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Title: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: SpanielBear on March 21, 2011, 07:04:14 PM
With a new model winging its way (hopefully) towards me, I guess now is a good time to check that the characters I have in mind pass muster balance-wise. I've already had some useful editorial advice, but a wider scope of opinion is always good. Any criticism or comments are welcome, both regarding game-play and back story.
So, without further ado, The leader of Inquisitorial Crisis Team 7341A-89, Codename 'Gilgamesh'

Inquisitor Prometheus Steel
Prometheus was born in a position of relative safety for the 41st Millennium, the son of a wealthy family living in the Spires of Necromunda. However, he was blessed (or cursed) with a dangerous skill- he could hear thoughts. Not especially well at first, but over time the private musings of others were open books for him to read at leisure. Awareness of what these emperor-fearing souls believed and feared taught him the value of falsehood and dissembling, thus he learned to how best to act around people to win their favour and support, without arousing undue suspicion.

As he grew older, Prometheus' skills lead him to become aware of the secrets of the Imperial Government. He learned of the dangers presented by the Alien, the Mutant and the Heretic; knowledge that was wisely forbidden to the majority of the population, for if the truth of the number and nature of humanities enemies became common knowledge, panic and Chaos would be the result. He learned that the struggle against these foes happened not just on far away worlds, but in fact everywhere that humanity lived and prospered, ensuring its continued survival. Young, brash, idealistic and brave, Prometheus spent his every effort in finding ways in which he could help fight in this secret war. Eventually, his search lead to the Inquisition.

It also lead the Inquisition to him- his questions were too pointed, and asked of people too well connected to be ignored as mere coincidence. He was studied and watched, until finally one day he was recruited into the war-band of Inquisitor Friedrich Inglemann; assisting him in the destruction of one of the myriads of Skavvy gangs that infested the underhive. Prometheus performed well, and at the Inquisitors side rose in reputation and skill. He revealed his powers, which were so mind-bogglingly useful to Inglemann and the Inquisition as whole that every effort was made to ensure that Prometheus made his way through sanctioning with his mind as intact as possible.

Years passed. Prometheus eventually became honoured with the title of Inquisitor himself, now able to lead his own men against the enemies of mankind and The Emperor. He gained a reputation as one adept at stifiling discord and snuffing out conflicts, skilled at returning a region or troubled zone to the proper Pax Imperialis. But he began to find himself conflicted. His sense of justice was tested by the cynicism he often found in the way the Imperium was governed. He frequently found himself pitted against those condemned perhaps too hastily, men and women who he considered not dangerous, but potentially useful. And amongst his colleagues in the Inquisition, he began to hear whisperings of a name: Recongregator.

His missions started to turn back on their objectives- a planet would return to the Imperium with a known revolutionary as its (now loyal) governor, or a holy civil war would be resolved with more corrupt preachers on pyres than might have been expected. As time has worn on, Prometheus has gathered about him men and women whose faith in the Emperor cannot be questioned, but whose methods may be considered varying levels of questionable. And the Inquisitor himself has been thinking- about the Imperium, about its enemies. And as he thinks and fights, that most dangerous of things has come to his mind- a plan.

The Inquisitor has not lost his youthful speed or vigour, despite his now considerable experience. His slippery mind  can find cracks in unguarded thoughts, and seemingly stead-fast guardians are surprised by how swiftly they fall to his will. Where thoughts and words fail, however, the Inquisitor is not short on options. Attuned to the dramatic, he knows how easily simple minds fall to a bit of stylized theatre, making him a propenent of flashy, stylised close combat, based in part on the honour-duels fought between young nobles that he saw in his youth.

His most recent mission involved an investigation into a suspicious death on the planet Golgotha. A trail of evidence and bodies lead the inquisitor to the Adeptus Mechanicus research facility known as the Peak, and a confrontation with an Abomniable Intelligence calling itself the Angelus Bellum. Despite suffering horrific wounds in the emperor's service, the Inquisitor hunted down the beast in a final battle beneath the planet's surface. Dead now, he says, but there are suspicions that this radical inquisitor may have been less than thorough in his eradication, even keeping some small fraction of the intelligence intact for his own studies...

