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Caleva System News Service
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Lord Inquisitor found dead in private residence

Yesterday the body of Lord Inquisitor Uthuron Ventrix was found in his private residence on Siwa. On the day 1354999.M41 at 3:40pm (CST) a servant on Lord Ventrix’s private staff found the 183 year old man reclined on his chaise long in his private library, he appeared to the servant (who wished to remain anonymous) to be asleep, on closer inspection however it was found that Uthuron seemed to have suffered a fatal stroke. The Inquisitors body has been transported in a stasis capsule to the Shrine of St. Cassender at Siwa’s North pole to reside under the care of Arch Militant Aurelius Pius until further measures can be taken by the Inquisition to properly honour the body.

In recent months Lord Inquisitor Ventrix had been making waves in the political and religious upper class of Siwa by vehemently opposing the building of roads to the shrine of St. Cassender that would enable greater amounts of pilgrims to visit the shrine (a popular penitent destination) by enabling safer and more comfortable passage to the ice bound region.  In a rare comment to this news service Lord Ventrix said “It is a venture utterly against the doctrine of the Imperial Cult, purely implemented for financial gain.”

Anneus Scutum the Consul of Artesia has announced a system wide day of mourning and added “He was a great man, totally devout and strove for many years to keep the Imperium safe from man’s many foes, such a devoted Imperial servant shall be sorely missed by all. Emperor vouch safe his soul.”