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A few pics
« on: December 21, 2009, 02:14:38 PM »
Thanks for the feedback on my other post, Im gonna pick up some paint stripper next time I leave my house.

So, here goes;

This guy Is gonna get stripped down, both arms removed, a backpack made from assorted bits from my bits box and just a generally large overhaul. He was, I think, my second or third Inq model and I just dont know what he is :p

This guy, yes this guy Im going to rework the GS on his waist since it looks a bit naff, Im thinking of giving him a walking cane and maybe cutting off his hat and giving him a different hat

as an aside; these are my old models being updated, im not looking forward to having to actually pay for anything.

This guy, right here needs his paint touching up a bit and I want to improve the straps on his shield arm

Natural light is failing but I will get a few more snaps tomorrow if I can. I will try to get them stripped/fixed up tomorrow if possible
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