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Inquisitor Brutus McClure and Co.
« on: November 10, 2017, 12:55:53 PM »
I thought I'd post the background etc. of the new(ish) Inquisitor and his retinue that I'll be bringing to the next weekends campaign day. First up the Inquisitor (obviously):

Inquisitor Brutus McClure

Inquisitor McClureís early life is largely unknown, however what is known is that he was born in Novo Caledonia Hive Secundus in the Carthax sector approximately 80 years ago. He is believed to be the son of a deceased Imperial Commissar and was raised in the strict discipline of the Schola Progenium. From there his history becomes even more obscure; it is believed that he was inducted from the Schola Progenium into one of the Battle Conclaves of the Cardinals Crimson. Due to their extreme secrecy it is impossible to ascertain what training or experience he underwent during this period. The last record of his early life appears approximately five years after he is believed to have joined the Cardinals Crimson which is a report that he was taken by the Black Ships having awoken latent telepathic abilities.

What happened next is only conjecture but it is evident that he must have been chosen to serve as an agent of the Inquisition rather than being fed to the Emperorís Golden Throne as he was not strong enough to be trained as an Adeptus Astra Telepath.

McClure effectively disappears from the records for some time but reappears as an acolyte of the now notorious Inquisitor Josephine Cortez. Although he served on Inquisitor Cortezís retinue for at least fifteen years it is believed that the two often clashed over their differing ideologies, especially regarding Cortezís increasing scepticism over the role of the Ecclesiarchy and her willingness to use more extreme methods in her drive to preserve the Empire from itís enemies and reforge it into a stronger entity. Eventually these fundamental differences of opinion must have come to a head as McClure is believed to have left Cortezís team without being raised to the exalted position of Inquisitor.

It is assumed at this point that one of Cortezís rivals must have taken the estranged acolyte under his wing, although precisely which one is unclear. However he has since been given his own Rosette and has been operating as a full Inquisitor for the last Twenty Five years.

Inquisitor McClure is a member of the Ordo Hereticus and, no doubt due to his background and upbringing, is associated with the Thorian faction of the Inquisition. His ideology is simple, the Golden Throne is failing and a new host body for the Emperor must be found or created before it is too late. The recent news that one of the Primarchs has returned has served to redouble McClureís zeal as he considers it a sign that the time is ripe for the Emperors return. As such he increasingly investigating any psychic phemomena and entities that could provide clues or be used to facilitate His return.

His increasing fanaticism in this regard has been noted by other members of the Inquisition who are worried about the effect on the Empire should the Emperor leave the Golden Throne.


WS   62
BS   61
S   64
T   66
I   68
Wp   71
Sg   73
Nv   81
Ld   76

Equipment: Force Sword, MIU linked Bolt Pistol, Combat Shotgun (+8 standard rounds,+4 Scatter, +4 Inferno), Naval Pistol (+reload), Carapace Armour (chest, abdomen, arms), Flak armour (groin, legs)

Skills: Word of the Emperor

Psychic Powers: Telepathy, Psy Track, Demoralise, Distraction
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Re: Inquisitor Brutus McClure and Co.
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Crusader Rosa Mcloud.

Inquisitor McClure is believed to have recruited Rosa Mcloud about fifteen years ago from the same Battle Conclave from which he originally hails. Like Inquisitor McClure she is fanatically loyal to the Emperor and is firmly loyal to the McClure and his Thorian dreams of resurrecting the Emperor to lead mankind to victory. However in addition to this fanatical zeal she has demonstrated a razor sharp intellect and has shown herself willing to break with outdated and often inefficient traditions as necessary. As such she has increasingly abandoned the more traditional close quarters combat style of the Crusaders in favour of a custom made Lasblaster. This willingness to adapt to changing circumstances has greatly impressed the Inquisitor who has increasingly come to rely upon the Crusader as his strong right hand. It is believed that he is grooming her as his eventual successor.


WS   69
BS   62
S   61
T   67
I   69
Wp   70
Sg   72
Nv   78
Ld    75

Equipment: Lasblaster (+ reload), 2x frag grenades, Chainaxe, Carapace Armour (Chest, Abdomen, Groin, Arms), Flak Armour (legs), Closed Helmet with rebreather and Infrascope (carried separately, takes two actions to put it on)

Skills: Rock Steady Aim, True Grit, First Strike.

Alternate Equipment: Suppression shield, Power Sword, Bolt Pistol (+reload), Armour as above


Basic      C   Semi (2/4/8)   -   2D6   60   2   40

Alternatively both barrels can be fired together, but this uses up 3 rounds of ammo per shot:

Basic      A   Single   -   4D6

It takes one action to switch between firing modes.