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Title: Mausoleum (28mm - Element Games, Stockport - 25th May 2019)
Post by: MarcoSkoll on May 23, 2019, 11:49:55 AM
The legendary Lord Inqusitor Rhanamantine, a noted Xanthite, died in 912.M36. There are said to be secrets he took to his grave - literally so. His final orders were clear. His burial, along with his most controversial writings, was to be carried out at a hidden location by his most trusted apprentice.

This is a chain that remained unbroken for more than five millennia; each passing the knowledge on to their heir. But now Inquisitor Kalus has been slain in battle, having never found a truly worthy heir.

However, it is said that he left clues, and with none left to guard the doors, Inquisitors of all creeds now seek to find the mausoleum - some to plunder its secrets, others to burn it to the ground.


Mausoleum is a short notice mini-event to get a feel for Element Games in Stockport before running a larger event later in the year.
(I'm taking advantage of being sort of in the area and having a free day).

- Format: Three rounds of narrative 28mm gaming, using a lightly houseruled version of the Inquisitor Living Rulebook.
- Cost: Element Games table fee is 4 per person per day - please bring money to pay for your space.
(They also have a bar on site, so you may want to bring extra cash).
- Date/Time: 25th May 2019, 10:00-18:00

Event pack hopefully coming this evening.
Title: Re: Mausoleum (28mm - Element Games, Stockport - 25th May 2019)
Post by: MarcoSkoll on May 23, 2019, 09:10:58 PM
Event pack, this time the version that doesn't have sections left in it from the Abyss pack I adapted in a hurry:
Title: Re: Mausoleum (28mm - Element Games, Stockport - 25th May 2019)
Post by: MarcoSkoll on May 28, 2019, 10:11:44 PM
I probably need to do some more sorting through photos and put up a full gallery, but many thanks to Lee Robert McStein and Patrick Stuart for coming out on Saturday to help me try out Element Games as a venue.

Thoughts so far are very positive - while the location is a lot less personally convenient for me than Dark Sphere, being able to freely raid their widely varied terrain shelves meant I could arrange whatever setting I needed for a given scenario, so it has a lot of potential as a venue for narrative events.


As far as what actually happened, have a slightly biased recollection...



You requested a report on the outcome of the matter on the matter of Inquisitor Rhanamantine's mausoleum.

Unfortunately, a large part of the information I have on the matter is second-hand, given a rather messy incident during the investiation that lead to my chirurgeon having to graft my head back on.

The initial indications from the late Inquisitor Kalus's journal about a contact with a decryption key in the city of Hyinin played out, although as we feared, several other parties also appeared to be vying for the contact's information.

The first was of the sort we were anticipating - opportunists looking to acquire the Inquisitor's writings for the black market.

The other was seemingly a troupe of circus mutants sufficiently deluded to believe that they are Astartes who have travelled back from the 51st millennium. (Nonetheless, I am attempting to consult with Inquisitor Graande of the Ordos Chronos to determine the possibility of any truth to this ludicrous claim).

It was (somehow) the freaks who managed to convince the contact to co-operate, and absconded with his information.

We were therefore forced to carry out an imperfect decryption process, a trail that eventually lead to the site of Inquisitor Rhanamantine's first battle against the forces of the Dark Gods, where we were in search of runic inscriptions that acted as waymarks for the tomb's location.

It was here that the aforementioned incident occurred, at the hands of a particularly strong mutant within the troupe. I'm told that my mind-blanked psyker, Epsilon-47, managed to incapacitate the mutant in question and force the group to retreat. However, it seems that they had already recovered information on the tomb's location and were able to affect an entrance ahead of us.

Their particular haste within the mausoleum lead to the release of a daemon bound to the Inquisitor's sarcophagus, a final guardian of the Inquisitor's secrets - a particularly tricky prospect, as the daemon had little corporeal form, being composed of little more than smoke or mist (which it was particularly adept at shaping into weapons that were considerably less insubstantial).

They also lead to the injury of the two of the members of my retinue who were qualified to cope with such a threat, significantly delaying the vanquishing of the beast and thus affording them the opportunity to escape with the Inquisitor's skull. Given their choice of acquisition, I have to conclude that the Inquisitor had mem-engrams that we overlooked in our research.

Our tally of the literature we recovered proved to be short at least two volumes; I suspect that this was the work of the smuggling group we'd previously encountered, and we will be carefully watching these channels to see if the works turn up.

The mission can unfortunately not be deemed a particular success, although we have managed to secure a reasonable portion of Rhanamantine's writings. These will be moved to the Abraxis Conclave's vaults for safekeeping and authorised study.




And the participants - my retinue, seeking to keep the Inquisitor's writings from falling into unsafe hands.
(From left): Sister Kerrel Roane, Sian Vayne, Epsilon-47, Inquisitrix Asandrea Corvus, Lord Markus Karlmunn, Cerys Vayne.

Patrick's crew, allegedly members of the Astartes travelled back from the warped era of the 51st millennium (or some deluded mutants, you pick), trying to secure knowledge that might avoid their fate.
From left: Blind Arcturus (the name was very ironic, although fortunately he was armed with non-lethal missiles...), Flailmeister, Blaedweald, The Great Primaris, The Chapter Master, and Codicer Horn


And Lee's smuggling syndicate, trying to get valuable tomes to sell on the black market.
(From left): Chik Besnae, Kem Garridan, Sevim Nox and "Aspect"