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Title: The Factory - Campaign
Post by: Swarbie on December 14, 2010, 04:14:08 AM
Ok, so I'm thinking about finally taking the plunge and doing some Inquisitor. I'm a noted procrastinator, so this is an improvement!

However, I don't want to do it alone. Therefore, I'm going to try and drag a couple of my friends into it and turn it into a campaign. For many reasons (ease of availability, etc) I'm going to start out at 28 mm. The plan at the moment is to start out with some Imperial Guard and Empire bits and work along from there for characters and NPCs. My friends and I have plenty of terrain between us, so no worries there!

Now, I've written a brief introduction for the campaign. I'm still working on the overall story, but the idea is for two of my friends to take up the role as either an Acolyte or servant, with myself controlling a third character and acting as GM. Here's the introduction, and I know it's brief, but I hope you'll like it.

The hive-city of Prosperus, capital of Adalweiss Major, is in trouble. Civilians whisper tales of ghosts and foul daemons stalking the sewers, Arbites officers report raids by followers of some ruinous cult, while Inquisitorial spies report to your master, telling him of the disappearance of entire ‘burbs of workers and of the foul symbols bleeding out of the walls of their now-empty hab-stacks.

The situation in Hive Prosperus has proceeded to the point where the Planetary Governor has called for your master’s aid. Hard at work in the Eastern Fringe, your master has no time for such trifles. However, he has seen fit to send you and your companions, his loyal Acolytes and servants, to root out whatever heresy festers deep in the city’s depths, gnawing on the souls of the populace like a rat feasting on the face of a sleeping child.

This, then, is the chance you have been waiting for since your employment; a chance to show your master your true worth! An opportunity to partake in a baptism of fire and a communion of blood to earn advancement, gold and glory! You will root out the heretics and free the city; you will be heroes! But remember, loyal Acolyte: it is the duty of those who bring the light into dark places to ensure they do not become lost in the shadows . . .

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Title: Re: The Factory - Campaign
Post by: Swarbie on December 16, 2010, 01:05:27 AM
Ok, so I put together two rules that'll apply to the whole campaign. Any thoughts?

Campaign-Wide Rules

Psychic overload: Assuming the character does not use his psychic powers, a character who has lost Willpower to psychic overload will regain D10 points of Willpower every hour, up to his original value.

Sanity: Each PC starts the campaign with a Sanity value of 100. If a PC is a psyker, they will instead start with a Sanity value of 90. Encounters with daemons, xenos, etc, may cause a PC to lose between D3 and 3D10 points of Sanity depending on the nature of the encounter (GM’s discretion). In addition, activities such as examining the corpses of cultists bearing a Mark of Chaos, remaining in the presence of a Terrifying character or being forced to kill innocents may also cause PCs to lose Sanity. Attacks and psychic powers that cause damage to a PC’s mental statistics can instead be used to reduce that PC’s Sanity instead. A PC may choose not to attend a scenario and instead spend time praying or talking to a counselor/psychiatrist. If they do this, they regain 2D6 points of Sanity, up to their original total.

If a PC’s Sanity value falls below 50, they permanently lose 2D10 Nerve and Willpower. If their Sanity falls below 25, they must roll on the Hallucinogenic chart if affected by a Telepathic psychic power or if they encounter a Terrifying character. If their Sanity falls to 0 or below, the PC becomes a shivering wreck, drooling and chanting incomprehensible verses. They may take no further part in the campaign.
Title: Re: The Factory - Campaign
Post by: Kaled on December 16, 2010, 08:57:54 AM
It's probably worth moving discussion of these rules over to the rules sub-forum.

I assume the campaign is going to take place over a short period of time for the characters? (I.e. so there's not enough time for them to recover fully between games.) Are they also going to have restrictions on recovering wounds, finding ammo etc?
Title: Re: The Factory - Campaign
Post by: Swarbie on December 16, 2010, 09:10:21 AM
Hmm, good point on the rules thing.

As for the campaign, in-universe I plan on it taking maybe a week or two tops. It should be maybe between 4 and 6 actual games with a couple of smaller starting scenarios to help us get used to the rules set. So, yeah, I'll probably have restrictions on injury recoveries as well, but as for ammo, the PCs are at Hive Prosperus as official Inquisitional agents and are not hiding their presence and my plan for the first proper scenario is to get them inside an Arbites Precinct. From there, I'll give the other players the choice of moving on deeper into the city or staying there and using the Precinct as a base of operations. If they choose to hole up in the Precinct, they'll have plenty of access to las ammo, shotgun ammo and other common Arbites weapons.

I'm going to write the PCs for this campaign and let my friends choose the ones they'd like to play and take over the remaining character. Ammo will be a problem in some cases as I'm planning on one of the characters having a bolt compact from Marco's Armory, so whoever ends up using that character will need to be more careful about ammo, as the Arbites precinct will probably contain a maximum of two reloads for a standard bolt pistol, which equates to 20 rounds for the compact, in addition to 15 rounds carried by the character at the start of the campaign. If someone works out a way to commandeer ammo from a different area of the city, I'll probably let them play a small scenario to see if they acquire it.

Once I've worked out the characters, I'll post them in the rules section. I'll go and put in the campaign rules now and see if I get any feedback.