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Title: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: Koval on August 01, 2009, 09:40:57 PM
Marco et al, are you up for reviving this? I managed to salvage most if not all of it from Google's caches.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: MarcoSkoll on August 01, 2009, 11:35:11 PM
I think I can do you one better than that.
Everything (IC & OOC) in its original more friendly format:

You'll need to take it out of the zip archive for it to work properly, but it is all there.

The thing is, I kept quite a lot of it off-line because I was used to writing where I had no internet connection, so I needed it there for reference.
I'm afraid I had to salvage a few bits from Google Cache (OOC pages #2 & 3, which were incomplete, I forgot to update them), but using my leet HTML skillz, I've managed to convert those back to the original format as well.

I've even gone through and sorted the links on each page so that you can navigate through on the normal controls rather than having to open each page separately (I hope you can, anyway). yes, I would like to continue.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: Koval on August 02, 2009, 10:32:15 AM
Well, in that case, I'll operate on the assumption that we're the only ones left, until I see other people coming back. It might mean editing or rewriting some of the later parts, but hopefully it'll come out ok.

Due to a rather interesting housing situation, though, I may not even be able to restart this for a month or so, which admittedly gives people time to come back if they want to, but it annoys me as well as I'd hoped to actually get some interesting stuff down for once.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: MarcoSkoll on August 02, 2009, 12:32:18 PM
To be fair to them, Necris, mcjomar, Corrino & Hidersine (I think that's everyone) aren't even signed up again yet.
So... yes, of those who were involved, we're the only two who are currently back.

I'm not sure how many of them were members of other sites like Warseer to get the information that we're back, but Google Cache has stored the contact details for some of them, if you want to try and pester... I mean, remind them.

Necris (, Hidersine (, & mcjomar ( Corrino didn't have any details on his profile.

However, I'm sure we'll see some of them at least back with some time.

Either way, you've still got me on board, be that a good thing or a bad thing.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: JaqueThay on August 03, 2009, 01:30:18 AM
I think I've got an email address for Necris as well, so if he doesn't come back, let me know and I'll see if I can contact him.

Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: MarcoSkoll on August 03, 2009, 01:40:49 AM
Sounds good. I think I've got an e-mail for him too, but there's no great rush immediately.

Rummaging around my computer, assuming we do get enough people back to keep the storyline as it is, it seems I've actually got a half written draft for my next section, which is nice.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: Koval on August 03, 2009, 08:00:39 AM
Well, at any rate, although we are gonna get back into business, it may not be for a while, as I said. The Belgian student-accommodation agencies I've emailed still haven't got back to me, so I'm looking at anywhere between six days and six weeks before I get a flat over there (for the record it's for part of my degree)

If you can't contact anyone in particular, then it's not a massive problem, the story could theoretically just continue with just Alice and Marco as the principal characters, although I did have a plot hook invested in Hidersine that I may have to seriously work around...
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: Hidersine on August 10, 2009, 04:40:51 AM
Hey guys
Sorry it took me so long to get back here, my most profound apologies.  I would be ecstatic if we could continue from where we left off before the server crash.  Hope that your housing gets sorted soon Koval
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: Koval on August 10, 2009, 07:45:42 AM
Well, slight update on the housing thing, I'm well on the way to securing a flat in Belgium -- I just need to go back in a couple of weeks and sign a contract, and then most of September will be spent moving stuff between the UK and this flat.

I'll restart after that if you're still good to go.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: Necris on August 29, 2009, 12:47:42 PM
I have returned....

Somewhat though my life at the moment is hell incarnate I'm moving house waiting to hear about a new job and utterly without internet save for the library again

that being said I am back and I will rejoin as and when I am able

Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: MarcoSkoll on September 30, 2009, 09:46:29 PM
September has nearly left, so I just thought I'd pop my head up and get any kind of idea of when this might kick off again.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: Koval on October 01, 2009, 04:18:17 PM
I can kick it off again over the weekend, I guess, is that ok for you?
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: MarcoSkoll on October 01, 2009, 06:08:23 PM
Sounds good to me.

And that reminds me, I should really get the background and profiles for Marco and his entourage back on the forum.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: Koval on October 03, 2009, 01:44:28 PM
I've revived most of After Hours. I was missing a post, and then there was a bit with Hidersine and Necris that I'm not willing to restore just yet until I know where Hidersine is.

Posting is, however, open again.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: MarcoSkoll on October 03, 2009, 08:22:03 PM
I've put up that missing post of mine. If you need to get in contact with Hidersine, his profile has an email address on it.

Also, profiles to replace the ones that were lost in the 'Clave crash. Should hopefully provide most basic data.

