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Conclave Archive Extracts OOC
« on: June 04, 2020, 09:09:57 PM »

So I reposted a lot of old material from the Conclave Archive in a new IC thread. Most of it is not by me, all of it is from the Archival thread Welcome to the End, and everything has been credited to the original accounts under which it was posted. 

The thread spans roughly 30,000 words divided over an Introduction, five main Parts and an Epilogue.  It covers the story of Delan's Point, largely as told in the Archive but somewhat reshuffled/abridged.  The first third or so covers discussion at the cell meeting, following which Delan's Point is attacked and all hell breaks loose.  Some editing has been done to make it easier to read, including shifting the posting order and dividing the text into several parts.  To any other original authors of this content, I'm sorry if I left out or altered anything you wrote.  Please consider this a tribute!

Initially I compiled the extracts into a vaguely linear story as a resource for Dosdamt and I to use when making reference to the Battle of Delan's Point, as the event is a key piece of history for many of the characters in our current story, set 121 years later.  Ultimately we decided it was worth posting here, to add context to some of our recent and upcoming posts, in case any of the old guard fancy a dose of nostalgia, or anyone else wants to see what all the fuss is about.  It does have a cliffhanger ending, or an ensemble of them, but we are currently addressing some of those retrospectively. 

On that note, I'll be putting up a sizeable "flashback" post on The Keeping of Secrets this weekend that will continue events on Delan's Point from several points of view, picking up where the Epilogue left off with Mantis and Karius Prelune.  I can't promise to resolve everything but I've tried to do it justice and shine a bit of light while keeping the needless character destruction to a minimum.  The final battle against Amon Dull is also in the works and will get its own thread eventually - we have mostly figured out how they did it and have a storyboard sketched out, though I wouldn't expect us to post that beast for some considerable time. 

Since the Conclave Archive can be downloaded from the Conclave IC as well as OOC, and is frequently referred to by our characters in M42, I have framed my notes and accreditations accordingly.  L is Lancet, from The Keeping of Secrets.

The download remains available via a link in the first IC post of Welcome to the Truth (not to be confused with "the End").  Credit to Rephexis for putting it up there - it has been an invaluable resource and source of inspiration recently.

I might conceivably post more extracts in the future if any demand exists.  I get the sense that is a big 'if', but you never know!  I certainly enjoyed reading through it all again.