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Arvus Pilot Sara Vordel
« on: October 04, 2017, 02:31:03 PM »
Sara Vordel, Arvus Pilot
WS 61
BS 62
S 52
T 54
I 61
Wp 52
Sg 53
Nv 64
Ld 66

Right Handed
28 TS

Laspistol 1 reload

Breathing gear (rebreather)
flight suit (AP2 all except head)

(mostly not carried (unless near/around Arvus))
Helmet AP6 (inbuilt commlink, average auto senses, range finder)

Dead eye Shot
First Strike
Tech Aware (+10% on Sg test relating to aircraft e.g. Arvus, Valkyrie, etc)

"Sara is our latest pilot, and the third of whom I have made some acquaintance. The first I encountered when I entered my lady's service - Pilot Gorval Stebbins. An unprepossessing name to match an equally uninspiring individual. Nothing more than a shuttle driver (and I do mean driver rather than pilot). He later died on Duran II, during the Gorbachev Incident, essentially by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Suffice it to say, there wasn't much left of him to bury, and so the subsequent pilot of our little Arvus had to be acquired on short notice.

"Thankfully, the second pilot was a little more vibrant, and much more mentally capable. Athur Julian was a local hire on Duran II from a pilot's guild. He proved useful, having piloted local system craft between planet and moon for more than a few years, and had managed to avoid any incidents or damages in the busy flight paths. As it turned out, he was also something of a gambler. He was mailed in pieces (minus any valuable organs) to an address on Benthe VI we had been using as a front to investigate local criminal activities for suspicious and possibly heretical activities. As it turned out, they were nothing more than local crime syndicates, rather than Chaos worshippers, for which I was privately thankful, as I hadn't been looking forward to exposing my psychic talents to such witchery, though I was quite willing to do so to ensure such fools were squashed before they could damage any Imperial establishments. Or myself, for that matter.

"Instead, we purged the criminals outright, working alongside local law enforcement - they were thankful, given our authority to circumvent most of the local paperwork. In return, certain introductions were made, and as part and parcel, we managed to acquire Sara from a local contingent of the Imperial Navy who had been tracking pirates in the local sector. This gave us our berth out of the sector on the Holy Wrath - a cruiser of some local repute - which was on extended patrol.

"For her part, Sara had been conscripted relatively young as the daughter of some low-level noble busy-body or other. Apparently being too much of a tomboy for them to contain her, and apparently being morally incompatible with the Sororitas (for a citizen of the Imperium), she somehow got pulled into the Navy to fill out a few ranks. I presume someone expected her to quite after less than a week of polished boots, and well-starched uniforms. One supposes they didn't know their daughter as well as they thought they did. On the other hand, I would be mildly surprised to find out that they did, and knowingly pointed her this way. I doubt I will ever know, unless she survives long enough to become personally involved. I doubt that will happen - most people tend to find psykers a little off-putting, especially telepaths like myself.

"In any event, she somehow worked her way through Naval ranks, and then got shunted sideways into logistics piloting, on Arvus Lighters and similar craft, on account of her gender - possibly she may have annoyed one of her male counterparts. Regardless, she has talent, and if she was given control of a Valkyrie or some other combat craft, she would be the Emperor's own wrath upon her foes.

"As it is, she has proven quite capable at handling our own converted Lighter, and has even proven capable at low-level repairs - mostly of the sort that don't really seem to require the direct intervention of a tech-priest. She's quite capable with the blessings and unguents and grease and such.

"She's also proven to be a deadly shot with her laspistol, and her abilities with knives are downright terrifying. Clearly she's had some reason to practice, although I haven't pressed her. I haven't really known her long enough. It makes me wonder if she should be offered training in some manner of unarmed combat or martial art of that nature.

"She has certainly proven to be fairly bright, and has made use of whatever access she has authorisation to use in regards our librarium, and other such sources of information, often (somewhat carelessly) leaving music running in the background as she does. She has a certain brash charm to her, quite at odds with what one would obviously expect of a noble born individual - but perhaps that is the point."
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