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Influence and Training
« on: November 20, 2009, 02:25:20 PM »
I've put some initial thoughts on managing a budget / influence points below. The background to this is that one of the group will be becoming a new Interrogator at some point in the very near future, so instead of getting gear from a rep of the Inq, they'll have their own operational budget.

Influence Points - Principles

Goal - represent the Inquisitor's influence, reward the group with success, allow me to introduce unusual skills for set pieces, allow the group a finite resource for cross-class skills or ultra shiny gear.

Influence points represent the time, patience, and positive inclination from the Inquisitor above you all that means they will shift their considerable weight in favour of the party and help the party with gear, training, or getting information

Influence points may only be spent on acquiring specialist artefacts at a smaller cost, getting information from different sources or getting training for the team.

Influence points regenerate at a faster speed if you have more influence points. The more points you have available, the quicker they restore.

The more time and resources of the Inquisitor you use, the less influence points, the slower the points will regenerate.

Positive leads, positive results and ensuring the Inquisitor meets his aims will all contribute to getting more influence points which can be spent on shinier gear and better training.

Training Mechanism - Principles

Goals - Introduce an element of risk into acquiring new skills, propogate some group banter through people failing at training and burning influence, allow players to feel an accomplishment for passing training and gaining new skills as opposed to simply writing it on a character sheet

Certain skills can be acquired by anyone in the team. However, it costs influence.

Additionally, skills are not immediately gained. They must be earned.

All training courses last a set length in days. To complete a course, a candidate must complete tasks on the course to prove they’ve acquired the skill

These will be rolls against specific characteristics. If the course is not completed by the candidate in the number of days, then more influence must be expended to gain extra days in order to pass the course

Training - A Worked Example

The training course is Drive / Pilot – Sentinel

The course requires a minimal amount of understanding of the vehicle, solid control of the walker and accuracy while on the move with the weapon

The course lasts for 21 days. One roll per day.

Successful rolls required
- 3 x Intelligence
- 7 x Agility
- 7 x Ballistic Skill

The course costs 200 influence. Each extra day costs an additional 10 influence.

Each successful test in each area allows for a +10, to a maximum of +30, on each consecutive roll. (Demonstrates building an aptitude in the area)

Any failed roll resets the bonus to 0.

i.e. Int 32, roll against Int +0 = 30, pass. Next roll is against Int+10, etc.

Acolytes may choose to flunk out of courses for a flat fee of 25 influence
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Re: Influence and Training
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2009, 01:19:47 PM »
Hello there GM!!!!

I really really like this idea.

When is next game?

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