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Greetings fellow Inquisitors!


Hello! I'm Squigsquasher, a nerd from soggy England who likes 40K a bit much for his own good. Some of you may know me from the Bolter and Chainsword- if so, helllo again!

Anyway, I've always had an interest in Inquisitor; I've never actually played it (though the amount of actual 40K I've played is desultory at best) but I love the writing, modelling and painting side of the hobby and Inquisitor looks like a perfect avenue for going mad in those departments. I'm already coming up with all sorts of silly ideas for models ( addition to the millions of others I still need to paint...Oh dear...), though really I need to properly read the rules- even if I never play, I find that having a set of rules to follow helps inspire me with model/fluff ideas.

I'm also working on a host of 40K projects (notably Tyranids and a combined Chaos force) a very, very slow pace.

Some of my other hobbies include food, art, writing, general modelling (if it requires assembly and painting I'll build it) and also anime and manga, especially older stuff.

Anyway, I look forward to talking with you all!

To start with, have a traditional "big yellow welcome":


--- Quote from: Squigsquasher on November 18, 2018, 08:15:36 PM ---nquisitor looks like a perfect avenue for going mad in those departments.
--- End quote ---
Inquisitor was once described as "Wargaming for poets". It's very much a game for people who like the creative side of the hobby, giving you the freedom to write a cast of characters and then actually play them.

This means it's a bit of an odd beast by the standards of what Games Workshop normally publishes, better thought of as "tabletop improv theatre" than as a traditional "I win you lose" wargame.

--- Quote from: Squigsquasher on November 18, 2018, 08:15:36 PM ---a nerd from soggy England
--- End quote ---
Most of us are. Dependent on where you are, you may be able to join us for events.

We try to hold a few meets around the year, some for 54mm players, some for 28mm players (although you'll often see the same people at both!).
Previously this has usually been in either Nottingham or London, but due to changes to Warhammer World's policy, it's looking like Nottingham will be replaced by Manchester in future.

If you're close enough to either London or Manchester to be prepared to make the trek, then you'd be welcome to join us (prior experience isn't required, as the gamesmasters can handle a lot of the minutiae, although we obviously prefer that you make some effort to learn the rules...)

Hello fellow newbie. As mentioned, most folks seem to be from the UK (which given what I've heard about how more narrative-focused and less competitive 40k is over there and in Australia, it makes sense to me). I fear that I am landlocked at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, so you won't likely see me at anything unless you can see me there in spirit.

If it helps, Dark Magenta 1 does have some training Scenarios for you to run, I intend to try them out with my players before too long.

Thanks for the welcome!  :)

I currently live in the West Sussex area, though I'll likely be moving in the not too distant future (exactly when and where is still very much undecided). Regardless, thanks for the info.

As far as scale goes I'm more interested in 28mm just because of the wider array of parts/minis available, and also it's what I'm used to. That said I wouldn't mind converting up 54mm characters as display pieces, as the larger scale does allow for some very nice minis.

We're pretty welcoming of both scales.
you can check in our painting and modelling section for threads on resources and sales (all sales are done via ebay for member security).
Resources will often link, and if you're interested in 54mm, then scanning ebay for "54mm Inquisitor" or "Inquisitor 54mm" will throw up a number of results.
Do please share any modelling efforts in either scale though, as it's always good to see hobby efforts progressing!  ;D


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