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The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
« on: August 12, 2010, 09:27:32 PM »

I have been absent from the holy Conclave for some time: but the time has come for me to return, and I bring with me a new RP! The fluff below is extensive, but not exhaustive; I hope you find in it something you like. I realise the RP’s in the conclave have dried up in recent times (with apologies to Gravestench, who is also attempting to breathe new life into the RP side of this forum).
This RP can accommodate many players, indeed the many the better: I have a system in place that add balance to the RP, and keep play flowing. This will be done via private messaging and email, in the style of a good old fashioned “murder mystery”. It is important that objectives are kept secret, and contribute as much as possible, in order to maintain a kinetic pace.
Players must devise an Inquisitorial retinue. There are few limits imposed: all I ask is that sixty-barrelled rotator cannons are kept to a minimum! But, on a serious note, no beardy creations please. Also, be advised that as this will be a very story-driven RP, you should expect to take casualties to your retinue along the way.
This is not a slow burn RP, indeed, as will quickly become apparent, there will be a series of “events” occurring, and a definite end in sight, not all that far in the future. Therefore make sure that, on joining, you are confident that you will be able to post regularly, to keep the momentum going.
Over the next day or so I will be posting IC threads, to add a bit more background, so keep checking it out. Expect the first posts tomorrow (13/08/10).
I hope that this RP grabs your interest, and kindles a new enthusiasm for RPing on the ‘clave!

Here is the system and main NPC fluff for your consideration:

Pro Consul: Flavius Ancilla

Short in stature, unprepossessing. Religiously devout, to the point of fantacism. Penchant for self-flagellation, although there are rumours (in public, and privately) that this “devotion” may have more to do with a sexual perversion. Has very close ties with the Ecclesiarchy, and appears publicly pious: he sermonises openly, and his popularity among the devout Siwans would seem to stem from this. In reality it probably has more to do with the generous donations he receives from the quorum in Sub-Aqua.

Consul: Anneus Scutum:

He is the premier of the reigning political family. His duties include system civilian policy and Commander in chief of the Imperial Artesian Guards (the PDF).
A stoic man with an intense personal sense of duty; Anneus is much loved by the population of Artesia (in the main) and respected by the nobility. He has been in power for nearly a decade having been re-elected by the senate by a significant majority for three consecutive four year terms. At 60 years old he is relatively young for a position of such immense responsibility, an ex Brigadier in the 2nd Imperial Artesian Engineers he came into politics after losing his right leg and hand supervising the building of a bridge under fire (he was later awarded the Steel Eagle for “conspicuous gallantry in the service of the emperor”). Eschewing bionics he returned to his home planet and took up his ancestral place in the Scutum family political elite. A war hero and a man that kept his word he soon rose from magistrate to senator and finally on to consul. His most prominent (some say only) vice is a soft spot for gambling on the high speed skiff racing that is popular in Fortuna Primary.

Arch-Militant: Aurelius Pius

Tall, skeletal man. Seems extremely devout, but has an unusually realistic knowledge of financial matters, and is keen to reap the benefits of the huge pilgrimages that flock to the shrine of Saint Cassander.  He and the pro-consul have been known to disagree on these matters, although such rifts have rarely been public, and never of any apparent consequence.
Collectively, this council of eight governs the city of Sub-Aqua, but sends a representative each to year to sit at the Artesian Senate meetings. Their membership is determined by monetary wealth and contacts: membership is for life. It is an openly selfish group, promoting the financial growth of Sub-Aqua, and, to a lesser extent, Artesia. They are openly dismissive of the Ecclesiarchy, although appear keen to side with Aurelius Pius in the construction of road systems to the Shrine of St. Cassander. The reasons for this need little explanation.

Lord Inquisitor Uthuron Ventrix:

A puritan Inquisitor, and Monodominant of Ordo Hereticus
He is an Alpha+ psyker, but has shunned this part of his being all his life, being himself a mutant. This chip on his shoulder, and self-loathing, has made him a brutal prosecutor of heresy and furiously puritanical, hoping he will be able to save his soul. He keeps his powers in check with an arcane null-collar, worn discreetly under high-collared robes. Such psychic ability allowed build up in this man’s brain would make him dangerous indeed if the collar were ever to be removed. He staunchly opposes any despoiling of holy ground with industry and financial exploitation.