An unfortunate incident, involving a displacer field, a sniper round and a very angry assassin cost the inquisitor his lower jaw. A bionic replacement has been provided, but there has been a debilitating effect upon his ability to rabble rouse and speechify. He is even more keen to throw himself into the thick of the fighting now, leading by example if nothing else.

Stats: WS. 69 BS. 52 S. 57 T. 59 I. 73 WP. 75 SG. 66 NV. 76 LD. 83
Base Injury Value: 6, Consciousness Value: 29, System Shock: 12, Speed: 5
Left Handed.
Skills: Feint, Leader, Wyrd Mind Scan, True Grit.

Stubber(1 Reload), Power Sword, Flak Armour(chest and abdomen), Displacer Field, Nice Hat (leadership 12 yards instead of 6, if lost wearer becomes subject to Frenzy until it is returned or end of game) Bionic Jaw (+2 Armour head), Metal Buckler (Right Arm)
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: Kaled on March 21, 2011, 07:11:18 PM
He revealed his powers, though not their full extent, and by this point had become trusted enough to escape the black ships.
Why have him escape the Blackships?  It doesn't seem necessary to his story that he shouldn't have been shipped off and sanctioned...

Nice Hat (leadership 12 yards instead of 6, if lost wearer becomes subject to Frenzy until it is returned or end of game)
The model better have one impressive hat with those special rules! ;)
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: DapperAnarchist on March 21, 2011, 07:13:29 PM
Will his hat have lamps on it, and his name, with the caption "Schmort goy!"?
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: Adlan on March 21, 2011, 10:44:36 PM
And then what happens...?
I loose my hat
And any plan where I loose my Hat is not a good plan.

Stats seem fine, my only issues are, as Kaled said, why skip the blackships? Indeed why not have them pick him up, and it's through them he's selected for the inquisition. And how'd he get a basic sense of fairness and justice growing up in a necromundan noble house? I can't see it my self really ;).

Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: SpanielBear on March 21, 2011, 10:44:54 PM
I am very tempted by the Schmott Goy...  :)
 The starting model will be the GW Bounty Hunter, so I have a pretty good hat to work from. I'm just torn between creating something that will look suitably impressive, while at the same time looking like it will stay on someone's head during a fire-fight. All I am certain of at the moment is that it will definately include a feather!

Justice and Fairness- good point. Perhaps a relative sense of justice and fairness would be a better way of putting it- mind reading gives him a sense of how many people are committed to doing the emperors works and are loyal subjects, as well as the complete scum-ridden traitors. But I take your point. This is the Grim Dark future, and anyone lving in it is not going to be winning a Nobel peace prize any time soon.

As to the Blackships problem, I think you're right in saying that he may as well have been sanctioned. I was just uncertain how easy it would be for any citizen of the Imperium to become an Inquisitor if they had a history of unsupervised warp-magic. Sanctioning, while the obvious rationalisation, seemed to imply to great a level of control over anyone who went through it, not an inquisitor who has been given enough free reign to develop radicalism.

It seemed most reasonable to assume that allowances might be made for someone if they had first proved how loyal and useful they were. It would still lead a certain level of mistrust and emnity, but the this is the inquisition after all! Prometheus is not a young man anymore, he has worked hard for the Imperium and has had to earn his seal. It's only over time that his faith in the orthodoxy has become shaken, and the whisperings of the Recongregators have begun to take effect.
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: MarcoSkoll on March 22, 2011, 04:04:45 AM
To be honest, reading his background, while I could certainly believe Mind Scan - or even Wyrd: Mind Scan, I'm not seeing where the basic Telepathy skill fits in. You talk about reading minds (Mind Scan), and reading them completely innately (the start of a justification for Wyrd), but you put little (if any) focus on him projecting his thoughts upon others.

I'd be inclined to give him just the one power, but if you did keep the two, swap over the Wyrd...
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: SpanielBear on March 22, 2011, 05:09:23 PM
EDIT: Skills: Feint, Leader, Wyrd Mind Scan, True Grit.

