grimoire of Daemons - but he is known, so Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus (or those with connections and an interest in daemonology) will have a semi-reasonable chance of knowing this nasty guy.

Much of his power comes from stabbing others in the back, and playing off all sides against the other.
He also wears a damaged part of one of B'lakor's swords as a codpiece/loincloth - make what you will of that.

Basically being near this guy is to invite heatstroke, and that's before he starts actively attacking you.
In addition to this, he's a brainsucker - literally.

Regardless, he's an NPC, to be used in games as such - but also one that it should be possible to beat fair and square (if you come prepared). He's not a lesser daemon. He's not entirely a greater daemon either, but he's closer to the latter than the former in both power and ability. Some of which due to manipulation, theft, and swallowing the power of other daemons before him.
For the most part I intend to leave him locked away, unless a scenario presents itself where it is suitable for him to be part of the story in physical terms (otherwise he'll just be a manipulative voice, whispering in the ears of the corruptible).
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