The Caleva System


This planet is the commercial and administrative centre of the system. The planet is mostly covered by ocean with a super continent as its only major landmass. The topography of this landmass is mountainous with floodplains covering most of lowlands. This is due to the almost constant rain and electrical storms that plague the supercontinent. The human populace is centred on one major hive called Fortuna Primary. Settlements of varying size are spread around the lowlands of the supercontinent. All of these settlements are centred over colossal batholiths of ore, their main purpose is to mine this ore and transport it to Fortuna Primary where it is processed and exported via the commercial spaceport at Fortuna. These materials are shuttled to Artesia’s only moon and used at the naval shipyard there. The main method of transport on the surface is by hover skiff (to more easily navigate the waterways). The ore for export is transported via massive super container hovercraft. The planets PDF (Imperial Artesian Reserve) protect the planet.
Fortuna primary is contained within huge plascrete embankments that hold out the flood water, these embankments have frequent dam openings that act as drainage out of the hive. The hive is built on three tiers: Tier one is the governmental seat and the habitation of the nobility, tier one is built around the 2 mile high ornate lightning conductor a marvel of technology and engineering that protects the city from electrical bombardment, it also supplies the city along with most of its power, the rest being supplied hydroelectrically by the dams. Tier 2 is the commercial centre of the hive as it is connected to the space port. Tier 3 is the habitation of the working classes and the refining districts, canals heavily polluted by the refining processes crisscross the entirety of tier 3 and are used for transport purposes.

ALS (Artesian Lunar Shipyard):

Artesia’s moon is barren and has little atmosphere, the structures that cover the planet’s surface are therefore sealed. Most of these are dry-docks that produce navy escort class to frigate class ships. A major sector astropathic communications station is also present along with extensive underground training facilities and guard barracks. ALS serves as a staging post for guard regiments in the sector.   


A temperate planet, characterised by its fertile croplands and animal farmland, its main exports are food to Artesia and ALS. It exports luxury goods such as Amasec and lho to many other areas of the Imperium. Villas belonging to the Artesian nobility also dot the planet as it is a popular retreat during the “deluge” season of abnormally heavy weather systems on Artesia. A large imperial shrine (The shrine of Saint Cassander) at its North Pole is the focus of the planet, those who can afford it are entombed in the Ice mausoleums here, it is a popular pilgrimage destination for penitents as the sub zero climate is an incredibly difficult journey, most are killed along the way through hypothermia from exposure, the ones who make it are said to be truly blessed by the Emperor and are forgiven for their sins. A Sisters of Battle company is present to guard the shrine along with Ecclesiarchy guards.


F-SA is an affluent city that, as its name suggests, lies underneath the waters of the planet’s vast ocean. It lies around 320 miles to the South East from Fortuna Primary. F-SA holds little love or reverence for the Emperor: not out of any heretical beliefs, but because it is a place of luxury, business and science. Religious believers are treated with scorn here, as religion is seen as archaic. Still, there is a single shrine in the surface dock, where passing travellers can worship, and offer prayers for safe passage and good business.

   The main thing to observe is the large dock that floats above water. It is buoyant, and connected to the city by a huge umbilical tube. The dock has the capacity to accommodate many small landers or, in extremis, a star ship the size of an average Imperial destroyer. Any larger vessels must transfer cargo via landers. The dock can also accommodate ocean-going vessels in large numbers, with many quays and wharfs extending like veins from the superstructure, out across the water. These wharfs are often crammed with stalls, mostly selling fish, but there is a thriving trade, most of it honest, some of it thoroughly shady. Inside the dock, the scene is one of hectic industry because the limited size of the space dock means a rapid turn-around of craft is needed. Little or trade or “life” goes on here. The dock operates 24hours.

The individual shafts contain large industrial elevators, which travel at speeds of around 30mph, meaning a journey up, or down, lasts around 35 seconds. Two shafts up, two down. Many traders and inhabitants avoid the elevator umbilical in favour of running private submersibles (there is a thriving taxis scheme that runs from the dock to the city). The elevator is therefore used mostly for moving large amounts of freight.

