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Sicarius Operative CXVII - Assassin-Acolyte
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Sicarian Operative CXVII
WS 78
BS 77
S 62
T 64
I 91
Wp 68
Sg 76
Ld 71
Nv 88


Lapistol 1 reload
Stubber 2 reloads
Sword with bloodfire and/or choke poisons.
Bodyglove - flak on all locations, and counts as synth-suit (40% resistance to toxins).
Enclosed helm, with advanced autosenses, and inbuilt infrascope, rangefinder, and motion predictor.

Dead Eye Shot

Picked up in one of the standard Assassinorum feral world sweeps, Operative CXVII remembers very little of her previous life as the daughter of a barbarian queen. Raised in the temple, and originally destined to become one of the deady and adaptible Callidus assassins, in the final testing before polymorphine preparation, it was discovered that her DNA was incompatible with the metamorphic drug. Instead of casting her off outright, the temple assessed her raw potential, mind-wiped her, and assigned her to training as a sicarian operative, with a future of becoming an assassin-acolyte within the Ordo Sicarius.

She spent the next two decades in intense training, with blade and bullet, becoming a dancer of death. She would become as deadly as any other assassin within the temples, but lacking in any of their key abilities. Her training pushed her, body and spirit, testing hew ability to think and operate within unknowable and impossible scenarios, defeating any defence, lock, or trap, pursuing any target, and executing with any available method necessary, from sniper rifle, to assassin's dagger, from boudoir to ballet hall, from deepest jungle to hottest desert, ancient void-ship to frozen moon, she was forcibly trained to handle any terrain, any trap, any individual, any city, or world within the Imperium or without. Her body was improved. Intense drug regiments to improve strength, speed, agility, reaction time. Subtle modifications to allow her to seduce (with or without pheremones) any target that could not be coerced with force or intimidation to acquire the information (or access) she might need to execute her target.

Her training only prepared her for one thing - to kill. Nothing else was considered. She was a tool, nothing more. When she was deemed fit and ready, she was given her first assignment. Lord Governor Lukas Brynhoff was believed to be a traitor to the Imperium, and a heretic to boot. It was rumoured that he was a secret follower of the God of Excess, and his actions in recent decades had begun to support the theory more and more. Secret investigations had revealed the truth of this, but most of the investigators had been slain before they could report the truth to their Inquisitorial masters. Only a very few had succeeded, before themselves being subsequently hunted down and slaughtered.

With a world in rebellion, and potentially falling to Chaos, a suitable retaliatory strike would be required. It was decided, to ensure that the rebellion would fall swiftly, that the decapitation of the "head of the snake" was required. CXVII was assigned to execute all known disloyal officers of the PDF, and - of course - the Lord Governor and his entire family.

Dropped in under cover of the Imperial invasion, she advanced through, under, or around various hostile defence lines, gradually tracing and tracking her way towards the central headquarters of the PDF. As a stealth mission, she was required to maintain complete secrecy and stealth until the moment she assassinated the military leaders within the PDF. The governor himself, and his family, had already retreated to a secure bunker to await their ultimate victory. They could not run any further.

Taking several days of painstaking intelligence gathering, she bided her time until she could be sure that the planetary general, and his key officers were all in position inside the headquarters planning the next counter-offensive against imperial forces. The grinding treads of the Imperial Guard would crush their troops easily - but far more easily still if these fools were executed.

Advancing with care through the rubble and wreckage of the now ruined city, she approached the building itself, carefully avoiding what meagre defensive measures the PDF soldiers had considered, and breaking through secure systems to gain entry via backdoor maintenance hatches, climbing her way through the supposedly protected interior of the building, silently slithering through echoing shafts, and climbing quietly through ventilation shafts that kept the building well supplied with air.

Her assessment of the interior layout was accurate (it was an STC construct defensive installation), and soon she found herself hovering above the general and his men. Taking a few minutes to observe and assess their positions and attitudes, she could clearly overhear their discussion. They clearly had no idea of the depths of the depravity of their Governor, and merely assumed they were fighting for their freedom from the "tyranny" of the Imperial war machine.

Even though they were possibly not party to the Governor's heresies, they were still recidivists, and therefore traitors. She burst into the room like greased lightning, the grate clanging to the floor. In less than half a second she had executed the general with his own pistol. In the half second after that, while the officers were still reacting, she had opened fire, executing another two soldiers with a single bolt shell from the pistol she had acquired, and a third with the next shot.

Using the corpse as a shield, she rapidly executed the rest, and dove back up into the ventilation shafts before retaliation could arrive - all they would find would be rapidly cooling corpses strewn around a planning table, with the general's smoking gun on the floor next to him. The grate had been easy to bend back into position, though a close investigation would reveal the truth of it. But by the time that was discovered - and possibly attributed to little more than shoddy maintenance - she would be long gone.

The death of the general and his key officers threw the PDF into turmoil. With very few available officers remaining to provide suitable leadership to the troops, many units began acting independently, with strategy rapidly giving way to panic - in many cases units began to surrender outright (they would later be executed as traitors, but the initial reaction was to accept the surrender to encourage more traitors to follow suit).

As this counter-chaos unfolded around her, CXVII advanced further into the traitorous city, using whatever route seemed necessary, whether traipsing through a city block, or skulking through a sewer. Gradually she approached the well defended location of the Governor's palace. Breaking through the security of the outer defences was almost painfully easy - her training on breaking secure locks allowed her to breach a servant's side door with embarrassing ease.

