Author Topic: Rogue Trader Campaign Ideas (rules knowledge largely non-essential)  (Read 2964 times)

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So, the group that I was going to make an Inquisitor campaign for has decided to swap to Rogue Trader since I bought the rulebook, and I've changed the plot of my campaign to suit the change of setting, and wanted to hear comments. I have the start figured out almost completely, but beyond that little more than ideas.

Okay, here goes with chapter one:

So, they find themselves being press-ganged/hired into service aboard a ship, as lowly workers (combat-patrols, I think, working to halt mutinies, boarding parties, that sort of thing). They find out that the ship's crew are fairly demoralised by poor working/living conditions.
They find themselves in combat with an Imperial Navy ship, and the party is asked to repel a boarding party before taking a shuttle to the enemy ship and fighting toward the ship. The encounters should be easy, but there's a chance to avoid two of them if they can spot/unlock a service passageway on the other ship. Once on the bridge, they can either threaten, charm or kill the crew, but their objective is to lower the shields, hang about until the generators are destroyed by lance fire, and then return to their own bridge. There's one more group between them and the shuttle, and one of those enemies drops a heavy weapon (undecided which), if they want one.
Upon returning to the ship, they are met by one of the crew NPC they met earlier. He tells them that they've mutinied in secret, and claimed as much of the ship as they dare without risking discovery. He walks with them to the bridge, informing them that they have a choice. They can either warn the captain of the mutiny, and probably die with her, or they can kill the captain and her bodyguards and take control of the ship quickly. He also mentions that none of the mutineers have the specialist knowledge required to run a ship, so it would be effectively theirs if they kill the captain. If they kill the captain quickly (only a few combat rounds), and they spared the other captain, then I'll give them an opportunity to negotiate for the other ship's survival, to possibly help them gain some Navy allies for the campaign.

It is more detailed than that (with names and whatnot worked out), but I left most of it now for brevity.
As I say, this is all so far, other than basic ideas with no real structure. Thoughts?
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