There are, you may notice, three spherical structures which lead off from the main city blocks (again connected by umbilical tubes of identical design to the afore-mentioned): these are shopping centres and areas of leisure, including bars, clubs etc. They are made of hyper-reinforced glass and steel bands, and are generally regarded to be very beautiful. Carrying fire arms in these spheres (known as Leisure-Globes) is forbidden for obvious reasons, on pain of immediate expulsion from the city. The discharge of a firearm within them is punishable by death- usually by drowning. The Lesiure Globes are well maintained and generally very pleasant- each is identical to the other, with local chains being present in all Globes, to avoid feelings of favouritism, and the monopolisation of profit within a single sphere.

The habitable zones are a testament to the small size of Sub Aqua: there are only 25,000 inhabitants, including a large number of resident scientists: mostly marine biologists and geologists. Accommodation within the city is very expensive and thus Sub Aqua is seen by outsiders as a place of wealth, prosperity, and arrogance. It is a popular holidays destination, and the home of many affluent and gauche business men. As such, there are many opportunities for trade deals here. Typical homes take the form of plush apartments, with one or two glass walls which allow for an underwater panorama, again, there is a ban on the ownership of firearms here.
Security on Sub Aqua is strict, due to the threat posed by firearms in this sub-aquatic world. There is a security unit of 350 men and is referred to as Security, only. They are privately owned by the Quorum: an elected council of eight men and women, who essentially perform mayoral duties and enjoy exquisite accommodation for the duration of their eight-year tenure. In return, they are responsible for the funding of this security detachment.
The detachment is led by a Justicar-Principal. He is chosen from the ranks of Security by the Quorum, and serves for four years, although he may be re-elected for a maximum of three terms. The current JP is Elmehek Torval, a strict man, with a hatred of sub-surfacers. His record is good, but then there have been few serious incidents of late that have truly tested is abilities, or those of his men.
The detachments are split into platoons of 35 men each led by Justicar Secondus: of these, 30 take part in patrols, the rest are involved in administration, or detective work.
The 30 Patrolmen work in 10 man shifts, each with a shift commander. These men wear light weight body armour, designed to protect them from stab wounds or bludgeoning attacks (for obvious reasons the threat of gunshot wounds in F-SA is considered so low that flak-vest were deemed an unnecessary waste of the Quorum’s personal funds). They are armed with stout truncheons and Shard-Rifles. The weapons are loaded with a simple solid-graphite slug the size of a human thumb. A violent electronic charge is used to splinter the slug, literally, into small razor-sharp shards which are then impelled a short distance towards the target. This weapon has an effective range of about twenty metres: all that is needed in the corridors and umbilicals of F-SA. It is designed to maim, not kill, although at short range the shards will cause catastrophic damage if fired at the head, face or neck. These weapons were designed to order by scientists within F-SA, on the request of the Quorum. It looks rather like a flare-pistol, but with an elongated barrel and folding wire stock.

Nearby systems:

A barren system designated W2K100 is situated one light-year from the Caleva system and is used for testing of ECW (Exterminatus Capable Weapons) by the Imperial Navy.

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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2010, 09:29:32 PM »
Count me in, sounds awesome & will be a regular poster. Retinue details to follow.
Join me next week on "Let's make no F***ing sense", when I'll be waxing an Owl.

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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
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IMPORTANT, which Segmentum is the system in, and whereabouts in the Segmentum is it?
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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
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Hi Koval,

Sorry error in my write up. It is in the Segmentum Solar in between Thranx and Mid Calveus. Its a system I have created for the purposes of the RP. Interested in joining  :) ? - I'm sure you already have this but just in case!
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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
« Reply #4 on: August 13, 2010, 08:22:54 AM »
OK, so that gives me leave to create a new character and throw him into the fray, as most of my existing characters are from Ultima Segmentum (mostly near the Eastern Fringe, actually, I have a homebrew sector down that way...).

Note that I say most, rather than all, but assuming you don't want me throwing an Eldar into the mix, I'll draw up a new character for me to use by this afternoon.

