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Mechanicus character ideas
« on: October 10, 2017, 10:47:37 PM »
I recently re-discovered my rulebook and found inspiration to create an mechanicus character. My goal is to build a matching model for display (or gaming, should I ever find someone wo plays ][ in my area).
So, there are three possible hooks.
One, the Biologis - Guy. An organistic Magos who may have spent some time checking gene-seeds. That inspired him to modify himself. With additional arms, new glands, maybe a bigger brain? I envision this character with some familiar that helps him clean his blood and to produce certain hormones and stuff. Said familiar will be replaced when used. He could be hunting for knowledge about gene-engineering and mutations.
Two, the tech-priest who worked with technology to protect space ships from the warp. He got curios, maybe a little to much and now searches for more knowledge about the warp. This character would need a warp jump field (how is this thing called in English?). He should also have some equipment to detect warp-stuff (demons?, warp-energy?).
Three, the specialist in radiation. I guess he created reactors of some kind, maybe nuclear weapons and x-ray machines as well. Now being around radioactiv stuff is not to healthy so he had lots of body parts replaced. His replacements are nuclear-powered of course. Using some death-ray he would be a great nemesis. And dangerous to his own allies.

It will take me many month (if not years) to create a model for one the characters so I must choose. Do you guys have any input wich way to go? What ideas twists do you have, what would be an interesting character on the field (and for display ;D)
I like to have a detailled idea about the characters I built, so please help me with this part.

Cheers, tryktox

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Re: Mechanicus character ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2017, 02:09:11 PM »
I think the second and third concepts seem more interesting; not that there's necessarily a problem with the idea of the Biologis, the others just feel like less explored possibilities.

warp jump field (how is this thing called in English?)
Displacer field.

Using some death-ray he would be a great nemesis. And dangerous to his own allies.
We did have something of a discussion last year of the Radium weapons that were introduced to the AdMech background by their relaunch as a playable faction.

I feel they're something that would need careful handling rules wise in order that they felt dangerous enough to both sides without undue rules clutter or encouraging bad play (one suggestion was to have the weapon slowly sicken its user during a game, but I felt that would encourage very aggressive play where players would start firefights as early as possible to suffer from the least penalties).

That said, I'd be happy to discuss such rules - I've already got a lot of experience with such things, having run a fairly extensive project to rewrite the Inquisitor armoury.
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Re: Mechanicus character ideas
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2017, 08:55:25 PM »
Thanks a lot for the displacer field.
I did not know that Radium weapons are a thing these days. But then I do not play 40k. I think there are at least two more interesting option for rules. Either it could sicken people whenever fired during a game or it could very slowly radiate its user and the people around between games (in a campaign).
The steady radiation might force the tech priest and his retinue to permanently score supplies of new parts for all electronic items and some medicine or filter or new tissue for all organic beings.
This question is interesting but quite academic right now, as I neither have a miniature (yet) nor any players and their models to radiate.
Update: I found the old thread about Ad Mech weapons:
The arguments concerning radiating weapons are certainly interesting.
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