Following the Inquisitors first full campaign, his experiences/injuries have lead to this new profile. He's proven himself fairly willing to throw himself in harms way to protect mission assets, and takes an appropriate beating as a result. Not so much flashy, it seems, as tenacious. First to start a fight, first to bleed, last man standing. Or, at least, last man breathing...

Good points so far, thank you!

Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: SpanielBear on April 17, 2011, 05:38:11 PM
Apologies for the double post, but I felt it was time for an update.

Here are some more character profiles for the members of Inquisitor Crisis Team Gilgamesh. As always, comments and criticisms are welcome.

Vasily Mk. II

Vasily Smert was an expert marksman and a retired guardsman, who had settled down to work in the service of Baron Romeo del Valencia as a huntsmaster and gamekeeper. When his master was recruited into an inquisitorial war band, Vasily followed loyally, obeyed faithfully, fought bravely, and died messily in the exhaust flare of a launching shuttle.
The Baron, inconvenienced by the loss of his long range support, called home for a replacement; one of the junior huntsmen Vasily had been training to help run the estate. He couldn't be bothered to learn a new name for what was, essentially, a disposable minion, and so Vasily Mk. II was drafted into service.

Vasily Mk. II felt that this renaming was an accurate indicator of his status in the war band, and kept the name as a reminder of the likelihood of his inevitable demise. However, against all expectations Vasily excelled, outliving his master and developing considerable marksman skills of his own. He kept his head down, did his duty, and did his best to keep his head on his shoulders.

This laudable plan was wrecked, however, when Vasily was assigned to what he thought was a search and rescue team investigating the crash of -name censored-. When survivors were encountered, however, the supervising Inquisitor The Lady -file fragmented- gave an uncompromising order:

“there are no survivors.”

Vasily immediately panicked. Understanding that this was now a high security purge mission, he realised that as a witness, his own life was at risk. No longer thinking clearly, when one of his comrades discovered a data disc in the rejection, Vasily said, over an open communication channel. “I think we should hide this from the inquisitor.”
Within seconds, he realised his mistake.

Vasily doesn't know if The Lady knew of his momentary disloyalty, but assumes his life is forfeit. Hearing rumours of Inquisitor Prometheus Steel's forgiving nature, he threw himself on the mind-reader's mercy. Prometheus was quick to realise that Vasily's lapse of obedience was due to fear of betrayal not a lack of faith in The Emperor, and also understood that as long as Vasily felt that the Inquisitor stood between him and retribution, he could not wish for a more loyal bodyguard.

Since that time, Vasily has seen far more action, and is as hard-bitten as any guardsman. He has saved the inquisitor's life on many occasions, thereby earning the Inquisitor's trust and an exceedingly exotic weapon from the munitorium. Based on the standard long-rifle pattern, Vasily's Marksman's Rifle is double barrelled, allowing the use of non-standard, solid slug munitions as well as las-rounds.

Stats: WS. 44 BS. 65 S. 51 T. 46 I. 63 WP. 47 SG. 37 NV. 77 LD 55
Base Injury Value: 5, Conciousness Value: 23, System Shock: 9, Speed: 4
Medic, Deadeye Shot
Equipment: Custom Long Rifle with Infrascope, 3 reloads, 2 smoke grenades, Helmet(open), Flak armour(chest and abdomen), D3 Kraken Rounds, D3 Stalker Silenced Rounds(D6 Damage), 1 Grappling Rope Round(if successfully fired at a location, makes climbing there a non-risky action), Las Pistol

Matthias Bernberg

Matthias was once a simple preacher on Praha VII, an agri world on the galactic central side of Segmentum Ultramar. Spared the worst ravages of a cruel and harsh galaxy, Matthias tended his flock with love and compassion. Then, with tragic inevitability, disaster struck. What should have been a blessed event; the declaration and beatification of Sister Maria Luther of the Order of the Sacred Rose, was marred by the meteroic rise of the Sainted sister's Mother Superior. In the name of the faith, this power-mad zealot placed the planet under ecclesiastical control, with her as it's highest secular authority.

