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Title: Argentuss' current WIP (pics added, and updated)
Post by: Argentuss on August 24, 2010, 09:33:02 AM
So, some of you may remember my rather crazy plan to try and re-create the four choosen of Abaddon in 54mm scale, and then to possibly take it to the final stage of re-creating the Arch heretic himself. Well, i've since realised that my modeling skills are rather rusty, and not really up to the challenge to try and model the choosen at the moment. So, since I had already got my hands on several Artemis models, I decided I would join in, with the recent space marine craze. Initially I wasn't sure what I would do with that many space marines for inquisitor, but i wanted to do something with them that i could try and expand and further my modeling skills. And with the somewhat recent release of the blood angels codex, i decided to try and do something that involved them. So after some major brain storming, i decided to try and make a display peice, of a blood angels command squad. After some more furious brain storming, i decided on a 5 man command squad, a captain, a standard bearer, a normal marine, a company champion, and an apothecary.  

So, the first one is finished. The standard marine for the squad. Armed with a bolt pistol, and chain sword, the only major modification to him, was the bionic leg I gave him. A cookie to who can tell me which 40k model I used for the rough concept of his pose :P The chain sword is a scrath build, out of plasti-car, and the bolt pistol, is just a trimmed down bolt gun, with Delphun gruss' stubber magazine. all and all, this one was just some basic modeling work, and i could ahve done more to him, but i wanted to try and take it slow with these guys, as I want to make sure I progress with my modeling skills, and not just get narked off with something and give up.

Anyways, here he is, Brother Balphor


More pics can be found her (

So, i've updated the pic of Brother Balphor, broke down and got a new camera today, as the other one seems to have disapeared.

Also, i've got the standard bearer started, and the main body has been finished, and has started to recieve some paint. I'vee got the banner started, and am going to be painting that soon, i'll update again, once the banner is finished off, and i've got him together.


C&C always welcome