Reaching the palace proper, however, security became harder to deal with. She had memorised the reports of the Inquisitorial investigators, but palace guards patrolled incessantly, and servants scurried to and fro in fear. The first target would be the power system, to plunge the entire building into darkness, and find subsequent means to remove the security system, which should have been on a secondary power source. Interfacing with the internal security system took precious time when she encountered a suitably secure sub-station, but her credentials supplied her with suitable access - clearly they had not thought to find or remove Inquisitorial access privileges from their cogitator systems. Locating and memorising the layout of the palace, and comparing it to previous reports, she set off through the building, knocking out key individuals who stood in her path, guarding key junctions (or in the case of servants, simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time).

Once she reached the generator room, it was the work of moments to destroy delicate circuitry such that only blessed Adepts of the Omnissaiah might resolve the problem correctly. Now, of course, the guards were alerted that there was a force of hostiles within the building. Maintaining the pace of her infiltration, she stole through the corridors of the palace once more, using what cover she could to avoid security choke points, and approach the secondary power systems. Knowing they would be well guarded, she considered her approach. By setting a diversion, she could draw off the majority of the defending forces, opening up the way for her to attack the few remaining guards. This in mind, she moved off, and began executing whatever guards came across her path, cutting a bloody swathe through their ranks, and in the process stealing all their ammunition and any explosives they might be carrying. Allowing the guards at the armoury to pass her by in their haste to investigate the mysterious deaths of their colleagues, she broke into the armoury itself, purloined a pair of melta charges, and set her own explosive traps for the return of the guards.

A few minutes later she had already made it most of the way back to the security station when the armoury blew, as the guards investigated the obvious damage she had caused within. The building shook with a fury as it was violated from within, and shouting reinforcements from the security station hurried away to investigate what had happened. It took little work with her purloined weapons to finish off the token defenders. That done, she repurposed the more powerful central security systems for her own use, before altering the accesses to refuse anyone other than herself. Then she shut down the secondary power, and also de-powered the locks and air filtration systems on the Governor's bunker. The system subsequently suffered a cascade failure as she targeted key components, before shutting down entirely - the Governor and his family would be forced to leave the bunker, or die gasping.

From there she advanced once more, bypassing what she could, and executing defenders where she couldn't. It took precious minutes to arrive at the site of the entry of the bunker underneath the palace. Within that time, a small squad had taken up position around the portal, opening it to allow air to enter. The breach in his defences had been created. Throwing several purloined frag grenades into the centre of the mob, she charged into the fray, slicing and cutting, bringing down those who would defend such a heretic. Within the bunker itself, she discovered the true depths of his depravity. Chaotic symbology, physical deviancy, twisted desires given form, sensuality run rampant, and far worse things too lurid for description or name. His entire family was involved, from the oldest to the youngest.

Their deaths began with the Governor's wife, screaming with ecstasy as she died on the point of the assassin's sword. Two seconds later, three mutilated children followed suit, with twisted grins wrapped across their faces. The Governor himself began to throw warp enchantments at her - he was a sorcerer! Dodging what she could, ignoring what she could not, bile attempting to surge up her throat at the corruption that threatened to attack her, she cut a bloody swathe through the unnatural Family of Sensation, ending their lives and their gluttony of pleasure with bullet and blade, until all that was left was her and the governor. Using his sorcerous ways, he cast enchantments at her designed to force her surrender to sensations both painful and pleasurable, intensifying her nerve endings until even the faintest breeze should have had her writhing in both intense pleasure, and damning pain.

Gritting her teeth, and trusting to her aim and her assassinorum training, she threw her sword end over end, as she collapsed, overwhelmed with the sensations wracking her body. Her aim was true, and the sword buried itself in his mouth, up to the hilt, emerging from the back of his skull in an explosion of gore and brain matter, bits of bone splattering the intense and sensual decorations of this hidden pleasure vault, forever ruining their design.

As the warpcraft ebbed, CXVII panted, and crawled up a nearby support into a standing position. Her training allowed her to recover rapidly, and she recovered her blade, before retreating, leaving the mess of corpses in her wake, and plenty of questions for both invader and defender alike as to what might have occurred. Thankfully, she was most clear in her reports in regards her actions, and subsequent investigations have borne out her report.

After her successful recovery, she was requisitioned for use by an Inquisitor by the name of Samantha Morannon. Operative CXVII arrived with us soon after, and has repeatedly proven herself to be a most lethal acolyte indeed. I am not sure how her experiences with the Family of Sensation have affected her. Our current pilot jokingly gave her the name "Civix", which eventually got shortened to "Vix" and then "Vic". I assume the next step will be to name her "Victoria" in an attempt to get some sort of reaction. As for "Vic", I have yet to elicit any manner of reaction at all, outside of her professional detachment as an assassin-acolyte. Time will tell.

-Interrogator Jack Jomar

I noticed in the lexicanum and 40k wiki descriptions that Sicarius Operatives are less pure assassins, more actual Inquisitors/Interrogators/Acolytes who happen to have assassinorum training. This in mind, I changed her background from that of a generic semi-failed callidus aspirant-now-assassin into a slightly more usefil failed callidus aspirant who had been mind-wiped and "donated" to the Ordo Sicarius for use as one of their Assassin-Acolytes as a means of proving that the Callidus temple is still loyal to the Imperium, as this seemed a touch more fitting/believable with the available information.
Is this a better choice?
The model is already painted/present in the painting forum (painted a while ago now), so I've only just gotten around to giving her appropriate stats for such a lethal individual. Hopefully she's not too insane (a good chaos sorceror, or haywire grenade will severaly curtail her equipment/abilities I think?).
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