What followed was an all too familiar list of purges and pogroms which culminated with the blessed saints 'martyrdom' in highly suspicious circumstances. Matthias saw his flock defiled and shattered, his church desecrated in the name of 'anti-idolatry'. In this moment of hate, rage and loss, the preacher found himself filled with a surge of holy energy. Light sprang forth from his hands, healing the sick and crushing the blasphemers. Spurred by this holiest of signs, Matthias rallied resistance.

As his counter-crusade gathered strength, he caught the attention of Prometheus Steel, who had been sent by The Inquisition to restore order and end the bizarre uprising- it was unusual for both sides to claim the Emperor's blessing. Prometheus took a liberal interpretation of these orders, casting down the Mother Superior in her own chapel, breaking the secular power of the ecclesiarchy. The revolutionary commanders installed in its place proved a far more competant governing body, and Praha VII became one of the most productive worlds in its sector. It's inhabitants once more lived safe under the Emperor's blessed light.

Forever grateful, Matthias placed himself in the Inquisitor's service. He passed the tests required of a sanctioned psyker, but doesn't understand why these precautions were necessary. He is utterly convinced that his actions have The Emperor's holy blessing. After all, from where else but from The Emperor could his powers stem?

WS. 50 BS. 44 S. 53 T. 54 I. 60 WP. 78 SG. 42 NV. 79 LD 69
Base Injury Value: 5, Conciousness Value: 27, System Shock: 11, Speed: 4
Warp Strength, Regenerate, Word of the Emperor
Sawn-off shotgun, 8 reloads, Hammer, Flak armour(chest and abdomen), Robes(all other locations),  Pentagrammic wards

Horatius Roland

There is nothing complicated about Horatius. He is the kind of man one could use to plug a hole in a fortress wall. He is the kind of man who come with a warning 'point away from face before igniting. He is the kind of man who, once an idea finally reaches his head, is very, very, VERY difficult to dissuade. Employed as a ceremonial guard by Governor Tarquin, it was hard to imagine any man less inclined toward any thought at all, let alone treason and revolt.

So one is left with very little idea exactly why, when the rebellious agitator Brutus Cicero and the so-called 'Inquisitor' Steel were bought in chains before the governor, Horatius would act so strangely. After all, what would convince a man who showed in himself not the slightest element of natural thought to turn against his master, shield two strangers with his own body against neural shocks, then leap twelve stories with them in his arms into the moat below?

In desperation, Inquisitor Prometheus Steel had been scanning the minds of all those in the throne room, trying to find any source of assistance. His psychic panic became a clamouring wail in the warp, and the twisted dimension responded. The will of the inquisitor was transposed upon that of Horatius and engulfed it, overriding every thought in the warriors head except that of obedience. The psychic blast was so strong, that even now, several years later, his free will has yet to show any signs of re-establishing itself. Terrified of this uncontrolled power, the Inquisitor has never tried the same trick again- when it comes to the warp, it is best to never push ones luck.

Horatius follows the Inquisitor like a devoted puppy, albeit a puppy with heavy armour and a very big halberd. Once given a (simple) order, it takes an exceptional enemy to prevent Horatius from slowly, yet inevitably, completing it.

WS. 61 BS. 29 S. 88 T. 68 I. 43 WP. 32 SG. 17 NV. 71 LD 42
Base Injury Value: 7, Conciousness Value: 34, System Shock: 14, Speed: 3
True Grit, Force of Will, Plodding(May re-roll one failed action dice per turn. If successful, may only then either keep moving in the same direction, or if in combat, continue to attack.), Furious Charge.
1 Throwing Axe, Halberd, Carapace armour(all locations save head), helmet(closed)
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: SpanielBear on May 08, 2011, 11:45:56 AM
Another apology, another update...
At most, Crisis Team Gilgamesh will have six members, and I have no intention of fielding them all on the same table at the same time. Also, I apologise for no WIP shots or models- I am still eagerly awaiting my paycheck, and once that arrives modeling can begin  ;D
With that said, on with the update. Comments and Criticisms welcome, as always.