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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
« Reply #5 on: August 13, 2010, 09:16:34 AM »
A new character would be great! That was the idea really, I know many people on the 'clave have characters with vast and lovingly crafted back story's but I don't think that would be the best thing for this RP. Shame about the Eldar  :P but its true I think members of that noble race might just stand out like the fat girl at a party (not that Eldar are fat! But you get my meaning...) in this one. By the way its awesome to have both of you on board!  ;D

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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
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Hello Fallen, here is my profile as promised.

Inqusitor Ulmahek Jesh

Ordo Hereticus

Male, 6' 2'', 195 lbs, muscular. Pale skinned, Dark hair falling to below shoulder blades, usually tied back. Wears fine silk clothes and robes, with an ornate cuirass over the top. Rarely goes out without his Vitrian Glass greatcoat. He enjoys the company of attractive women and wealthy businessmen. He is openly dismissive of more Puritan colleagues, who, in his eyes, are blinkered, crude and generally poorly-dressed. Handsome, vain and perhaps foppish he eschews close combat, not out of revulsion, but for frar that his fine garments will be ruined. He is, however, a capable shot, after a childhood spent shooting game on his family estates. He is extremely intelligent and well read, but lacks the ruthless edge that makes some of his colleagues such fearsome opponents. Favours diplomacy, bribery and blackmail as methods of getting his way: violence will usually be a last resort.


Cuirass (counts as Flak Vest)
Elegant custom rifle (counts as Long-Las)
Dirk (scabbarded in right boot)
Needle pistol (only carries a single clip, pre-loaded)
A great deal of money (for bribes, clothes, dinners out etc...)


As a  man of good taste and learning, Jesh surrounds himself with learned Savants and Charming People. Of note, however, are the following characters, who accompany him in the field:

Ibrahim Miklos: Medic (laspistol, battlefield trauma-kit)
Ortos Murch: Savant (unarmed, auspex)
Ellisa Glaunn: bodyguard (twin-laspistols, frag grenades)
Merchid Lamme: bodyguard (Long-Las, halucinogen-grenades)

Anyway- a light hearted but interesting retinue I hope.
Join me next week on "Let's make no F***ing sense", when I'll be waxing an Owl.

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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
« Reply #8 on: August 14, 2010, 02:38:11 AM »
Another RP? New character needed?

Well, here's something. Sorry about her not being particularly developed but as she's likely to be an ultimately throw-away character, there isn't really the motivation to do do the kind of work I'd do on my regular characters. Still, if inspiration strikes, I'll do a little more to develop the personality section.


Character Bio

FULL NAME: Riley Hallona

ALIASES: While Riley uses aliases, she is very unlikely to use them twice.

RANK / AFFILIATION: Inquisitrix of the Ordo Hereticus

AGE / GENDER / APPEARANCE: 176 years old; Female; Height: 5' 7"/ Weight: 134 lbs. Green/Brown eyes. Blonde hair, bob cut. Right Handed.

Thanks to regular rejuvenat, Riley remains highly attractive (and is most definitely aware of it). With almost all of the scars from her life as an Inquisitor carefully surgically repaired, it would be exceptionally easy to mistake her for a woman in her late twenties.

She has a toned build, relatively small breasts (which she is somewhat self-conscious about) and slightly longer than average legs. She uses cosmetics, but other than a somewhat trademark deep red lip colour, this is usually fairly subtle.

ATTIRE: Riley is content to wear a very wide range of clothing.
Her typical style is formal dresses - generally loose enough to "flow" slightly and still allow a generous range of movement, ankle length, shoulderless, preferably in a dark blue or black (but given her modest "assets", they are almost never cut to show cleavage) - but she maintains a huge wardrobe containing just about every style imaginable, from formal to casual. It should be said that she tends to prefer formal clothing.

In the case that she's planning/anticipating a fight, she generally has one "go to" outfit. With a base layer of a tight fitting flak body-glove, a number of segmented carapace plates can be attached over this to protect the torso, arms and legs. This is combined with a full face helmet, outfitted with a wide range of autosenses, spectral surveyors, anti-flash filters and an inbuilt rebreather.

