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Title: Inquisitor - Martyr
Post by: mcjomar on February 21, 2018, 06:03:17 PM
I only quickly skimmed, so my apologies if someone already posted on the subject.

I'm looking at this and thinking of giving it a shot.
But it is very diablo-esque from the few videos I saw previously, so I'm on the fence.
Has anyone else tested this out?
Title: Re: Inquisitor - Martyr
Post by: mcjomar on February 23, 2018, 01:45:48 PM
Welp, I took the plunge after selling enough stuff on ebay that I could use paypal money to pay for it on steam.

There are three classes currently:


Each of these is split into three also

Crusader gets (I'll go off memory)

Sword and board (armour and clobbering stuff - I forgot to check the secondary weapon)
Tactical (mine, it comes with dual laspistols and an autogun)
ranger focus (shotgun, lasgun, and some sort of back mounted frag launchers that look suspiciously like terminator cyclone launchers but apparently aren't).

(male only, tough voice, etc, so I didn't seem to get any customisation here.)

Assassin has:

infiltrator (close combat with blades, not sure on secondary weapons and a power sword, can turn invisible)
sniper (rifle and pistol, can make holographic copies and set mines)
some other lunatic one with sniper rifle and another rifle gun a shotgun, moves fast

This one is all female

Psyker gets...
well, three more I didn't look too closely here, so maybe I will later, but my assumption was varying psychic powers.
A) a force staff, doesn't say what else
2) force rod and a power sword
iii) bolt pistol and force rod/staff - this is my second character now, and would have been a better fit as Jack, but is now "Julius".

gameplay is very diablo ish, point and click to move, point and click to shoot (errr, wait, what? why are my shooting and movement controls both bound to mouse?) which often results in my character departing cover after killing something. I'd prefer wasd for movement, and mouse for aim and shoot, even if this is "ARPG" at pseudo-isometric view points.
Other keyboard controls are used for additional actions and things like grenades, health packs, etc.
E: thankfully, there is a nice menu for editing controls, so it's the work of mere minutes to fix the awful standard version of the controls into something much less ridiculous when using a keyboard.

My irritation with control systems aside, the atmosphere (I'm only on tutorial missions) isn't too bad. I think the main theme music is too "up" (which I'm blaming on the brass section), but the in-game music is much more nefarious-sounding.
Overall it seems to have a good theme for graphics (pretty damn good) and music (also reasonably good), and the writing so far doesn't seem to be truly shocking - but then I tend to give too many things the benefit of the doubt, so make of that what you will.

Actual art design for the three characters themselves is pretty good, and seems fitting for the universe.

My tactical crusader looks reasonable for someone of an inquisitorial nature, and I'm really liking the helmet. Makes me wonder if my 28mm version of Interrogator Jack Jomar really needs the faithfully duplicated version of covenant's head at that scale - maybe he could be wearing a helmet for 28mm? On the other hand, how noticeable are dudes with helmets in the 41st millennium in civilian life?

I'll keep digging, and see what else I can turn up without ruining anything.

Okay, voice acting - it's not bad.
NPCs calling in to you get a video screen pop up in the top right DoW2 style, and the video similarly does not synch up to the speech, much like in DoW2.
My character has a deep voice (deeper than I'd pick), and sounds suitably difficult to place, such that he could have any sort of build, history, etc. Appropriate for someone behind a mask.

I'll consider maybe making an assassin to hear the female talent - not sure which to pick though. Sniper, infiltrator, or the murder one (shotgun/sniper). I'm leaning towards either invisibility and stabbing, or ranged shenanigans with a sniper rifle.

I'll also eventually check out my psyker choice at some point.
Title: Re: Inquisitor - Martyr
Post by: Heroka Vendile on February 28, 2018, 09:31:52 PM
Been aware of this and kept a bit of an eye on it, but frankly a Diablo-esque dungeon crawler doesn't really equate with what Inquisitor should be about to my mind.
A Bioware narrative choice-laden RPG is more what I would look for.
Title: Re: Inquisitor - Martyr
Post by: mcjomar on March 01, 2018, 07:41:49 AM
Been aware of this and kept a bit of an eye on it, but frankly a Diablo-esque dungeon crawler doesn't really equate with what Inquisitor should be about to my mind.
A Bioware narrative choice-laden RPG is more what I would look for.

For the most part I agree with you.
That said, Martyr is fun, so far, and while the style isn't perfect (pseudo-iso-arpg, what?) the atmosphere is pretty damn good. I'd describe it as a happy medium between what we actually want, and DoW2's rather enjoyable game style (which makes more sense for 40k proper, rather than an Inquisitor style game, but even so). I'm sure I'll run up against less enjoyable things as I dig deeper into the game, but we'll see.

I would caveat your statement with "preferably in the style of the Neverwinter Nights games" where I agree with you though, as I found the "light vs dark, paragon vs renegade, etc etc" far too binary and limiting (and often the choice I thought I'd get isn't necessarily/quite the one I actually wanted to make, killing my control of my character to one degree or another) when it came to mass effect (and to a lesser extent with KotOR, although number 2 from Obsidian, rather than Bioware proper, was much better with this dichotomy). In fact, if the Obsidian team who made KotOR2 were to make an Inquisitor game, that is probably the only way I could be able to enjoy that style of game (although Mass Effect 2 wasn't bad for it either).

This is a well known hard limit on game logic to begin with anyway, as - unlike our tabletop fun - the game can only accept pre-determined inputs, rather than the range of actions we'd like to take, which can at least be semi-catered to with a NWN style game, given that NWN had level editors that allowed independent GMs to potentially create interesting campaigns for their players. Better support for that style of gameplay would be brilliant, as I am sure that with a suitable level/campaign editor, any number of fantastic GMs might spring up for the Inquisitor game.