NAME: Marco Robert Skoll
RANK: Inquisitor (Ordo Perditus);  Considered by others to be Amalathian in his beliefs (although Marco personally abstains from classifying his beliefs)
AGE / GENDER / APPEARANCE:  42 Terran Years; Male; Height: 6' 2"; Weight: 177 lbs. Grey eyes. Short sandy blonde hair. Multitude of minor scars. Generally clean shaven. Right handed.
ATTIRE:Typically wears a long brown trenchcoat (formerly his father's), and heavy black boots.
PERSONALITY: Abnormally casual and calm for an Inquisitor. Persistent, but seldom forceful. Hard to anger, except where someone he cares about has been harmed - his fury is tenacious, but serene. Typically assesses all the facts at hand, with a good eye for finding inconsistencies.
OCCUPATION: Belongs to the Ordo Perditus, an organisation which has set about keeping Imperium's secrets.  However, officially they are hunters, specialising in tracking or finding what is lost, whatever it may be.
BELIEFS: Marco's beliefs on the Inquisition are that Inquisitors are merely humans granted the burden of the power to serve the Imperium, and that it is foolish for an Inquisitor to forget they are human. Generally Puritan in his methods, beliefs and associates, but Marco often feels his actions are sometimes more towards Radical than he can necessarily justify.
ABILITIES / STRENGTHS / WEAKNESSES: Controlled (if not hugely powerful) telekinetic. A sharp, mentally agile and learned mind. Good mechanical aptitude (trained as a gunsmith). Physically fit and resilient. Competent with a blade, expert with firearms, and a good tactician. Not a particularly inspiring combat leader, with too much focus on objectives, rather than the demeanour of his allies. Psychically bound (although the mechanism is unknown) to his partner, Silva Birgen, with each highly attuned to the other, making the pair a formidable team.
WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: Carries relatively little equipment, but finds ways of being able to use it in almost any situation. Wears reflec coated carapace, a gift from Silva after a wound several years ago. Carries the powerful and ancient rune sword Laevateinn and a suppressed and customised stubber (with lots of spare ammo.) Also carries a combi-tool (from his mother); a lighter (although he does not smoke); a miniature lamp-pack; and a micro-bead comm-link. Fitted with a psy-booster as part of his sanctioning.
SERVANTS/ACQUAINTANCES: Routinely travels with Silva Birgen, his partner; Giovanna Ciris, an Arbite; Arden Holf, an ageing former smuggler; Jax Lynn, Arden's bodyguard/co-pilot and the various crew of Arden's ship. Somewhat disappointed that most of his entourage won't associate with him on a more personal level.
Maintains contacts with his former mentor (Lembas Byssus), his mentor's other acolytes (Cathal Brennan and Lyra Rhodes) and the mercenary "Frost".
HISTORY: Born on Mapane III. Father (Deceased): Akseli Skoll, a gunsmith, his mother, Amalia Lahtinen, was a mechanic. Hides telekinetic power for early life, due to the planet's low psyker rates and high prejudices. Learns gunsmithing until  age 18.
Age 12: Receives high quality rifle from father as birthday present.
Age 18: Forced into using power during an attack by predatory canines. Saves several lives, but becomes social pariah. Inquisitor Byssus turns up to investigate rumours, and after three days, leaves, taking Marco with him. Gets enrolled with the Scholastia Psykana, but spends a relatively short time with them. Spends following years serving under Byssus.
Age 27: Acquires Laevateinn from the vaults of the deceased Inquisitor Roniro, somewhat by accident - although legend would have it that the sword chose him.
Age 28: Meets his partner Silva during a hunt for a cyrokinetic on Wymec, due to their already existent bond. Byssus consents to Silva joining his entourage, partly so he can research this bond.
Age 31: The trio narrowly escape death on Eidica, and only through pure luck and skill.
Age 38: Promoted to Inquisitor as part of Byssus' retirement from field work. Has since recruited associates to provide him with the skills and manpower needed. Operations of note include the Rugis actions and its conclusion, the Gercshcliff breakout.
NOTES: Owns a high performance 4WD off-road vehicle, built by the manufacturer Garor-Prij (Pron. Gah-ra Pry-ge). Still owns rifle given by father. Still not fully aware of the extent of Laevateinn's power.
QUIRKS: Tends to introduce himself with his full name and rank, something of a backlash to his mentor's frequent use of aliases;  Prefers to talk to people on casual first name terms, unless the situation is particularly official. May well be formal about people who are not present; Has a habit of making obscure metaphors; Almost never phrases his orders in an absolute form, instead usually phrasing it as a request or a statement of what needs to be done. Only really gives direct orders in dire situations.