Mary Chatelet

The Lords and Ladies of the Imperium number in the millions, with personalities as diverse and disparate as there may be between any nation of individuals. Thus it was a certain brand of bad luck that left Mary Chatelet, a daughter of a exceedingly powerful Necromundan family, tied to a marriage alliance with the unpleasant and repulsive son of an overwhelmingly powerful Hive Lord of the Planet Geneve IV. Chatelet, an intelligent woman, was soon making the best of her situation. She hosted regular parties, where the most interesting draw was not the entertainment but the guests. Retired Rogue Traders, Adeptus Mechanicus agents skirting the edge of heresy, guard veterans and even, it was rumoured, xeno diplomats. In short, The Lady Chatelet began to build a web of informants and power that left her in de-facto control of the planet, as long as her husband remained none the wiser.
Her husband did not remain none the wiser. In his usual unsubtle fashion, he learned of his wife's unofficial act of usurpation not through cunning counter spying or clever interrogation, but by barging in uninvited to a very private soiree between his wife, his head of security and a Tau Diplomat on the brink of selling some very illegal but very exciting hardware. The shouting match did not end well. Nor did his attempt to strike his wife; she had of course been raised on Necromunda, with the same access to combat training that had always seen Prometheus in good stead. Battered, bruised, and with two black eyes, the Hive Lord stumbled out Mary's room initiating an unofficial state of civil war.
With Chatelet's cunning and contacts, one would have expected her to have ended the conflict quickly and with consummate ease. But she had unfortunately become infected with what one Ad Mech knowingly referred to as the Sofia virus. After such a long exposure to radical thinking and xeno tech, Mary Chatelet's thirst for forbidden knowledge began to override other, more practical concerns like self preservation. She would spend her nights locked in her rooms, lit only by the white flashes of sparking power sources, dismantling and reassembling any and all technology she could get her hands on. The state of war was only drawn out by her ability to supply her agents with superior fire power, and such hand-outs were usually accompanied by a long and technical explanation of just why this particular piece of kit was “absolutely fascinating, you see, because this bit...” Her guardsmen were very polite about this. But in the end, such briefings usually ended with a slightly less than diplomatic question along the lines of “So which bit's the trigger?” and Mary storming off in a huff.
Her husband took extreme measures to turn the tide. He requested the assistance of the inquisition. Fearing the heresies of her Ladyships work, and totally unwilling to see the toppling of an Imperial Ruler, the inquisition sent Prometheus with very, very strict instructions to see that Mary Chatelet was removed from power permanently.
Prometheus obeyed his orders to the letter, by recruiting her.
Mary is a fair shot with a lasgun, thanks to both good old fashioned mutant hunts back in the hive, as well as training with her friends in the guard on Geneve IV. She kept herself fit too, mainly for the psychological benefit of being as different from her loathsome husband as possible. Her undoubted intelligence is her most obvious asset to Prometheus, however, as well as the fact that he likes having someone around from “back in the old hive”. Her combat experience leaves something to be desired, and she has yet to show true resilience under fire. However, the Sofia virus is no joke, and has progressed to acute levels. Her Ladyship is very, very fond of tech. This mostly suits Prometheus, as he likes having a non-Adeptus affiliated techie at his beck and call, but it does mean he has to keep an eye on her. Otherwise he'll find himself alone on a battlefield, with his back-up staring intently at this wonderfully designed rifle this nice Mr. Kroot fellow is holding...

Stats: WS: 51  BS: 57  S: 43 T: 54 I: 55 WP: 42 SG: 88 NV: 45 LD: 52
Base Injury Value: 5, Consciousness Value: 27, System Shock: 10, Speed: 4
Skills: Tech Savvy, Medic
Equipment: Mesh Armour(Chest, Abdomen, Groin), Flak Armour(Legs and Arms), Lancelot, detachable infra-scope, Digi-weapon(1 shot, Needle Pistol, Hallucinogen), Short Sword.