PERSONALITY/BELIEFS: Much in keeping with her gender ambiguous name, Riley seems to mix "masculine" and "feminine" traits quite freely. One moment she will be entirely happy to be flirting with men to help get her way but the next, she'll be equally at home stripping grease from engine parts.

While usually pretty level headed, Riley can still let stronger emotions get the better of her, particularly anger and grief. Her anger is marked by her becoming increasingly (and almost viciously) sarcastic. She never uses sarcasm as "humour", and often looks down on those who do.
One of Riley's main "flaws" from the perspective of being an Inquisitor is that she tends to become very attached to those around her, even after very short periods of time. The emotional grief of losing those people close to her can either drive her to incandescent rage or nearly incapacitating anguish.

Riley is a moderate Recongregator, who after several "issues" earlier in her career has learnt the hard way that enacting change requires incredible care. Usually open and honest about her radical viewpoint, she seems to attract respect (for her careful work dealing with corruption) or ire in roughly equal measure.

Riley prefers non violent methods where possible, although she will not shirk from using violence as a first resort when she feels it is necessary.

ABILITIES / STRENGTHS / WEAKNESSES: Riley is an expert martial artist, capable of easily besting even armed opponents with only her bare hands. Known for improvising, or stealing weapons (often out of the hands of opponents), she has something of a knack for being "good" with anything she may have in her hand - whether it happens to be a sword, a stave, a pistol or rifle. However, this is at a cost of not specialising in any of them.
Very agile and capable of quite spectacular feats of aerobatics and gymnastics, Riley can quite easily wrong foot attackers with her unexpected speed and manoeuvrability.

While certainly exceptionally learned by the average Imperial standards, Riley's knowledge is rather modest for being most of the way through her second century - she prefers to use savants to compensate for this shortcoming.

Riley is also noted for "letting emotion drive her" on occasions - many poor decisions have been made because of her having too much emotional involvement in situations. However, when she can maintain detachment, she has incredible foresight, and is able to figure out the likely consequences of given actions with startling accuracy.

WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: As she has a habit of improvising or stealing weapons, Riley carries fairly low-key weapons. She usually carries a compact Tripex-Phall laspistol (with a couple of reloads), and two or three retractable knives. In an emergency, the bracelet she normally wears on her right wrist houses a miniaturised needle weapon, normally coated with a stunning toxin.

Normally trying to avoid looking like she is well armed or armoured, her primary defence in most cases is a conversion field, built into a rig designed to fit into the curve of her back. She sees the stunning effect this can have on an attacker as a very desirable trait, even if it does occasionally risk disorienting allies as well.

When "geared up" for combat, her ranged weapon of choice is the Hollen & Crasel GP9 5mm Personal Defence Weapon. With its low recoil, compact size, considerable magazine capacity and ability to defeat body armour, it makes a versatile weapon capable of killing most opponents.

Riley's primary interstellar transport is the "Sword of Integrity", a rather unimaginatively named Sword class Frigate. Modified to have the majority of its armaments removed, it also serves as something of a mobile base, housing multiple orbit-to-surface dropships and exceptionally sophisticated command systems, although the actual complement of troops is minimal, with the systems largely intended for the command of local forces.
SERVANTS/ACQUAINTANCES: Riley's most valuable servant is probably her chief savant, Jael Lalgan. At the very young age of 52, he has only served Riley for a few years, but he has been fitted with the memory banks belonging to his predecessor, Halley Notaro. While this gives him a huge wealth of knowledge to draw upon, it has resulted in a number of colourful side effects, although most are fortunately temporary in nature - gender confusion, sudden personality changes, overwhelming déjà vu and similar.
With little combat skill, Jael is dependent on the support of others in fights.

A former hive enforcer, Ekkehardt Kuefer serves as muscle and a bodyguard to Riley, although in most cases, he seems to act as more of a deterrent, with Riley generally proving exceptionally capable of defending herself if fights actually do start. Primarily armed with an enforcer's shotgun, Ekkehardt's talents in melee are more dependent on his bulk, shock truncheon and concealed armour than any particular fighting skill.

As a former soprano singer, many say Steren Dowrick would look more at home in front of a crowd than she does in Riley's employ, but Steren is possibly the most dangerous of Riley's entourage. With talents in both biomancy and telepathy, her slight appearance and long flowing black hair belie the sheer threat she can represent.