NAME: Silva Abigail Birgen
RANK: Former Staff Sergeant (Pexir 26th)
AGE / GENDER / APPEARANCE: 39 Terran Years; Female; Height: 5' 11"; Weight: 298 lbs. Blue left eye (low key bionic replacement), Green right eye; Auburn chin length hair. Left Handed. Heavily bionically reconstructed - left arm and shoulder, right leg and left side of face (latter hidden under syn-skin). Heavily built, partly due to muscle needed to deal with bionic weight. Due to her build, heterochromia and bionics, can be somewhat intimidating.
ATTIRE: Tends to choose clothing that can be described as "practical" and which doesn't interfere with her bionics. Only wears "female formal wear" when absolutely necessary.
PERSONALITY: A realist with sarcastic and cynical humour, but with a more positive outlook since she met Marco. Slow to accept people she meets and has next to no patience for people who see her as a resource rather than a person. Likes to be the heroine, and not afraid of danger. Some interest (although limited skill) in recreational mechanics.
BELIEFS: Silva believes in working for humanity, not the Imperium, and sees the Imperium as a stagnant, outdated and inefficient system that will be its own end.
ABILITIES / STRENGTHS / WEAKNESSES: Highly decisive, mentally swift, and known for clear thinking under pressure. Very physically fit, and trained in two martial arts. Knows how to use the strength and weight of her bionics to her advantage. Competent  shot, and capable of handling all but the heaviest weapons single handed.
No longer naturally floats, and must exert significant effort to remain above water. Limited organic body mass means that doses of drugs or poisons can affect her more heavily than her physical size would suggest. (Although not for longer, as her liver is unaffected).
WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT:  Pump action 12 gauge with an array of different shells. Considerably sized combat knife.  Concealed weapons within bionic arm - 3 "claw blades", an elbow blade, a las-emitter and a miniature flamer. Tends to wear a flak shirt. Comm-link built into bionic ear.
ACQUAINTANCES: Gets on well with everyone in Marco's entourage.
HISTORY: Born in "South" Hosz, a hive city on Pexir - a planet troubled by gang culture.
Father: Raphael Birgen, architect; Mother: Lucia Grey, medical doctor. Brother (older): Marek, Major in Pexir 25th. Sister (younger): Elise, aide to company owner.
Mostly educated with the intent to become part of an educated profession, but preferred more active "employment", and at age 19, joins Pexir 26th, a city fighting regiment mostly made up of convicted gang members. Aside from some minor difficulties with the officers, her skill and voluntary entry into the regiment sees her promoted to Staff-Sergeant over the next few years. Learns Pexirian slang over this time. Has cursed in it since. Meets Marco at age 25. Crippled on Thrupp V at age 27, receives extensive bionic repair. Has bionic arm fitted with concealed weapons a year later.
NOTES: Decent guitarist. Plays a seven steel string acoustic.
QUIRKS: Distinctive natural accent which she tries to cover, but when under stress or pressure, it tends to return (even when acting otherwise rationally or calmly); One of the few people to refer to Giovanna as "Gianna".


NAME: Giovanna Ciris. Generally known as "Gio".
RANK: Arbitrator 1st class
AGE / GENDER / APPEARANCE: 32 Terran years; Female; Height: 5' 5"; Weight: 131 lbs. Hazel eyes. Light brown hair, typically in a short pony-tail. Right Handed, except when shooting.
Out of uniform, Gio might not immediately appear to be an Arbite, but on a closer look, her slightly wiry build and confident stance give away what's beneath the deceiving exterior - a person trained almost since birth to serve the Imperium.
ATTIRE: Always wears her inscribed carapace armour when at work. Tends to wear loose and light clothing when off-duty.
PERSONALITY: Incredibly conditioned to society's structures, and almost invariably polite but formal, particularly around authority. Only normally informal when talking about one of her subjects of expertise, or otherwise "important". Can sometimes seem distant.
BELIEFS: Prepared to bend Imperial law, but only if she must.
ABILITIES / STRENGTHS / WEAKNESSES: Most skilled hand-to-hand fighter in Marco's entourage, capable of both lethal or less lethal combat. Mediocre shot (shoots left handed). Mind has very weak connection to warp, giving her exceptional resistance to telepaths with the side effect that she doesn't find psychic nulls unsettling. Skilled with handling explosives.
WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT:  Shock maul. Moderately sized suppression shield. Multipurpose grenade launcher and numerous less-lethal projectiles/grenades. Laspistol & reload. Occasionally equipped with demolitions charges and a remote detonator. Comm-link.
ACQUAINTANCES: Maintains an almost strictly professional relationship with Marco. The only one of Marco's crewmembers she is reasonably close to is Silva, finding everyone else "inappropriate".
HISTORY:  Believed to have been born on the planet of Rarias II (cannot be confirmed). Abandoned at a young age (exact birth-date unknown), she was promptly taken in by the Schola Progenium. Her early entry meant she has never had any marginally normal upbringing (although much to the delight of the Drill Abbots). Always a respectable student, she was eventually chosen for the Arbites.
Serving in Hanan Hive on Namsor for several years, an increase in rogue psykers meant she was eventually marshalled into a unit attempting to control this outbreak. In this role, she demonstrated aptitude and a considerable resistance to Telepaths, meaning she eventually got promoted to 2nd in command of the unit, as well as the demolitions specialist (sometimes, the solution proved to be collapsing the building the psyker was in.) At age 28, she was seconded to Marco's entourage for one of his investigations, a transfer that was eventually made permanent, and has served with him since.
QUIRKS: Almost never refers to Marco in anything other than a formal manner, typically appending sentences with "Sir". Becomes more casual when talking on a matter where she is the expert.