Lancelot: Lancelot is the name Mary Chatelet gave to her customised laspistol. It has the following stats- Type: Exotic, Range: E, Mode: Single, Acc: - Dam: 2d6, shots: 30, Rld: 2, Wt: 25.
Due to being constantly worked on, at the start of a mission roll a D6.
1= Auxiliary Webber (1 shot)
2= Auxiliary Flamer (1 shot)
3= +5BS bonus
4= +3 damage
5= Auxiliary Graviton gun (1 shot)
6= Auxiliary Bolt Pistol (1 shot, Metal Storm Shell).
It's very impressive, but Mary keeps saying that Project Gawain will be even better...
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: SpanielBear on June 21, 2011, 10:13:13 PM
There are two members of Crisis Team Gilgamesh as yet unaccounted for, model wise. I am unsure which to pursue next, so I'm putting it to the conclave- shall we have Mary Chatelet (the above profile), or this 'gentleman'?

Pierre Bonnot

The beginning of the 41st millennium heralded days of darkness for the City of Lights. A warp storm left the planet of Fleur de Lys cut off from the rest of the Imperium. As the hastily dispatched regiment of the Death Korps of Krieg entrenched themselves around the city, for the citizens own protection, the creaking, top heavy bureaucracy found itself unable to contain what had always been a dark underbelly amongst its citizens.
Naming themselves La Vile Boheme, a cult of unbelief erupted into the open. Arbite positions were overwhelmed, and the legitimate authority found itself forced to flee into the Death Korps positions. The Korps, becoming aware of this new threat to their rear, proceeded with an immediate and constant bombardment.
The siege lasted for almost 18 months. While information was hard to come by from the start, the few loyal citizens left within the metropolis, huddled in dank, fetid basements, shared news of one name that sprang to every tongue.

Pierre Bonnot had mined the Pont du Macharius, destroying a company of mutants as they marched across. Pierre Bonnot had re-wired the sprinkler systems in the Bibliothèque, gassing the occupants and liberating the contents in the emperor's name. Pierre Bonnot had jury rigged an industrial steel-cutter, and with it had severed the legs of the ersatz defilers returning fire at the Korps. Pierre Bonnot had been discovered seducing Mimi (the personal succubi of the Dark Apostle,) by that evil sybarite himself, and had shot him through the heart without even pausing in the act. Pierre Bonnot had no lord, no god, no cause; no master save his whim and passion, and it was only the fear of the inquistion that kept his feet upon the path of righteousness. Pierre Bonnot could Read, and had even Read Books, with no thought as to the safety of his immortal soul. Pierre Bonnot could breath in space, was submersible in up to 20 ft of water, was waterproof, was the only known cure for Nurgle's Rot, and was left handed.

Some of this was even true.

When the siege was at last ended, and no record or sign of Pierre Bonnot could be found, the entire legend was dismissed as the manic ravings of a starving populace. On an unrelated note, any guardsman responsible for locating the head of the Dark Apostle Henri Murger will receive an extra alcohol ration.

Inquisitor Prometheus Steel recruited Pierre on the belief that such a hero of the resistance would be an asset to the Crisis Team. To Prometheus' utter horror, Pierre turned out to be a despicable rat of a man, a murdering, cold hearted fire-starter and reprobate with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Except his shooting skills. And his technical know-how. And his links to the criminal underworld. And his willingness to do any dirty deed, so long as it would upset somebody important, somewhere.

And so Prometheus had a long think.

His conclusion was the N.M.I.L. Device- an explosive collar fitted around Pierre's thin, scrawny neck. Prometheus keeps the detonator on his person at all times, and has also installed a dead-man's switch- literally, if Prometheus dies, the bomb will go off. With this and copious amounts of mind reading, Prometheus hopes to keep Pierre under some semblance of control...