While born Imeda Marini, Riley's tech-adept now only really gets called by his long time "nickname", Chain. While relatively lowly by the standards of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Chain is still considered an absolute expert on grav drives, and is also notable for his talents with lasweapons, with his personal lascarbine being a masterwork of laser technology.

Colonel Tama Morton is largely beyond active field service. With more bionic repairs than you'd find in the entirety of a normal Imperial Guard company, he primarily remains aboard the Sword of Integrity to provide tactical advice and, if necessary, coordinate military operations.

834.M41: Born on Pennal Secundus
842.M41: First introduced to the martial art of Recassa by her father
854.M41: Unable to find other work in Pennal's damaged economy, starts as an escort to high class gentlemen.
860.M41: Hired by Inquisitor Nann to help throw off suspicions when he attends Governor Kallel's yearly ball.
860.M41: Breaks Seward Kallel's nose and left arm.
860.M41: Officially attached to Inquisitor Nann's retinue.
865.M41: Two assassins make an attempt on Nann's life.
865.M41: Riley kills two assassins with their own weapons.
865.M41: Promoted to Inquisitorial acolyte.
872.M41: Develops a more advanced martial art based on Recassa, Powol and Weran
898.M41: Receives full rank of Inquisitor.
902.M41: Convicts a long running crime syndicate on her homeworld.
917.M41: First associated with the Appollyon group, a well known cell of Recongregators.
918.M41: On Pellusi IV during the time of the infamous riots. Has refused to speak about whether or not she had a part in it ever since.
939.M41: Successfully and peacefully replaces the corrupt military command of the Ynnal regiments.
961.M41: Acquires the "Sword of Integrity" after Inquisitor Nann dies of old age.
988.M41: Sees her first acolyte, Dana Sarac, promoted to full Inquisitor.
007.M42: Halley Notaro, Riley's chief savant for the last 108 years, dies to a sniper's bullet.

-   Drops contractions from her speech when either tired or irritated.
-   Considered an excellent cook, although it is a rare occasion when she can be coaxed into it.
S.Sgt Silva Birgen: "Good evening, we're here from the Adeptus Defenestratus."
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Birgen: "Pick a window. I'll demonstrate".

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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
« Reply #9 on: August 14, 2010, 11:29:49 AM »
Looks interesting

I Submit

Inquisitor Pavor Vepres
Ordo Hereticus - Order of the Iron Rose

Male 6'5" lean and athletic, pale skinned with black hair and green eyes, naturally acrobatic and has the poise of a dancer rather than a warrior, wears close fitting attire of various qualities depending on purpose, often is shrouded in long robes giving him an almost religious appearance, has more of a look of a savant than inquisitor save for the stern features and the cold unemotional voice that issues from the lower face mask he always wears which has an incorporated rebreather .

Is often followed by an entourage of 4 figures similarly clad to their master, each of his retinue hide their features behind silvered or enamelled masks and rarely speak in public situations.  

Pavor is highly skilled combatant favouring bladed weapons he often carries a multitude of bladed knives and daggers along with a long hanger styles sword, the majority of the fire arms his collection are either needle or las weapons and follow the ancient flintlock pattern in their styling.  

Typical Modus operandi is to remain unseen until the final strike this often takes the form of alias' and hidden agendas he will often appear as a wealthy merchant or powerful guild member in transit through this front he will gain access to worlds before vanishing without a trace, is a strong believer that the Inquisitor should remain an institution shrouded in mystery with half truths and rumour their strongest weapon in that way he always makes his final action a public spectacle be it the purging of a heretical cult or the assassination of a corrupt official the out come of the act will always be felt.

Many would rumour that Pavor is fact not an Ordo Hereticus operative at all but instead serves the Ordo Sicarius his natural combat abilities and obvious dexterity and agility would suit the role of an assassin as much as an Inquisitor.

Pavor himself is a mystery, outside of the Order of the Iron Rose little is known of him as he rarely mingles with other Inquisitors, as such no one truly knows what his beliefs are or where he stands politically those that do meet him find him somewhat distant and cold as if he has no interest in others or in the Inquisitor on a wider scale.