NAME: Arden Holf. Sometimes referred to as "Icebreaker".
RANK: Former Smuggler.
AGE/GENDER/APPEARANCE: 57 Terran Years; Male; Height: 5' 9"; Weight: 165 lbs; Blue eyes; Greying long black hair & short neatly kept beard; Wears glasses; Marginally overweight; Large straight scar diagonally across chest.
PERSONALITY: Often impulsive, rather overoptimistic and definitely proud and showy.
BELIEFS: He's not heavily dedicated to the Imperium, but he likes it the way it is, particularly with its restrictive laws, as it was those laws that allowed him to charge exorbitant smuggling fees.
Doesn't agree with juvenat treatment.
ABILITIES/ STRENGTHS / WEAKNESSES: Skilled pilot (specialises in large craft). Decent rifle shot. Formerly decent in hand to hand, but age limits his current ability.
WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: Scoped bolt action Hunting Carbine, Automatic Revolver, Heirloom Sword, Comm link.
SERVANTS: The crew of the Ynys Mon and its smaller drop ship, the Vesuvius, but primarily his co-pilot/bodyguard Jax Lynn, the ship's enginseer "Alpine" (Female/42 yrs) and the Navigator Jaysar (Male/Age unknown)
HISTORY: Generally  very quiet about his early history, and it's not even clear if Arden Holf is his birth name. However, Imperial records record quite a lot of his misdemeanours. Up until the time he was recruited by Marco, he ran illegal shipments across his sector for years, with very high success rates.
Since his recruitment for the Rugis actions, his skill and craft have proven highly valuable to Marco.
NOTES: Owns the mid-size freighter Ynys Mon, and its drop ship, the Vesuvius. Neither still match with their original blueprints, and violate a certain number of laws as well.
QUIRKS: Tends to refer to Marco as "Mister Skoll". Drinks rather heavily (prefers spirits) - becomes rather talkative when less sober, and occasionally prone to revealing odd things he did many years ago.


NAME: Jax Lynn
RANK: Arden's co-pilot/bodyguard.
AGE / GENDER / APPEARANCE: 44 Terran years; Male; Height:  5' 7"; Weight: 142 lbs; Black eyes; White hair; Right Handed.
Although a mutant, Jax's appearance is only mildly unusual. The oddities that stand out are his pure black eyes (with no distinction between iris & pupil), "white" hair, and moderately mottled skin, nothing that would be hugely unusual on a normal human, and so he can generally pass for one.
While it generally appears near white, Jax's hair is actually hollow and transparent, which means it has the odd property of taking on the colour of whatever light is around. (OOC: Like polar bear fur does)
ATTIRE: Jax tends to prefer to dress in a smart manner.
PERSONALITY:  A professional and thorough worker, with a relaxed but cheerful demeanour. Generally pretty fearless.
BELIEFS: Jax concerns himself little with concerns of faith or conviction, because he knows that his thoughts will have no effect on anyone else, and simply does what he thinks right at the time.
ABILITIES / STRENGTHS / WEAKNESSES: Jax is a mutant with exceptionally powerful regenerative ability - not only capable of healing horrific wounds in mere moments, he has recovered from medically dead on at least three occasions. No known limits to regeneration. Fairly average shot. Decent with staves in hand to hand (less good with bladed weapons). Good pilot (better with small craft).
WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: Carries twin stubbers and a steel short staff. Doesn't bother with armour. Comm-link.
ACQUAINTANCES: Gets on well with the members of Marco's crew that will accept him (most except Giovanna).
HISTORY: Due to his regeneration, Jax was employed at an early age as Arden's bodyguard. Capable of taking bullets without lasting harm, he could fulfil the role very competently, and eventually was promoted to a role of co-pilot.
In recent years, given Arden's ageing, he has generally taken over many roles Arden himself would have previously been involved in, at times accompanying Marco on missions.
QUIRKS: Switches eerily between informal and formal terms in conversation; Fairly heavy accent & deep voice - some people may find him hard to understand.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: Koval on October 05, 2009, 06:38:11 PM
You know, it's gonna create a massive plot hole whether or not I put profiles up for Alice, Friedrich, and Kalle. This really is a Catch-22, Marco...