Stats: WS. 32 BS. 59 S. 47 T. 44 I. 75 WP. 52 SG. 56 NV. 64 LD 26
Base Injury Value: 4, Consciousness Value: 22, System Shock: 9, Speed: 5
Skills: Dodge, Scum, fast draw(revolver)
Equipment: Knife, Revolver (2 reloads, 6 flechette rounds), Welding tool, 2 gas grenades (1 hallucinogen, 1 choke), 1 smoke grenade, 1 photon flash, Lighter, Flack Armour(Chest and abdomen)

Scum: The character has friends in low places, and is only in his element when nefarious doings are to be done. He gets a 20% bonus to sagacity when involved in criminal undertakings, such as talking to gangers, holding up convoys or robbing a strongbox. On the other hand, this has left him with very little time for social graces- minus 20% sagacity when in polite company and during formal, social occasions.

Welding Tool: A factory issue fusion cutter, that Pierre has rejiggered for his own purposes. It is as unfriendly and murderously tempremental as its owner. Rules as inferno pistol, but with only 3 shots, and a risky action to fire, as per plasma weaponry. No reloads.
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: Damon on June 21, 2011, 11:52:58 PM
They both sound like really interesting characters but I reckon you should go for Pierre first. I love his background and he sounds like a really fun and interesting character to play with/against. I particularly like the idea of the legend of the various things he had supposedly done.
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: Shannow on June 22, 2011, 10:07:58 PM
I vote pierre too! Though I have to say that as a well written and interesting character an explosive collar seems a little too 'normal' for him and is generally the standard control device for nutters. I just feel that he would have something crazier and unique.

But that just my opinion and he sounds a great character and can imagine him stopping in a game because he found a bit of tech that looks like it might get his collar off :P
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: SpanielBear on June 22, 2011, 11:02:29 PM
The N.M.I.L. (Nemo Me Impugne Lacessit) device is an attempt to reconcile a dilema- how to get a murderous, backstabbing yet exceedingly useful individual to play nice and reliably in the context of a team. Connecting the life of Pierre to the life of Prometheus seemed like a good way to ensure that the criminal had a vested interest in doing what he was told, without just killing the Inquisitor who'd caught him.
Prometheus is not hugely subtle, so an explosion seems to fit his idea of righteous retribution. However, if anyone has any other suggestions, I'm always happy to hear them.
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: Zakkeg on June 23, 2011, 08:09:22 AM
Prometheus's stats seem to me to be a bit low for an Inquisitor, but apart from that I absolutely love the lot of them. You may wish to come up with some special rules for Pierre's collar to reflect the fact that his self-preservation instinct has been essentially hijacked, however.

That said, I'm going to go against the grain and say that I'd like to see Mary first. Unless she's another Jena Orechiel. Lovely model (I've somehow ended up with no less than three), but there's just only so much you can do with her.
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: SpanielBear on June 23, 2011, 12:53:28 PM
Prometheus' stats aren't high, but then there's nothing he's out and out incompetant at either. The displacement field is an excellent piece of kit which increases survivability tremendously about 60% of the time, but then can go catastrophically wrong the other 40%.

I'll have a think about Pierre's collar. Certainly he's always looking for a way out; he's clever enough to find one too, all things being equal. As Prometheus is a mind-reader, however, things are normally not. I do see him playing to the letter rather than the spirit of orders he's given, however.

I can reassure you  that Mary will not be a Lady Orechiel. It's not that I dislike the model, but I have a certain idea of how Mary should look, and it's going to involve a lot of converting. Including working out how to scratch build a riding dress and enlightenment style coat... Should be fun!
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: Shannow on June 23, 2011, 01:32:25 PM
You might want to look at rose miniatures, sometime some great Georgian 54mm models pop up on eBay and sound like would fit the bill.
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: Zakkeg on June 23, 2011, 08:56:41 PM
Aye. Listing's done now unfortunately, but something like this lady ( might be just the ticket. (In fact, hat aside, it's more or less how I imagined her when reading the description.)
Title: Re: Iquisitorial Crisis Team 'Gilgamesh'
Post by: SpanielBear on June 24, 2011, 04:43:15 PM
Yes, that would have been pretty much spot on  :(. Not sure about the hair, but really apart from that, yeah. My eyes, I shall keep them open, thanks for the heads up.