Each of his followers bear a similar name only altered to the role they play within his retinue.

Unam Qui Insisto et Citatio of Venator
Unam Qui Insisto et Citatio of Occisor
Unam Qui Insisto et Citatio of Macto
Unam Qui Insisto et Citatio of Domina

The Order of the Iron Rose

Established by Lord Inquisitor Kyriaciou to bring balance to the Inquisition and the Imperium as a whole, the order has actively set itself against the extreme edges of the Inquisitions ethos standing against Monodominats and Hourisians alike, the Order has in it's current aspect acted as a form of internal affairs for the Inquisition seeking out those who possess to much power or pose to high a risk, they are rumoured to have either eliminated these Inquisitors or brought them into the fold of the Order  there by spreading their power or risk.

Recently the Order passed hands to Inquisitor Necris who has declared that the corruption that he has seen infecting the ranks of the Inquisition be cut out like a cancer but as yet there has been no public moves by the Order to carry out this warning.

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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
« Reply #10 on: August 14, 2010, 12:59:38 PM »
This should be good

Thus Inquisitor Devis shows his face for the first time in 8 years.

Name: Arkin Devis
Rank: Inquisitor
Affiliation: Ordo Xenos
Age: 79
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall , slim and muscular with short black hair. After spending twenty years in the various guard regiments of Eidolith, he has adopted a vaguely military style of dress. Originally had green eyes however after a taking a bolt round to the side of his face, had a cloned eye implanted which has for reasons unknown has changed to blue.

Devis is an inquisitor with no real affiliation but does maintain ties with a few Thorian inquisitors, most notably Ardenites. This is mainly due to his belief that humanity must seize its own destiny rather than rely on mystical oversight.

Inquisitor Devis had his faith in the imperial religion shattered early on in his career and any apparent belief is only feigned. His atheism combined with already radical leanings means he will happily work with almost anyone if he he feels it serves the greater good of mankind and rarely condemns his brethren for beliefs that others may see as heretical. The one exception to this rule is chaos. knowing full well its ability to erode even the strongest of wills; he refuses to work with any he sees as tainted; even going so far hunting down other inquisitors. When on the hunt he prefers a subtle approach to dealing with threats, however he can and will apply terrifying levels force if necessary.

Fighting style:
Even in the field Devis relies on a more subtle approach, always attempting to disable his foes with the minimum of effort preferably without them even knowing he was their. To complement this he has mastered a number of martial art styles and is a proficient knife fighter. He prefers however to pick his enemies off at a distance with his silenced autorifle. If forced into melee a variety of stun and shrapnel grenades combined with a folding long sword allow him to hold his own. Two decades served in various parts of Eidoliths military (including special ops) have refined his tactical skills they have also however have imparted a low tolerance for the pomp and arrogance of the higher classes.

Load out:
"A well placed dagger in the back can cause more damage than a bolt round to the face,
trust me I know from experience " Atrib. to Devis
Silenced autopistol (three reloads, built in silencer)
Silenced autorifle (two reloads, removable silencer)
Nano-steel woven clothing (equivalent to flak armour)
Grenades (Shrapnel, stun, web and EMP)
Folding long sword (equivalent to falchion)
Marko type Conversion field, can function as normal or centred on his forearm (wrist bracer on left arm)
A composite knife in left boot
Cybernetic alterations in both arms allow him to strike as if wielding a shock weapon
Digital weapon on right hand (poisoned dart)

Sgt. Jarrik, imperial guard veteran (possible low grade null)
Engiseer Sasha Thale, Organicist
Katalina, Acolyte of the seekers path, (possesses unusual physical capabilities)
Rafeal, Sanctioned psycher (Telekinetic)
Interrogater Samuel Darmin

Thought for the day:
"killing is sometimes necessary, it is however never right" unknown

My original post was a little rushed and as such details on Inq. Devis backup was unusually scarce (for me) so I thought I'd rectify that situation by adding in an in-universe style profile on each, nothing ridiculously fancy just a few extra details like why their fighting and what makes them unique. Don't worry, any extras will play strictly non-combatant support roles (e.g. where would the ultra-puritan Inq. Johm be without someone to point out who to eviscerate?)