I can put up a profile for my shadowy little creation, M, if you like, unless that'll also create plot holes and spoilery.

By the way, after all this putting-up of stuff, you're going to hate me again, because I've still not settled in properly. So this is going back on hold, and my two projects on 40KOnline have also gone on hold, so I'm only concentrating on the least intellectually demanding of my projects so that I don't go off the boil entirely while I settle in (and no offense to Tony*, but that's Deathwatch Reborn)

*Clarifier: my two projects on 40KO are another Deathwatch story, which has vampires in it and is from the point-of-view of an Inquisitor who's doing his best to keep himself even more enigmatic than the vampires, and a mind-bender of a Mechanicus story that involves cloning, and the protagonist is a Magos who died several millennia before the story's set. It's sufficiently bonkers to automatically be ahead of everything else I'm doing, on an intellectual level, making After Hours a close second (although it doesn't help that I've forgotten half of my own plot twists!)
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: MarcoSkoll on October 05, 2009, 08:40:54 PM
You know, it's gonna create a massive plot hole whether or not I put profiles up for Alice, Friedrich, and Kalle.
I'm not saying that you need to. I'd remembered that the profiles I used before were linked out to other topics, which obviously no longer exist, so I simply dumped basic details - appearance, personality, skills and equipment.

Most of it's simply the kind of things you could tell by looking at or being around them, or the kind of thing that's not obvious, but stops someone else writing something that doesn't really make sense.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: Necris on October 12, 2009, 08:59:32 AM
deathwatch is a no brainer really
go here do that make it as flash as possible
job done
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: MarcoSkoll on December 22, 2009, 05:40:28 AM
It's been another couple of months, so I figured I'd just inquisitively poke at this thread.

Not trying to force anything or rush you, but I've realised that I'm rather missing the RPing. I've got stories I'm scrawling up to do by myself, but it's not quite the same as something done with others.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: Koval on December 22, 2009, 08:18:34 PM
My brain's working overtime as it is and I've got two stories on the go over on 40KO, and my Deathwatch Reborn post quality is (as a result) minimal. In a cruel twist of fate my own shorter stories, which I hadn't thought I'd be able to muster the brainpower for only two months ago, are now storming ahead.

Well, my Mechanicus one isn't, but that's mostly a result of being unable to think of a reason why a Mechanicus tribunal would ever *not* be infallible in their internal policing. In the case I'm taking apart, they covered all their bases extremely thoroughly. Granted, I have now found something after a long time thinking about it, but the point stands.

Point being, it is unlikely this will get much further than Dark Heresy at this stage, although I'll definitely come back to this as soon as I finish my Mechanicus story, and the Deathwatch/vampire thing which I know Sargoth, if nobody else, absolutely despises just on the basis of the V-word being an automatic indicator that the story is incredibly silly.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: MarcoSkoll on December 22, 2009, 09:51:58 PM
Okay, I can perfectly understand that.

I'm working on some possible solo narratives anyway, so I suppose I'll get working on those.
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: MarcoSkoll on August 13, 2010, 03:04:58 AM
Hello again. I've been very well behaved and not poked at this thread for nearly 8 months, but I've finally let my avidity get the better of me.

Don't feel pressured in the slightest - I wouldn't want to push you into this unless you're ready, but if you can give some kind of approximate timescale, it would be very much appreciated. The thing is, I don't read 40KO (I already read far too many forums!), so I haven't the foggiest how close you may or may not be to finishing the other stories you mentioned. :-\
Title: Re: After Hours: Take Two
Post by: Koval on August 13, 2010, 08:12:18 AM
Well, if I'm honest, I plan -- eventually -- to rewrite the whole thing and work it into an entirely different project (while maintaining the same basic ideas), but it's been dead for a while and it's passed the point where I'd actually want to revive it in its current form.

My most profound apologies, but when I come to rewrite it in its new form I'll make sure you get the first look in.