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Showcase: Imperial Armies
« on: January 11, 2010, 06:44:28 AM »
Welcome to a Showcase thread! These threads are designed to give inspiration and ideas on the various character types available and to show off the best examples from the community.

So, post links to pictures (or else the thread will get painful to load!) and a brief description of your Imperial Armed Forces here; from the Commissars to the humble Guardsmen, Assassins or Enforcers, they go here!

pics of finished miniatures only please, keep comments to a separate thread!

Thanks to MarcoSkoll for doing the hard work!

Imperial Guard:
Major Jaxon
Sgt. Dorian Black
Sgt. Stone

Adeptus Arbites:
Arbites Judge
Enforcer Barbaretta

Officio Assassinorum:

Preacher Josef

Assorted Imperial Servants:
Navis Nobilitai

Devotee Malicant
Devout Twins
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Re: Showcase: Imperial Armies
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Re: Showcase: Imperial Armies
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