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Title: Ranna Sharpe
Post by: mcjomar on February 28, 2017, 12:43:57 PM
Age 27 TS
WS 61
BS 65
S 48
T 52
I 65
Wp 64
Sg 47
Ld 63
Nv 62


Stubber w/reload
Carapace chest, legs, arms
flak groin, abdomen
Security breach equipment.

"I first encountered Ranna during the Morkith Affair. I had been investigating the nobles of House Vordant when I encountered her. As she tells it, she would have been perfectly fine, and the alarm would absolutely never have gone off if I hadn't been there to get in her way.

"A Middle-hive brat of the commercia sectors, she fell in with under-hivers and other less salubrious elements of the society. At first it was exciting, and then apparently it became less of a game. Or more of one, depending on how she dealt with the situation. Her parents were apparently less than helpful, with a focus on their production quotas, while she was not quite so interested. Eventually she stopped coming home. She neglects to mention whether or not she had siblings, or extended family. In turn, I avoid asking. Suffice it to say, her initiation into a gang came at a price - she had to prove she was as good as she thought she was, and steal equipment from local hive law enforcement.

"She stole several suits of armour, and a number of weapons, including her own equipment. The means of her crime were varied. A combination of sweet-talking some minor functionaries, distracting several impressionable officers, and personally arranging for a local sector power failure, and the suitable locating of tracked transport vehicles of an unobtrusive nature, while "tipping off" a hostile gang to the "unprotected" armoury. And then "accidentally" alerting the enforcers to the situation. With both sides suitably distracted, and her personal skills ensuring the alarm system was unable to function, thanks to convincing a local law officer that perhaps an overhaul of the security would be a good idea, her strike in mid-overhaul ensured that she was able to make a clean getaway with the goods, without any distractions.

"As the next few years went by, she got ever more skilled, stealthy, and capable, both in gang wars over their "turf", and in her private efforts to accrue suitable finances. After my first encounter with her I quietly arranged to review her finances, where it was possible to track them. It would seem that she always ensured that some amount of money was sent away each month to her family. Thus far I have avoided prying further, outside of official requirements to be sure of her loyalty. If she wishes to tell me, she will. I have satisfied myself that her family are nothing more than they seem to be, and that her gang affiliations will not impede her efforts to work for me in any way whatsoever. If necessary, or if they try to pressure her, I will have them located and... removed. It does appear that she left on amicable enough grounds, however, so I do not currently see that being an issue for her.

"Our own encounter was suitably impressive in regards her stealth and organisational skills. It took only a marginal amount of convincing for her to help me, and later little more to convince her to enter my service. I sometimes wonder if she was simply looking for an excuse to escape from that world, and that particular application of her skills.

"With only a little instruction in the systems she would deal with she was very capable at entering the other Noble houses of the spires that required my attention, and similarly proved able to acquire suitable items to prove or disprove loyalty. Or plant them, as I think I have mentioned. As auditions go, hers was quite admirable. Rather than prosecute her, I felt that perhaps redirecting her abilities might be of more use. Why waste a resource out of hand, if it can be made useful in more than one arena?

"She has proven to be efficient, capable, and erudite (at least, if she understands the topic - and has proven very capable at learning). She has also proven to be occasionally crass, crude, blunt when she chooses, rough, witty, biting, sarcastic, warm, friendly, caring, and even comedic on occasion. She has, after a fashion, also been able to pass for ladylike, prim, and proper. Given the right motivation, anyway. While she is quite capable, her mindset is not one I could or would see altered by one of the Assassin Temples. Ranna is no Rivkah. Rivkah is capable, but without the training of at least Sicarius Operative level, it will be to a fault. Ranna is perhaps less lethal than Rivkah, but far more personable.

"In fact, I would consider the possibility that she has a number of ingredients of a good Interrogator. I intend to train into her other abilities, such as a little more tact, and a lot more ruthlessness. I believe she has potential. But for now, it is nothing more than that. For now, at least, she is merely one of my agents, albeit one trustworthy enough to work personally with me."
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Hey where do tgose new skills come from
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Post by: mcjomar on November 18, 2019, 08:33:46 AM

These are additional special abilities generated by members of the Conclave.
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Ah awesome thanks