To: Censored
Carried by Guild Astropathica (Sol) via meme-wave 3D4~c.122 secure
Path Detail: Suppressed
Origin: Alpha Centauri Prime, Sol Sub 45672 Origin Date: 009.M42
Received: Censored
Transcript not logged
(Backup copy deleted from buffer)

Author: Interrogator Rorschen

As per your orders I have compiled a report on the warband gathered by the rogue Inquisitor Devis, however even after over a decade of research many of the facts about Devis' more 'exotic' companions are still scare, forcing me to use generalisations based on their original allegiances and organisations. I will detail each individual in order of information availability, first up is Engiseer Sasha Thale.

Age: 137
Gender: Female
Status: Active
Identifying features: Red robes and symbols of the mechanicus, long blond hair, Highly advanced semi-biological optical bionics, no other obvious bionics.
Motives/ Allegiances/ Organisation: Thale is a member of an obscure and small Organicist sub-sect that refers to itself to itself as the order of the chimera (not related to the Tzeentchian cult of the same name), like many Mechanicus sects it is focused on rediscovering or (rarely) innovating technology in a specific discipline -in this case the fusion of man and machine-. Unlike most of Devis' companions, Thale has no obvious agenda or desire other than administering the emperors justice.

"The flesh is weak, however metal has no soul" Engiseer Martoth founder of The order of the Chimera

General Information:
Despite her relatively young age Thale is an undisputed master of her chosen field and is responsible for many medical feats that border on miraculous as well as possessing several technologies and methodologies that appear to be unique. The prime example of this is the massive reconstruction of Devis' body after his final duel with Inq. Cyrus, Devis had suffered extreme injuries (Plasma burns, skull fractures, Brain damage to name a few) during the fight and over a period of two months, Thale steadily healed him; often replacing parts with self-designed semi-biological bionics. as readers are no doubt aware what is surprising about this is not that Devis survived but that he wasn't left brain dead and confined to a force throne. Contrary to her initial appearance Thale (in true Mechanicus tradition) has in fact heavily augmented herself with physical and mental capabilities approaching that of adeptus astartes (but thankfully without the either the martial skill or discipline).

Okay that's the first of the followers details, this post will be edited as I finish the rest. In case your wondering why I'm doing this it's because I've always been more interested in how things work rather than what they do as well as being a sucker for ensemble cast fiction, as such while Devis may be the leader that doesn't mean he's more important than them (of course at 79 he is also still pretty young and a tad inexperienced). In universe Devis makes a point of recruiting like minded individuals (which means reasonably educated and open-minded individuals) who naturally come with their own agendas and motives e.g. Jarrik just wants to save Eminielle (preferably before he goes into a coma from psychic trauma) and as long as it doesn't interfere with the mission Devis is willing to help.
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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
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Guys major effort on the characters is awesome, I can find no reason why any of them wouldn't fit into this RP. Over the next couple of days I will be either PMing or emailing you with your personal objectives, try as far as possible to stay true to these objectives, obviously a tangent here or there is fine, but the overall arc of your writing must lead to completion of these aims. Hopefully see this thing up and running soon! Many of you I have seen write before when this place was all green and black and I know we have some serious talent here so it should be a hectic ride!

If anyone has any questions or suggestions post them in this thread or email me and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Check the IC forums for any plot teasers that I post  :D. Maybe we will pick up a couple more people, I hope so! if you are reading this and haven't joined then get on it like sonic! When the story starts, recruiting will end due to plot purposes  :o

Stay frosty lads  8)

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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
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In my typical fashion I'll probably look at the briefing documents and throw them out the window :P

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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
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We will have no dissenters in  this RP!! Orders are orders! *hastily tries to look like a Commissar but fails dreadfully*

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Re: The Price of Devotion OOC - New RP RECRUITING
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Everything will probably happen as it's meant to anyway. I'm still in Let's-Parody-Ciaphas-Cain mode after what I've just done over on 40KO. Having a hard-ass Inquisitor again is as much an exercise in serious for me as it is an attempt to make a good story where the Sorting Algorithm of Mortality really kicks in.